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By semka
Jul 26, 2007
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By semka
Jul 26, 2007
Here is a very simple way to decorate a cake. Put the pattern on the cake and put the shugar on it.
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By semka
Jul 26, 2007
By semka
Jul 26, 2007
patterned chocolate transfer wrap. scratch buttermilk chocolate cake, chocolate whipped cream cheese frosting, dipped berries and red sparkle dust. ribbon and wired butterfly. 8" round, 5" high
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By melysa
Jul 27, 2007
This was made for a girl whose nickname is Baby "J" the mother made the invitations... She wanted it to look like the invitations... It turned out great they loved it!
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By Cakeyladey
Jul 30, 2007
This was a cake for my DH's grandpa.  My first tiered cake, using dowel rods and all that!  
Bottom layer was white cake, cookies and cream filling and BC with edible images.  
2nd layer was chocolate cake, homemade caramel filling (from boiling sweetened condensed milk), and BC with a quilted pattern press.  
Top layer was white cake with BC filling and BC icing, with another edible image.  
The gold that you see was luster dust mixed with almond extract and painted on the BC.
The gold bow was ribbon
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By Heatherly30
Aug 7, 2007
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By tawnyachilders
Aug 12, 2007
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By aleckybabysma
Aug 14, 2007
I made this cake for my cousin.  She had her son on her birthday. 
It's a Happy Birthday/ Welcome Baby cake.
By Chini3458
Aug 28, 2007
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By MelissaRHK
Sep 1, 2007
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By MelissaRHK
Sep 1, 2007
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By MelissaRHK
Sep 1, 2007
The idea came from from a picture on the web.  I dont remember who the original cake designer.  The client brought a picture and asked me to make it my way.  So I did.  Buttercream frosting and fondant ribbon and bow on top.  The color scheme was chocolate and peach.
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By 1nanette
Sep 2, 2007
By CelebrationsbyLori
Sep 8, 2007
Each tier has a different design. Used silk flowers around base and between pillars.
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By CelebrationsbyLori
Sep 8, 2007
This was an order wedding cake.  Their colors were pink, brown and green.
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By Ayako
Sep 17, 2007
8 " fruitcake covered with patterned fondant with fondant details - made it in class
TFL !!
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By jules06
Oct 3, 2007
The cake flavors are strawberry & white swirl.  It is covered in White Chocolate Clay tinted blue using the colors (Delphinium Blue, Cornflower Blue, Sky Blue and Violet).  The piping is RI.  The bride had a monogram made for their wedding invitations and various other things.  I made the Damask pattern on the cake to match their monogram.  I was so pleased when the bride took a bite of the cake and gave it a "thumbs up" :o)
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By Steady2Hands
Oct 6, 2007
When the bride I made this for sent me samples of her invitation to use as color swatches I wasn't so sure of how the cake would turn out. I was really shocked at how well the colors complimented each other. The cake is simple yet very striking my husband loved the colors. Thanks for looking
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By peggylicious
Oct 8, 2007
A tim tam cheese cake with layers of chocolate cake, covered in chocolate ganache and decorated with white chocolate fondant patterns. I had lots of fun making this and using my new cookie cutters.
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By lotsofsprinkles
Oct 13, 2007
I made this Venom cake last night for my son's b-day tomorrow. He wanted a four-layer marble cake w/ raspberry filling. Buttercream Venom.
By cpr040304
Oct 18, 2007
I couldn't have done this without inspiration from Sweethope and Thanh Thanh. All edible except the knitting needles and pins.
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By amberhoney
Oct 19, 2007
This is a WASC, but used lemon instead of the almond and had lemon filing. It turned out so cute, I was really pleased with this cake. Thanks for looking!
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By lchristi27
Oct 31, 2007
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By DianeLM
Dec 5, 2007
Dark Chocolate Layers, Almond Buttercream, Fresh Strawberries dipped in milk and dark chocolate and orange candy melts... The AU logo is an FBCT and piping details are fudge buttercream
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By southrnhearts
Dec 10, 2007
This is the pattern of the angel candle holder I've made. See also my picture of that..!
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By mijk
Dec 14, 2007
By PinkPolkaDot
Jan 20, 2008
BC with fondant bows and ribbon roses. The dots are piped on and the quilted pattern was done with a mat. Then airbrushed with pearl luster dust.
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By KittisKakes
Jan 22, 2008
3 round tiers. Satin ribbon. diamond pattern with buttercream pearls. silk flowers
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Jan 29, 2008
3 layers - different flavors - Monogram - diamond pressed pattern with mini pearl accents
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By KerriBV
Jan 31, 2008
This is the pattern for my Icing make with Royal Icing.  I'll have to do in two parts.  Here is page 1.  You can see larger photo at:   Hope you enjoy, do make it your own, and post photos if you make this.
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By jkeeler
Feb 2, 2008
Page two of Icing Church Pattern.
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By jkeeler
Feb 2, 2008
6 inch round Peaches 'n Cream Cake with BC icing.  Made fondant roses and Calla Lilies.
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By pennywells
Feb 5, 2008
WASC, FBCT. I matched the pattern in the party invitations and the teal is the color of the envelopes. It took FOREVER but turned out almost as good as I hoped.
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By maryindublin
Feb 8, 2008
Square cakes with harlequin pattern and pearls, second tier has deep red ribbons to go with the poinsettias and Christmas theme.
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By sugarnut
Feb 10, 2008
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By swick55
Feb 13, 2008
Just having fun practicing new designs with some leftover cake. Thanks for looking!
By Beth106
Feb 16, 2008
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By celestedavis311
Feb 22, 2008
All buttercream decorations. Cowboy on horse was made out of royal icing. cake flavor is pineapple with Bavarian creme filling. Made it for my mom's co-worker.
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By cpr040304
Mar 9, 2008


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