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Made for my daughter's "Gotcha Day" party with other families from our travel group to China to adopt in 2002. Theme of party was "Princess" Panda Princess seemed appropriate:) This was my 1st 3D bear..other than batter on bottom of oven from it tipping over once (lol), I was lucky it turned out OK:)
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By Thalia
Sep 12, 2005
Practice cake.
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By stephanie214
May 10, 2005
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By MontiBellesBakery
Nov 11, 2005
This 3-d panda was for a 10-year old's brithday party.  I didn't notice it at the time, but the black around the eyes is such a differnt shape!  oh well... she loved it, so I guess that's what matters!
13 34
By bonniebakes
Jan 13, 2006
There is a funny story behind this cake(refer to disaster forum - POOR POOR TEDDY!) I just have to thank all of my CC buddies for giving advice & laughing with me throughout this process! You guys are great!
14 2
By ge978
Mar 4, 2006
2 5
By teamtreadway
Oct 15, 2005
When my sister brought home her daughter from China I made this 100% edible Panda Bear cake with edible lady bugs. It was a huge success!!
2 1
By terrob97
Apr 19, 2006
The original cake is 27 years old. I did not get to see the original cake until after I had made the cake!
By KNicole
Jun 26, 2006
Here is a cake I just finished.  I made it for my fiance's birthday.  It is only the second cake I have decorated!  I thought it turned out pretty cute! :)
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By bibble
Jun 28, 2006
This is my first 3D cake. At first it looked like a Koala thena Racoon and then a Panda. It was a funny process for the bear. I guess I will keep practicing. For now I think this one is cute.
By Eeyore16
Jul 9, 2006
My first try at a panda using the Mini 3D bear pan. I am trying the large size 3D pan on the weekend for the first time... quite nervous!
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By katharry
Aug 8, 2006
A zoo half-cake for my daughter's 2nd birthday. I wanted something small enough to take WITH us to the zoo, but I didn't want cupcakes, so I cut an 8" cake in half. Pirouette cookies around the outside, fondant decorations, yellow cake w/chocolate BC frosting. On this cake I learned how much sturdier Wilton fondant is for figures; the panda is the only one made of MMF and he never dried! Next time I'll check out gum-tex.
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By ceshell
Aug 14, 2006
My first time using this pan. I left the baking core in it and it made it much harder to frost the bottom then I thought. Next time I will take it out.
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By jenurator
Apr 12, 2006
Farewell cake for a friends co-worker.  My sister Krisi1984 and I made this one. 1/2 chocolate, 1/2 vanilla with chocolate fudge buttercream.....
5 19
By isakov1
Aug 15, 2006
This is the 3rd cake I made for my son. It was strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting. Used wilton animal cracker pan. This one was my favorite of them all. Used the black wilton frosting for the accents.
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By sthrasher1
Aug 25, 2006
My first attemp at any kind of shaped cake. A 10 in. round and a 8 in. round cakes and four cupcakes. It was one of the funnest cakes ever. One little mishap, i ran out of black frosting and had to finish the left side with white. I guess its all trial and error.
By CaliAngel
Aug 27, 2006
Made in Wilton pan. Chocolate cake with buttercream icing.
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Aug 30, 2006
This is a panda bear I made with the "Animal Crackers" pan (Wilton). Unfortunately, the cake tasted awful! My boyfriend's father called it "Sawdust"... I never used that recipe again! but I thought the cake was pretty cute!
1 9
By cmcgarr
Sep 9, 2006
used the Animal Crackers cake pan for this.  I love it.
By Katskakes
Oct 2, 2006
5 20
By Valgal820
Dec 2, 2006
Chocolate cake, chocolate BC filling and icing.  FBCT pandas.  Made for an office party.
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By hktaitai
Dec 18, 2006
I used a boxed pound cake. The regular cake mixes are just not solid enough.
By Patty710
Mar 21, 2007
Noah's Ark for Baby shower
6 9
By Barbend
Mar 21, 2007
Giraffe, Panda and Pig
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By Barbend
Mar 21, 2007
Mini butter cake covered in buttercream icing with Fondant accents and 50/50 fondant/gumpast bamboo. Your honest and open critique is extremely valued.
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By tiptop57
Mar 27, 2007
My daughter wanted a Grumpy Bear cake with Twinkers for her 3rd birthday. I used the Wilton Panda bear pan for the bear and the 6x3 round pan carved for "Twinkers" the star.  All buttercream frosting.
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By wells123
Apr 3, 2007
This was a request. For a MANS 30 th BD. It is like one he had when he was a child. I just think its so cute!!
11 13
By tirby
Apr 5, 2007
The rug the panda is sitting on is made from fondant.  I had to deliver this cake 2 hours away on Pennsylvania bumpy roads! I'm surprised it made it.
By CraftT
Apr 21, 2007
2 9ich choc cake with rasberry filling covered in mmf...mmf figures and bc grass.  bc  "happy birthday" in chinese calligraphy on the top... thanks for looking.
By Erlyns_Treats
Apr 27, 2007
cake for a little boy who loves Webkinz..this is my interpretation ...he has a panda named bamboo..
I modeled the panda from fondant/gumtex and piped the fur on with tip #1..tried the grass tip but it was too big for the panda..this is an 8" cake..choc scratch cake with choc SMBC icing..bamboo is modeled with same but over bubble tea straws..nice and light ..leaves just cute by hand and veined..
Thanks for looking
10 98
By JaneK
May 4, 2007
Made with the cuddly stand up bear pan
2 1
By Andicake
May 6, 2007
BC panda.  I added a party hat the next day as one of the dowls poked out the top.
2 5
By stylishbite
May 9, 2007
I made these for my pre-schooler's end of year party.  Their mascot is panda bears.
1 9
By coolchc21
May 21, 2007
I'm not so much excited about the cake itself but more-so with the fact that I got the pan for $0.50 at a garage sale! Also, the cake was a carrot cake with cream cheese icing (which does NOT do well in hot weather FYI) lol
1 1
By sweetness11379
Jun 1, 2007
Sheet cake, one layer vanilla the other chocolate with custard in the middle and FBCT of Panda.  It goes with the panda cookies in my pictures.
4 4
By lpino
Jun 2, 2007
NFSC with royal icing.  They go with the Panda bear cake in my pics.  Fun to make!
2 2
By lpino
Jun 2, 2007
This was a simple and fun cake to make for my step-daughter Michel.  She loves Pandas and her favorite color is pink these days.  Chocolate and vanilla (dyed pink) swirl cake with buttercream icing.
1 2
By saptally
Jun 2, 2007
It was a zoo birthday for our oldest (5) this year.  He saw one like this on here and said "That's what I want!!!"  We had so much fun making it.  Animals and leaves are fondant.  Trees are pretzels.  Bottom cake is chocolate, top is yellow, CBC icing.  The boys still remember eating the snakes!
12 56
By destini377
Jun 8, 2007
9x13 french vanilla cake iced & decorated with traditional buttercream. Bamboo stalks and panda are fondant. This one didn't take me long at all (for a change) and I kinda like it (for a change!).
19 118
By tripletmom
Jun 30, 2007
By carabear
Jul 7, 2007


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