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These cookies were for an 80th birthday party.  Could not find a cookie cutter like I wanted, so I took a inexpensive tin one I found at craft store and reshaped it.  I now keep several of those in different sizes for reshaping.
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By Mac
Jul 31, 2005
I had this "need" to do fluffy icing and pansies. Saw a pic in one of the Wilton books that was 2 round layers.  I needed to take a sheet cake to an event so adapted the idea.  Used boxed fluffy icing mix. Liked the look, but not the flavor.  Sure was easy tho!
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By Phoov
Sep 9, 2005
This is supposed to be an ivory cake, but it looks yellow next to the white accents.  The flowers are royal icing and the fence is color flow.  My first wedding cake!!!
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By zoozieqv
Sep 11, 2005
Cake for a class similar to Wilton II.  Pansies are royal icing, fence posts and tiny flowers are fondant.
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By itsacake
Sep 22, 2005
200 miniature cupcakes and 80 large cupcakes...all Dark Chocolate cake with Chocolate Grand Marnier buttercream.

Thanks to all the CC Members I PM'ed for piping info!! I hadn't done much flower piping before and you really helped me out.

Yellow roses, pink pansies & white daisies...with a 6" triple-layer cake on top to match.
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By antonia74
Dec 4, 2005
This Cake was copied from one I saw on  It was 4 10" round layers covered in fondant and painted by hand.  The gumpate pansies were painted with luster dust and the holly was purchased gumpaste.  The mushrooms were fondant as were the ladybugs.  The butterflies were edible images covered in piping gel but I never could get them to dry stiff.  The limb was Styrofoam covered in fondant.  I am still amazed by this cake.
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By frankandcathy
Jan 2, 2006
This was my first time doing basket weaving and it turned out pretty good. I loved all the flowers!
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By chefdot
Jan 14, 2006
This cake is one I made for display at work. It is covered in fondant and all the pansies and borders are royal.
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By Mslou
Jan 25, 2006
A spray of pansies
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By desertm
Feb 9, 2006
Carrot cake with cream cheese filling and icing. Flowers are Swiss Meringue Buttercream. I had a little problem with flower placement and it didn't turn out quite like I'd envisioned, but the recipient loved it and that's what counts!
By HollyPJ
Mar 10, 2006
This is a cake I made for work to use up some pansies I had left over from class. Notice I don't have any leaves?  I'm still working on perfecting that...the tips of my leaves come out ragged.
By Samsgranny
Mar 15, 2006
My first time doing basket weave. I was pretty suprised with the results!
By jewelykaye
Apr 2, 2006
It took a couple of weeks to make all of these flowers, since they had to dry in between steps.  This was my first basket cake and first time to make all of these flowers!  They are all made of royal icing.  Most are on bases with wires.  After the bases were dried and the flowers were dried, I then attached them together with more royal icing.  After that was dry I handpainted them with Wilton paste colors (some are still tacky, so maybe this wasn't the best method).  Basketweave is lemon buttercream.
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By PixieDiva
Apr 3, 2006
This was my very first commission AND my very first time to work with fondant!!  For the middle cake I ran into a problem trying to get the fondant to go on smoothly down the sides.  I ended up gathering it in the front, hence the flowers to cover my mistake.  Someone tell me how to do the fondant right, please!  I painted the leaves and pansies with super luster dust.  The flowers are royal icing, the leaves buttercream.  The top cake was supposed to be quilted.  The lines were really faint, though.  Help!
By PixieDiva
Apr 3, 2006
A quick birthday cake for a colleague at work.  Buttercream with royal icing flowers and cake sparkles on top.
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By kookiblah
Apr 16, 2006
third cake completed as a thank-you to our instructors who ran our classes the last few months to prepare us for baptism/communion. thank goodness for premade royal icing pansies that i had on hand. choc bc for basketweave. butter cake
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By smashcakes
Apr 18, 2006
first tiered cake. each cake was one layer chocolate and one layer yellow. it was the final cake so i thought i would go a bit over board with it. i am very happy with the way it turned out.  still need a little more practice.  the instructor was very pleased with my work.
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By cdstem
Apr 25, 2006
Buttercreme icing with Royal Icing Pansies made in advanced.  Went one step further and added the 'mustache' look to them.  Surrounded the cake with a farm style fence for fun and completion.
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By robinhanson
May 10, 2006
I obviously chose the design with all pansies. that cake mix BARELY fit into those pans!
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By lilypie
May 14, 2006
This is an angel food cake with buttercream icing.  Royal icing flowers and fondant butterflies.  The inside of the angel food cake is stuffed with strawberries.
By alicia_froedge
May 23, 2006
Wow! Was this wedding ever pink! The linens were the colour of watermelon. Bright and fun!

The cupcakes had to be pink too, of we did raspberry buttercream on dark chocolate cupcakes  and strawberry buttercream on sweet lemon cupcakes.

All topped by royal icing pansies with edible pearl centres.
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By antonia74
May 28, 2006
pansies were actually purple. its a 2 layer 13x15 with the  7x10 oval on top. all bc, except pansies are royal icing, handpainted with petal dusts, food color.
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By smashcakes
Jun 2, 2006
Gift box cake. Cake is chocolate covered in chocolate buttercream icing. Tissue is fondant. Lid and bow is gumpaste. Gift tag is rice paper. Pansies, rosebuds and violet are royal icing. Lid lifts off To reveal a surprise - a gumpaste orchid. She does not know the sex of the baby so I did the cake in pink and blue.
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By Cake_Princess
Jun 6, 2006
I did this cake as a birthday cake.  Lavender icing color with royal pansies and violets.  Cake was choc with choc bc and crushed Andes Mints in the center.  While choc bc icing.
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By LadyGDiver
Jun 25, 2006
What a girly wedding! Loved it. All buttercream.
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By antonia74
Jul 4, 2006
Iced with French Buttercream Icing and all the flowers I made of Royal Icing.  The Bride chose a clear topper that had daisies and the words, "He loves me... She loves me...
17 140
By I_Love_Cake_Decorating
Jul 10, 2006
Buttercream Basket with Royal Icing Flowers and Color Flow Birds.  Soo much work but LOVED it!  TFL
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By nefgaby
Aug 3, 2006
Top view
This is my 3rd wedding cake. Its for my brother. I dried/pressed pansies for the decorations.
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By kitschie36
Aug 25, 2006
Front view
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By kitschie36
Aug 25, 2006
Not for my mom...but for a friend's mom's birthday tomorrow.  Buttercream icing with royal icing pansies.  I tried to put some shimmer dust on it.  It looks great under the light, but kind of looks like dust when there is no light on it!  Oh well ! It's an alternate of the wilton 2 final cake.
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By springlakecake
Aug 26, 2006
All pansies made from gumpaste and hand-painted
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By amylynn
Sep 3, 2006
I did this for my mom, its white cake with buttercream icing, and royal icing pansies
By cakequeen40
Sep 29, 2006
This is actually 2 6" cakes put together to give it height.  It is a b-day cake for 2 of my closest friends who share the same b-day and it was just them, another friend and myself having a relaxing Saturday night celebrating their birthdays.  Both cakes were torted twice and filled between each layer (alternating filling) with white chocolate mousse and raspberry fillings.  Buttercream is white chocolate almond and has pansies on the top for decoration.  They loved it!
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By moralna
Oct 4, 2006
Yellow cake covered with buttercream.  Pansies are buttercream.  Didn't quite turn out as well as when using royal icing.
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By mjs4492
Oct 21, 2006
I made this as a shared birthday cake for me and my sister as our birthdays are 5 days apart.  I used my airbrush for the first time to color in the violet.  The pansies are royal icing and the Happy Birthday is an edible image.
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By Audraj
Oct 22, 2006
This was my first wedding cake.  I could have done a lot more, but they didn't want anything else.  It was for my nieces outdoor wedding.  The pansies are made of Royal icing and then added some painted touches.  The cakes are done in BC.
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By shannan6607
Oct 23, 2006
I put white, purple and yellow in the bag to get the look on the flowers.
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By bakermomof2
Oct 30, 2006
Small oval cake with image of the birthday girl MANY years ago.  Buttercream icing with royal pansies.  Chocolate cake.
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By Phoov
Nov 6, 2006
If I were to do this again, I wouldn't have gone 'crazy' with adding so many pansies on top!
By Tyler2006
Jan 12, 2007
Finally, here is my course II final cake from February.  Comments please! :)
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By Cakeasyoulikeit
Apr 29, 2005


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