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This is a cake that I made for my BIL.  I'm not a fan of South Park, but he is.
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By LittleBigMomma
Aug 20, 2005
My workcenter recently moved to a modular building addition...we all joke about us working in the "trailers".  Made this for our division's picnic.  Chocolate and vanilla layers of cake with BC.
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By oohlalacakes
Oct 13, 2005
My niece picked this cake for her sweet 16th bday.  We also made a batch of cupcakes to go with.  The pic isn't that great, but I'm pretty happy with the cake.  Next time I'll do the see-saw handles ahead of time though!  Thanks for looking!
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By momsandraven
Nov 13, 2005
Okay, go easy.  This is my first real attempt at a theme cake.  My son loves Dinosaurs and especially Jurassic Park, but I couldn't find any at any local stores, etc. that was what I wanted, so I tried it myself.  I've signed up for the Wilton I course (I start it in a few weeks).  Wish me luck!
By happypage
Nov 15, 2005
I made this cake for a friend's theater company "Spring Fling.:  The little guys on the cake are part of thier logo, it's a children's theater company that does skits about teasing, bullying, and other childhood concerns.  All the figures are done in color flow, flowers are royal icing, and cake is buttercream
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By daneza75
Apr 24, 2006
This was for the family egg hunt.  The kids loved it!!!  The figurines came from the Dollar Tree.
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By umfalcon
Apr 24, 2006
Made For a Bridal Shower, Kinda proud of this one.....Had a ton of fun making it!

Rolled BC rocks flowers etc, gumpaste roof, chocolate small trees
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By Florimbio
May 23, 2006
Made this cake for my dad's annual Labor day party.  I'm not really a cookie decorator, but I had to for this cake! LOL.  Basket is MMF and the fruits are "runts" candy.
By mhill91801
May 30, 2006
This was for a birthday party with a carnival theme. BC with colorflow.
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By tgirl22
Jun 10, 2006
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By dmdreese
Oct 8, 2006
I made this cake for a lady that has four boys, and very little outside interests.
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By Bettycrockermommy
Nov 5, 2006
By fat-sissy
Nov 17, 2006
For my dear husband last year and I never posted.  He loved it!

Styro head but all else is cake.
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By ChunkyMonkey
Dec 8, 2006
This is from the cartoon South Park
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By Pearl70
Dec 13, 2006
This cake was a bit of a chalange.  It was supposed to have jello for the pool but the jello would not set.  So I ended up trashing that and just using piping gel colored blue instead.  All n All it turned out great and everyone loved it.
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By purpleheart
Mar 10, 2007
Another pic of Eric Cartman
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By antasia
Mar 10, 2007
By augustlm
Apr 6, 2007
This is my first time making people out of candy clay. My son loved it!
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By dawnell
May 2, 2007
For my neighbor, Sarah, birthday party at the local theme park. Cars are RK with candy melts and smarties heads. Chocolate cake with sleeved strawberry filling.
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By CakesbyMonica
May 20, 2007
These cupcakes were made for my daughter's end of school year field trip to a water park. Inspired by Wilton website. :)
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By bellejoey
May 30, 2007
I made this cake for my nephew.  This isn't the final picture, but it will have to do. :-)
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By jendalain
Jun 11, 2007
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By midialjoje
Jun 18, 2007
this was for my son. He really loved it
By tashaluna
Jul 25, 2007
This was for my daughter's best friend who for several years would celebrate her birthday by taking her closest friends camping. The "tents" are grahm cracker, trees are ice cream cones covered w/ royal icing.  Used piping gel, gold fish, teddy grahms, and grahm cracker crumbs. Enjoy.
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By gscout73
Jul 28, 2007
This is a chocolate cake with bavarian cream filling and chocolate frosting.  It's covered with white chocolate fondant (that didn't want to cooperate for me...) and decorations are made of pastillage, fondant, and royal icing.  Thanks for looking!
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By Jessmar
Dec 20, 2007
Luke loves our indoor water park so I made this cake for him.  The little children are made of fondant and the slides were covered with fondant, frosted and covered in blue gel.  I filled all three cakes with chocolate and vanilla pudding.  Wouldn't have it any other way!  He loved it!
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By kchiolis
Aug 1, 2007
I made this cake for a 50th Birthday Party at Letchworth State Park (NY), for someone who works
there.  The bottom layer is vanilla cake with blueberry filling, covered with buttercream and fondant.  The top 2 tiers are chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate frosting.  Trees are rice krispie treats with royal icing, some pretzel trunks.  Some decorations are fondant and water is homemade piping gel.  There are deer at the top but they got cut off in the picture.  Thanks for 
19 96
By Jessmar
Aug 5, 2007
I made this for someone whose friend was a fan of inline skating and graffiti.
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By Emmy624
Aug 16, 2007
This is a character from the show SouthPark.  My brother loves "Mr. Hankey the Christmas Pooh", and his work ordered this cake from me.  It is chocolate cake... "his" right arm is a wooden skewer dipped into black frosting with some fanci-foil formed to hold the frosting I used to make his hand.  I used the 3D Cross pan, and just filled in the horizontal "arms" of the cross with tin-foil & carved him out.
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By OCakes
Aug 18, 2007
linkin park for my teenage stepson. his favorite band.
By joeytammy
Aug 21, 2007
22x16 sheet cake then a carved fenway park on top.  All done in BC with fondant accents and Nerds for the people.  Sorry about  the photo - tried to edit out my kitchen table filled with kids toys!! 
Thanks for looking. 
- Almost forgot sorry  - thanks to midialjoje for the inspiration. :)
3 5
By aaversa
Oct 9, 2007
Made from the Wilton pumpkin pan
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By Spills
Oct 18, 2007
Gumpaste flowers with hand painted "impressionist" flowers, pastillage bench, miniature rose on rice noodle stem.   All the flowers were placed on the cake while still soft to give them a more natural look.
I entered the show under my middle and maiden name just for fun.  I really didn't expect to win grand prize.  It was fun having an alter ego though. :)
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By Sugarflowers
Oct 28, 2007
Last minute cake, looks simple but I had a darn time with the design.
fondant covered with laminated skateboarders fence in not edible
By cjd
Oct 28, 2007
This cake is for a man who is a retired Forester and Horticultorist. 1/2 vanilla, 1/2 chocolate with buttercream icing. Forester is made from a gumpaste/MMF mixture.
By tasteebakes
Nov 16, 2007
My co-worker loves South Park, so I had to make these for him!  Thanks to paulkjan for the pictures you uploaded!
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By mommymarilyn
Dec 27, 2007
this is a bad picture, my camera broke and I had to use an old one in the mean time.
I made all the skate park equipment out of fondant.  It was reported the birthday boy was very upset becaue his friends all grabed a skatebaord and he didn't get one.  The cake was a huge hit!
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By LetThereBeCake07
Jan 31, 2008
This is the green monster at fenway park in boston. iced in buttercream with fondant accents. I added more to the cake after looking at the picture.
But didnt take another one.
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By psurrette
Mar 8, 2008
Triple chocolate cake, filled with chocolate butter cream, two 12 inch squares stacked, then carved.  Covered in choco butter cream and MMF.
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By supermom2_3
Apr 5, 2008
This was a full sheet cake. The tree trunk is the cut off part of the cake(The hump), under the green leaves are mini cupcakes and the sun is made of white chocolate. The flowers are royal icing and the grass and ladybugs were piped with bc icing. The butterfly's are not edible.
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By Connie515
May 1, 2005


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