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Its a mini whimsicle cake covered with MMF and decorated with MMF pumkins. I had alot of fun making each pumkin face.
By FerretDeprived
Oct 26, 2005
This picture is a little dark, and it was a wee bit early this morning when taking it. =o)
By MoonicaLeigh
Jun 23, 2005
This is a butter pecan cake with buttercream icing. The pumpkins are made out of rolled buttercream. This is for my family's Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow. I sure hope they like it!! I had a lot of fun making it. Oh and the dirt is crushed pecans mixed with dark brown sugar!
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By danette62602
Nov 23, 2005
This is the cabbage patch cake that I did for her birthday, it called for yellow hair, but since I have a little red-head, then I improvised a little. This was fun to do, along with Rainbow Brite and the 48 cupcakes. Mom was tired!
4 3
By mistygaildunn
Jan 26, 2006
Testing making Pumkins for my Thanksgiving cake next week. I made them using rolled buttercream (recipe from this site). Fence is made with pretzel sticks. Cake is german chocolate filled with german chocolate icing. Buttercream on the outside!
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By danette62602
Nov 18, 2005
This is my second cake project ever! I bought the edible images off Ebay and made the babies from fondant. The "girl" is spice cake with orange filling and the "boy" is butter cake with strawberry filling.
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By leswaltz
Apr 1, 2006
white cake, buttercream icing. made this for one of my best friends girls.
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By traytye
Jul 17, 2006
I messed up on this cake big time but thankfully it was just a practice cake and for fun! Hopefully next time I'll do better.
By nickymom
Aug 20, 2006
This was a cake for a Halloween party. Chocolate cake w/buttercream frosting. Cookies, fondant, candy melts, rice krispy treat base. Everything on the cake was edible except the pop sticks.
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By talycemana
Oct 14, 2006
Decorated pumpkin spice pumpkin patch! My first attempt at a 3-D pumpkin. patch.
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By juptrstar
Oct 15, 2006
3/D winnie the pooh on top of two tiers.  Pumpkin patch around pooh.  For a 1 year birthday.  This was one of my first cakes, but I had a blast!
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By airn84
Oct 16, 2006
cupcakes with buttercream frosting. Baby heads are made from chocolate marshmallow fondant and details are drawn with edible markers. These were a big hit at the baby shower.
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By mgowan
Mar 5, 2006
Done this for a little girl at my church.
By StandingForJesus
Nov 12, 2006
Cookies N Scream on bottom tier
Top was Fudge Marble..... all piping and frosting is Vanilla Buttercream.
Candy Corn and Pumpkins also added... and the Scarecrow was just little a floral pick that I found at Michaels. BTW, I won a first place Ribbon on this at the Fall Festival... Didnt take home a thing but a platter full of crumbs and the Scarecrow lol!
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By southrnhearts
Mar 6, 2007
For our Chief's going away.  It's our squadron patch.  I hate those dark colors!
By oohlalacakes
Apr 3, 2007
Miss Spider cupcakes.  Made with buttercream icing and licorice for the legs.
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By Starkie
Apr 27, 2007
Miss Spider full cake to go along with the cupcakes.
4 5
By Starkie
Apr 27, 2007
This is all done in buttercream.
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By samtaylor
May 4, 2007
Top tier was made to look like a flower pot. Third tier made to resemble the nursery theme/quilt.
Fondant accessories + regular cake topper.
5 19
By laurakelly2
May 25, 2007
I did this for a police officer that was leaving for the LasVegas
metropolitan police dept.  The patch I printed off of the internet and
laminated it.  Turned out great!
May 29, 2007
I did a cake with "patches" previously for my friend and her brother liked it so much that he had me make one for his girlfriend.  It makes a pretty personalized cake because all the patches are what makes up the individual.  All in BC.
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By SarahsSweets2006
Jun 23, 2007
MMF figures with styrofoam centers.  "Rocks" made of cake balls. Tree made of styrofoam and floral wire covered ing MMF.
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By Julisa
Jun 27, 2007
I had to try and copy my hubbys work patch for a work party.
By Scrappinstephy
Jul 16, 2007
This cake is a 11x15 cake stacked 3x with chocolate, white, chocolate layers, torted with  mocha and chocolate liqueur filling.  Fern & greenery done using tip 68 and 65, leaf border done using tip 113, BC hibiscus using tip 104.  FBCT patch and shisa dogs.  Shisa (she-she) dogs are a major symbol on Okinawa.  They guard homes and businesses.  They say that one is the mother who keeps love in the home, mouth closed and the father with his mouth open, keeps evil away.
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By Cake4ever
Jul 23, 2007
Old lady crawling through her strawberry patch, strawberries, leaves, dog, bunny, ants, worm and fence made from gum paste.  Hat made from strawberry and lemon Starburst.  Shoes made from orange Starburt.  Strawberries made from cherry Starburst.  Ground made of carved chocolate pieces.  Cake covered in buttercream.
8 25
By Petey
Aug 25, 2007
2 chocolate pound cakes baked in a bundt pan, one cake turned upside down and then decorated.  My first cake to decorate in almost a year!
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By CIndymm4
Oct 31, 2006
The cake is french vanilla covered in chocolate ganache. The pumpkins are made from candy clay with buttercream stems. The black cat is made from fondant.
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By manda52
Oct 4, 2007
My son asked me to (last minute) to make a cake for a baby shower the "kids were giving" for one of his teacher's at school (who is about to pop poor thing!)  I wanted to do something fun the kids would love and since it's gonna be an October baby, this is what I came up with.  Was gonna do something simple and then spend forever making pumpkins!  10/6 stack, chocolate fudge cake with bavarian cream filling.
14 53
By sarahnichole975
Oct 6, 2007
Cupcakes decorated with buttercream and candy decorations. Spiderwebs made by piping icing circles, then dragging toothpick through it.  Spiders are melted chocolate piped onto wax paper, and placed on cupcake when dry.
2 15
By hoped
Oct 8, 2007
I made this cake for a friends fundraiser this weekend.  It's a chocolate cake with cherry buttercream icing, and cherry filling.  It's covered with mmf and the scarecrow and pumpkins are also mmf.  The rest is icing.
1 4
By momtobtb
Oct 13, 2007
All chocolate buttercream with fondant accents.
3 1
By woodyfam
Oct 22, 2007
MMF Pumpkins, acorns and leaves...White chocolate cake with strawberry filling iced with cheesecake flavored BC
6 13
By Juliequeen
Oct 24, 2007
I can't take credit for this idea. it was the creativity of Cake_Geek  with my take on it.  I am still having trouble with writing, I just can't seem to get it! the hat, fence, brrom bristles, and pumpkins are all made out of fondant.  I thought this was a cute idea and had to try it this year! Happy Halloween everyone!
2 2
By USMCwife520
Oct 25, 2007
Made this for guy at work for his birthday.  It's a pb cake with choco/pb filling and frosting.  The pumpkins and vines are bc.
By Elserj
Oct 25, 2007
whew! my first stacked carved topsy easy feat!  this was for a 13th birthday party- halloween themed. each tier is 3 cakes high, all torted and filled with smbc and covered in satin ice fondant.  gumpaste cat, moon and bats. fondant pumpkins- which i LOVED making by the way!  fondant ghosts painted with super pearl dust.  Thanks for looking- constructive critism welcomed ! please take a sec to tell me what you like  if you decide to save this to your favorites...
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By melysa
Oct 26, 2007
Squadron patch featuring bull
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By seskenn
Oct 27, 2007
Air Mobility Command Shield
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By seskenn
Oct 27, 2007
Made for each of my daughter's teachers. 3 large Pumpkins and one small one. All NFSC with RBC and RI. Found the little containers at Michael's for $1 ! TFL!
3 3
By cakesonoccasion
Oct 28, 2007
Pumpkin cake, buttercream accents...Charlie Brown Theme!
By juptrstar
Oct 28, 2007
I had a few issues with this one.My air conditioner had frozen up so the cake was melting the pumpkins eyes were dripping down their face!Which I guess made it scarier!;)Iced in buttercream with fondant accents,thanks for looking!!!
3 27
By lynsey
Oct 30, 2007


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