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ok so these are the last of the cupcakes i made.  altogether there was 102 cupcakes i think i have 10 left.
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By susanmm23
Jul 2, 2006
I made this for my niece's 15th birthday.  She wanted ocean/palm beach theme.  I hope she likes it!

Top tier is vanilla BC with crushed vanilla wafers.  Bottom is fondant covered.  All cakes are chocolate with choc BC filling.  I frosted lightly the day before and let sit overnight. Also kept filling icing stiff...hope fondant does not bulge.  Waves are fondant with BC outline.  Seashells/dolphin/chair and umbrella are fondant.

This is my biggest project to date.  I am really pleased with it!
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By 4Gifts4Lisa
Jul 8, 2006
A birthday cake for a fun-loving woman's "39th" birthday party, to be held at the lake.  The theme for the cake is taken from the Evite invitation the hostess used.  Dark chocolate cake, buttercream icing, covered in fondant with fondant decor.  BC whitecaps on the waves.
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By Ksue
Jul 14, 2006
cream cheese & BC frosting, fondant surf board & flip flops with choc grass, palm tree & molds
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By daltonam
Jul 14, 2006
Here is DS's birthday cake.  Pinkbunny was kind enough to let me copy her design, although it pales in comparison to hers!  We had a beach party today - close to90 degrees and 85% humidity.  As you can see, the accents never dried.  The GP was still quite tacky after 5 days, and the palm trees bent and cracked.  At least the fondant didn't melt off the cake at the beach!
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By beachcakes
Jul 16, 2006
Experimental cake-coconut cake with layer of lime curd, and 2 layers of rum bc and macadamia nut filling and rum bc icing.  Fondant palm tree and coconuts. Used dh's cohorts as guinea pigs and thankfully they loved it! It's a keeper!
By dodibug
Jul 21, 2006
This stacked cake is iced smooth in buttercream.  The palm trees are free-handed using piped buttercream.  Bride accented cake with Stargazer Lilies and palm leaves.
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By gourmetcakes
Aug 2, 2006
I did this cake at work and it was done to match the invitation.  It's hard to tell it in the picture, but the main icing color was a vibrant pinky-orange-red color.  Rather unusual, but pretty.  All piped in buttercream.
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By jenncowin
May 19, 2006
This was inspired by Christy's Hula Girl cake!  I need more practice sculpting but had fun.
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By LisaMS
Aug 3, 2006
This one was done for a 12 yo birthday.  She was very specific about what she wanted, including the flamingo in the center!  I found it while on a trip to the zoo with my children.  I purchased it in the gift shop for under $2!  I fell in love with it, it was so realistic, and I knew it would be far better than anything I drew on the cake!
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By gmcakes
Apr 20, 2007
This cake was orange flavored and covered in buttercream.  the flowers and leaves are fondant.  The palm trees are pretzels with royal icing frawns.
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By wehmom
Aug 4, 2006
Coconut cake w/coconut cream filling iced in French vanilla buttercream.  Fondant palm trees and flowers and graham cracker sand. Chocolate sea shells and edible image of the hula girls.  For a little girls 5th birthday.
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By newtocakes
Aug 10, 2006
My mom's birthday cake. She loves the tropic.
By hamlove
Aug 12, 2006
Hawaiian Luau Bridal Shower: Sand layers - pineapple rum cake and pineapple rum butter cream filling, with crushed vanilla wafer sand. Water layer - whipped vanilla cream cake, frambois soak and raspberry butter cream filling and icing, fondant coverature. Shells are white chocolate. Trees and bridge are gumpaste.
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By regymusic
Aug 13, 2006
Here's My take on Pinkbunny's incredible palm tree cake. For some reason looks really orange in pic. Thankyou so much to pinkbunny for the tips and the encouragement to go ahead and attempt her design. trees are fondant with chocolate greens. Thanks for looking. :)
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By spottydog
Dec 4, 2006
Cake for church Luau party.  Sheet cake on bottom w/ 8 and 6 inch rounds.  Sheet cake was banana w/ banana cream filling, middle layer was a dark chocolate fudge with ganache filling and top layer was white vanilla buttercream between layers.  All was done with BC, including palm tree fronds.  Did not have a good cake board underneath and got minor cracks in the icing when the cake got moved.  Lesson learned there!!
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By nanettedelong
Aug 23, 2006
These are sugar cookies with royal icing.  Made 7 dozen total.
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By FatAndHappy
Aug 27, 2006
Buttercream hula skirt , gumpaste flowers, palm trees, lei, beach towels and flip flops.
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By sugarfancy
Aug 27, 2006
a  one layer 11" and a one layer 6", girl made with fondant, thats harder then everyone makes it out to be, need lots of practice on that!!  otherwise decoration was pretty basic.  formed the tree on the top of a slushy lid covered in foil, worked great!
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By sweetcakes
Aug 29, 2006
Mother having a safari themed baby shower.  She said to do whatever I wanted.  I had seen a very similar cake on CC and decided to go with that.  I had a blast making it.  The palm trees would be edible if I didn't have to use glue to glue them to the pretzels.  I couldn't get the icing to make them stick!  I was happy with how it turned out and look forward to doing more like it.
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By KristasCakes
Aug 30, 2006
This was kind of hard for me to picture...a luau cake for a boy!  The surfboard and tiki hut are suggestions from the boy's mother.  The entire design is drawn freehanded and filled in with airbrush coloring.  The smash cake was done to resemble a beach ball.  I love this cake.
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By gmcakes
Mar 16, 2007
I made that cake for my godchild.
By Goldy
Sep 4, 2006
Here is the cake I did for a person who goes to Florida every year with a few other couples.  They were all getting together and she wanted something different.  Lemon cake with lemon filling.
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By chloe1979
Sep 4, 2006
I made this cake for my cousin's baby shower.  My first tiered cake!  Everything is edible except the animals and baby.
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By Jacqui2883
Sep 10, 2006
I made this cake for my cousin's baby shower, my first tiered cake!  Everything is edible except the baby and animals. =)
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By Jacqui2883
Sep 10, 2006
We made this cupcake cake for my son's 4th B-day, who loves dinosaurs. He adored it! It is all edible including the dinosaur and rocks which are made from candy clay. The frosting is bc. It was a lot of fun to make and was devoured quickly
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By simply-cakes
Sep 23, 2006
piping gel, fondant shells/mermaids/palm tree
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By GIAcakes
Sep 27, 2006
fondant surf board, flip flop, and palm tree. Piping gel for water, crushed nilla wafers for sand
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By GIAcakes
Sep 27, 2006
This is a cake that I made for my sister-in-law's birthday yesterday.  She used to work with elephants at the zoo, hence the inspiration for the cake.  It is a mocha cake with Bailey's Irish Cream filling.  The details are piped in chocolate and the palm trees are Pirouette cookies with buttercream leaves.
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By ckkerber
Sep 28, 2006
This was a cake for my co-worker's b-day.  She is planning a trip to Hawaii next year, so it is all she is talking about lately! :)
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By missyek
Oct 2, 2006
This cake was made for a guy's 50th Birthday Bash.  Obviously, it was a Hawaiian Themed Party!  I got the idea from a Debbie Brown book and just embellished it a bit.
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By CakesUnleashed
Oct 7, 2006
This was for a girls 18th birthday. She just got a tattoo of a hibiscus. I got this idea from CC.  Thanks!!  The girl liked it so much she wouldn't let anyone cut it.  She wanted to freeze it and serve the second cake they got from a grocery store.  I couldn't get a clear picture of the sides but the sides have grass all the way around.
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By alicia_froedge
Oct 10, 2006
My sister-in-law (shes 9yrs old) picked this out from the 2007 Wilton Yearbook.  Its a yellow cake, with BC frosting.  I didn't have time to make  royal icing so I did the monkey with BC.
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By sstardust17
Oct 12, 2006
This cookie was my entry into the county fair.  I took second place (I was dissapointed).  The palm tree and person are gumpaste and fondant.  The flowers are royal icing.  The beach is brown sugar.  The person was 1/2 inch tall.  Everything was then handpainted.
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Oct 15, 2006
I made these for my Father-in-Law who retired on his 65th birthday and is going on a cruise soon to celebrate.  NFSC and Antonia74 icing.  Thanks for looking.
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By kucci
Oct 18, 2006
Another version of my palm tree cake, this was for the bride-to-be who was going someplace tropical on her honeymoon.

Cake is iced smooth with buttercream.  Freehanded palm trees on sides.  Storebought flowers.
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By gourmetcakes
Oct 30, 2006
My customer found a picture of a cake on the internet that she wanted me to recreate for her. This was my take on it. The tiers are 7" and 11", the "sand" is graham cracker crumbs. The palm trees are purchased decorations. My customer had a little hula girl and a surfboard to add to the cake but unfortunately I didn't have them for the photo.
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By VACakelady
Nov 10, 2006
For a destination wedding in the sunny tropics....lucky!!
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By antonia74
Nov 18, 2006
12 in round 3 layer with cherry filling and butter cream icing.  Top of cake is a pannel of fondant with a "water color painting" of the couples wedding invitation.  I couldn't get the painting quite right, so my mom, who is a much better artist than me, did it with food color.  The couple was thrilled!  They only wanted a small "wedding" style cake due to a large grooms cake (will post) and a chocolate fountain.  

Thanks for looking!!!
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By FatAndHappy
Nov 18, 2006
This was my take on the final class II cake. All buttercream with royal icing and colorflow pieces. The cake is chocolate.
By jlwms
Nov 29, 2006


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