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For some reason it didn't download the bottom part of his pants so I had to crop it... but you weren't missing anything, only more chocolate for his pants.
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By chefdot
Jan 21, 2006
I made this cake for my son's girlfriend...she is a SpongeBob fanatic!
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By kimhamjohn
Mar 13, 2006
For my nephew's birthday party I made two Sponge Bob cakes since there were so many people! Not to mention this was my very first attempt at character cake making!
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By terrob97
Apr 19, 2006
Made for a 10 year old girl, she didn't want something too childish ??? I made the Sponge Bob and Patrick with Fondant, Crabby Patties are from the store, and all vanilla buttercream with strawberry cake and strawberry filling.
9 9
By Reyna
May 8, 2006
I do a birthday cake for mfor each co-worker.  This was for the manager of our 2nd store.  Double chocolate fudge cake with chocolate buttercream icing.   Carved from a 9X13 sheet.
3 2
By Granpam
May 15, 2006
Swiss chocolate cake with "Snow White" Buttercream icing and fondant eyes, nose, and teeth.
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By K8E
May 22, 2006
Chocolate cake, buttercream icing.
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By cakesbgood
Jun 17, 2006
This cake is supposed to look like a pair of my daughter's favorite embroidered blue was all free-hand (quite obviously) and I used butter cream.  It was a cute simple cake and my daughter was happy, so I guess I should be too :)
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By cordy
Jun 25, 2006
I made this cake to celebrate the completion of DD's capstone class as she earns her BS in Hotel/Restaurant Management.  The students ran a full-service restaurant all by themselves, twice/week for six weeks.  I crafted the tools of their trade out of fondant.  Clogs, chef coat, hat and pants, apron, saute pan, knife, check for a meal for 6, and a thank you to the professor on the blackboard.  Chocolate cake with buttercream, covered with chocolate MMF.
15 20
By Ksue
Jul 13, 2006
My first upload of one of my cakes...I am self taught, doing cake decorating for about a year now...usually for my daughters and close friends...did this one for one of my friend's daughter's b-day...groovy...let me know what you think
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By Marybelize
Aug 21, 2006
Covered in Fondant, this was a birthday cake for my 4 yo DD.
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By yoktom
Sep 27, 2006
I absolutely hate doing this cake, but he turns out pretty nicely.  Another cake where the instructions are wrong/incomplete.
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By andrealynmoore
Oct 29, 2006
Done for a 15th Birthday. Vanilla cake with fresh strawberry filling, iced in buttercream. Pants and message ribbon are fondant.
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By bigcatz
Nov 15, 2006
I made this cake about a year ago for my niece. It is a white cake frosted with buttercream. The pineapple is a cake I baked inside a coffee cup and frosted and decorated with butter cream. The figures are made with fondant.
3 2
By cakeman1
Dec 5, 2006
here are more of the 6 dozen clothes cookies for the dry cleaners to give out to customers for the holidays.
3 13
By bonniebakes
Dec 28, 2006
This was for my daughter's 8th birthday. Marble cake with rolled fondant decoration.
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By MommaPoopadoo
Jan 19, 2007
A replica of the Degrassi High logo.  All MMF
By glitterkris
Feb 3, 2007
This was for a tech. in my sisters cardiologist office. They're pants patients put on for a cardio machine.
By hcouso
Feb 4, 2007
I made this for my nephew's 4th bday
By mommyof4colorado
Mar 6, 2007
This is a 9 x 13 sheet cake decorated with all buttercream to look like Sponge Bob. The legs are swiss rolls, the sleeves are marshmellows and the hamburger "crabby pattie", drink and fries are from a local cake store and are sugar. The shoes, legs, socks and arms are all BC.
4 21
By Joolz
Mar 24, 2007
By augustlm
Apr 6, 2007
Half Sheet Vanilla Cake with all Buttercream Dream decorations. All circles done with various cups and back of tips. I have a list of how to put this together if you need help making one.
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By Joolz
Apr 17, 2007
I made this for my sons 4th Birthday.  I stacked 1/2 and 1/4 sheet cake.  For his arms and legs I made photo copies and lamenated them.  
I put Sponge Bob on his head knowing that he would never hold on his tiny legs and feet.
16 35
By cjd
Apr 18, 2007
I threw this cake together pretty quick for my nieces birthday.  I even used store bought frosting which I usually never do.  I got the idea from a little Betty Crocker party cakes book that you get at the checkout counter.
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By eatsleepdreamcake
Apr 30, 2007
1/4 Sheet cake, BC with fondant accemts. Thanks to nefgaby for the inspiration.
Chocolate Fudge with oreo filling.
3 3
By darlene_000
May 5, 2007
I wish I had taken a picture of the table with all three cakes together!
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By ladij153
May 11, 2007
My Daughter was in love with Sponge Bob but I didn't want her to have just a plain old flat cake.  I made a wood base and used foam for the pants under the wood base board. Transportation was scary but he made it to the party!  My brother walked in and asked "Where's the Cake!"
30 90
By DecoratorJen
Jul 4, 2007
Thank you, Eriksmom for the original cake.  It was such a great design.  I made Sponge Bob out of gumpaste, and it took longer than planned.  The cake is buttercream with molded chocolate accents and graham crackers as sand.
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By angelas2babies
Jul 22, 2007
The first cake I did that I ever sold!
8 12
By leni
Aug 6, 2007
More fall cookies I am working on. The goal post cookie I saw on another website-can't remember which one but wanted to give the credit. NF with RBC and royal.
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By yankeegal
Aug 11, 2007
The inspiration for this cake was by baker2699. This cake was for two 3 yr old cousins whose birthdays are 5 days apart. The 9 x 13 Caramel Vanilla cake was iced in yellow buttercream and smoothed using the Melvira's Roller method and freehand piped. The star borders were piped using a #22 star tip.
2 6
By BakeQueen
Aug 13, 2007
All fondant covered and decorated birthday cake for 4 yr old birthday.
1 1
By texasbecky
Aug 18, 2007
2 1
By Angiecakes
Aug 21, 2007
This is two 9x13 cakes next to each other. Vanilla cake, buttercream frosting and white and chocolate fondant accents. Thanks to all the inspiration from CC. This cakes wasnt too hard just  a little time consuming...But it was for my cousins 8th birthday HUGE fan of Bob!
3 8
By ChristineMarie
Aug 25, 2007
This is a Sponge bob cake i made for a friends son's 5th birthday
1 3
By Hidz
Aug 28, 2007
Spongebob cake for cousin's son's 3 year old birthday party.  I put character cake on round cake frosted blue with little goldfish crackers around the sides.  I crushed vanilla wafers to cover cake board and to look like sand.  The kids loved it and couldn't wait to eat Spongebob.
By 2Cupcakes
Oct 10, 2007
Character Cake is Vanilla Butter Cake with Vanilla Buttercream the #1 and Pineapple are Chocolate Fudge Cakes with Vanilla Buttercream .  I did this cake for a friend of mine who's son was turning 1.
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By LvMy4Runner
Sep 12, 2007
My daughter's  birthday cake - cake covered in fondant, buildings made of fondant, flowers and sea weed made of white chocolate and the pebbles are candy rocks.
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By yellot
Sep 24, 2007
This was a simple sheet cake with fondant accents.
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By lillcabby
Sep 28, 2007
I made this for my son's first birthday and on seeing it he exclaimed (for the first time) SPONGEBOB!
9 7
By fizzyfree
Oct 22, 2005


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