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This is a cake I made for a co-worker's 40th birthday.  The plaque is made of rolled fondant.  The cake is covered with buttercream icing with buttercream roses.
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By marknrox
Apr 13, 2005
This is a chocolate cake that has a "hill" (also chocolate cake) and a hot tub (made of vanilla cake).  The people/dog are made of fondant and the hot tub water is piping gel and the bubbles are meringue. I airbrushed the cake too.
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By pastrypuffgirl
Apr 16, 2005
Only had a week to come up with this cake. Used the wilton idea and added the loader (my b-i-l does excavating). I would have liked to put more into it, but didn't have the time.
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By kgil1124
May 2, 2005
Headstone drawn on sheet cake. This was for a 50th birthday!
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By traci
May 9, 2005
RIP tombstone done in fondant.  Everything else decorated in buttercream.  Don't look at the tombstones close to the bottom, they dont look good.  Still in my beginnier stage.  Very Last minute cake!
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By sls0812
May 26, 2005
My son is going to his first birthday party sleepover, so I made him these cookies to take along. I should have used a smaller tip for the eyes. They look a little buggy, like aliens.
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By Lori11941
Jul 16, 2005
This was for a friend of mine. Her husband loves his Harley. It is a 1/2 sheet cake with the doll cake pan for the hill. I used sugar cones with stiff buttercream for the trees. The road is made from crumbled chocolate graham crackers. The building says "Geezerville Harley" and on the top it says "Welcome to Geezerville". I also included a miniture plastic harley motocycle to be placed on the top of the mountain just before serving.
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By danette62602
Jul 18, 2005
This is all BC.  I used the Wilton's spray colors to make one side green and the other black.  The pathway is crushed walnuts and white chocolate chips on one side and regular chips on the other.  I crushed Oreos for the grave.
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By cindycakes
Jul 24, 2005
Here is one more from last week.  Over the hill cake.  I tried to use candy melts but I must have heated them too much.  They didn't look right so i did a bct instead.
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By charlieinMO
Aug 7, 2005
This was an over the hill type cake for a coworkers 60th birthday.
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By mamafrogcakes
Aug 14, 2005
This was made for my best friends father.. French Vanilla cake w/ buttercream icing..
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By briansbaker
Aug 20, 2005
This is my variation of the 'Time Slips Away' cake.   Although, not an original idea, I think the cake is very fitting for milestone birthdays.   My variation has a female figure.  I made the shirt and skirt out of buttercream and let it dry for a week so that it would be easy to place in the hole in the middle of the cake when I was ready to assemble the cake.
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Aug 28, 2005
This is the rear view of the cake so that you can see the female figure better.
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Aug 28, 2005
10 34
By Aitza
Sep 16, 2005
I borrowed this idea from mamafrogcakes & gma1956, THANKS!  This is a quarter sheet golden yellow cake torted and filled with chocolate pudding.  My first time filling with anything other than buttercream, can't wait to try it.  The bag is MMF, the dirt is oreos & graham crackers mixed and buttercream icing.  I put little spiders and earthworms on the top and sides.
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By smileyface
Sep 26, 2005
The bottom cake is chocolate cake w/ chocolate BC filling. Top tier is butter recipe w/ regular BC filling. Iced in chocolate BC colored black.
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By PinkPanther
Oct 7, 2005
The label reads "Old Buzzard Beer - Regurgitating Swill since 1936"
Many disasters involved with this one. See Disaster forum for the full story.
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By alimonkey
Oct 10, 2005
Italian cream cake with buttercream filling and icing with black MMF decorations.
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By christinasconfections
Oct 22, 2005
Did this for my sister and brother-in-laws joint 50th birthday. Three different kinds of cakes here, White Almond Cake, Chocolate Fudge Cake and Butter Pecan with Chocolate Almond Buttercream between layers and Coconut Buttercream on the outside. Unfortunately this picture was taken before I brought the icing sleeves down onto the hands. Will post the backside next.Was an earlier cake I did in the spring before I knew much piping. Just got the pictures from my sister.
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By freddie
Nov 7, 2005
Back side of previously uploaded cake. Was one of my earlier cakes, had alot of fun making it resemble my sister and brother-in-law. The car is a cheat from the Party Store the theme of the party was, "Do You Remember 1955".Ached from all the stars though, this cake made me learn more piping so I wouldn't have to do that many stars ever again.
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By freddie
Nov 7, 2005
CBC frosting with royal drop flowers. Candy melt name. I cheatedfor time and used a plastic insert plate since I had a 1 day notice and to bake on my lunch hour.
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By stylishbite
Nov 10, 2005
Grave scene of a old man climbing back out of grave with tonka toy tractor pouring dirt over . If you look close I crumbled some chocolate cake on the shovel of tractor to make it look like dirt.
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By Helendelk
Nov 17, 2005
Wilton's "Time Slips Away" cake on top of a sheet cake for an 80th Birthday party.
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By KrazyKross
Nov 28, 2005
This was for a surprise party. 3 tier stacked rounds decorated in buttercream icing.
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By traci
Dec 11, 2005
This was a cake I did for a lady at work.  I didn't want it all to be dark, so I added a little bit of color.
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By Daddycakes70
Dec 20, 2005
3 colorful tiers for a lady turning 40. The topper is a big lollipop from party city. This was a lot of fun to do!
4 22
By traci
Jan 4, 2006
This was made for a 50th Birthday party for a Bowler. The party was at the Bowling alley. The cake was Yellow with buttercream icing and the alley was Yellow cake covered with marshmallow fondant. The girl was a plastic doll covered with fondant and buttercream.
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By samymccray
Jan 6, 2006
Chocolate cake with cookies & cream ice cream.  Fudge borders, and choc. icing garland.  Center tombstone is chocolate cake covered in tootsie roll layer (achieved by kneading tootsie rolls with black dye, ...used Crisco to prevent sticking while rolling).  Mini tombstones are Oreo cookies stamped out with cookie cutter, icing stripe over the top, with plastic candle holder inserted.
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By jlh
Jan 20, 2006
My first tombstone cake.  The customer wanted to be ugly, but nice.  So we made the fake fun also.  It is a chocolate cake with bc icing.  I carved the shape from a sheetcake.
2 30
By tmassey5
Jan 21, 2006
This is a cake I did for my Aunt's birthday.  I did it with FBCT.  I can't remember where I got the pic - I wish I did.  I just did a search on the web.
31 323
By kmoores
Jan 22, 2006
Birthday cake for and Over the Hill birthday.  I was so pleased eith the result!
17 140
By tmassey5
Jan 22, 2006
Here is my version of the Speed Limit Cake.  It is Chocolate with Buttercream Icing.  After I did the sides, I went in a little and wrote "***Over The Hill***" all the way around.  The sides that you can not see, say ***50*** all the way around.  It was fun!!
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By tsuitor
Jan 26, 2006
This black, white and red cake was done with buttercreme and the shows ad bow are fondant. It was my first tiered cake and was a big hit at the party. I used sugar cookie dough to make the shoes and covered with dyed fondant.
By KandK
Jan 26, 2006
I made this cake for my husbands 40th birthday party yesterday.  It was fun.  There is a fire truck that goes with it.  We had lots of cake!  It was choco/vanilla with buttercream.
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By tsuitor
Jan 30, 2006
my very first cake without any lessons.  i was proud of myself
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By cdstem
Feb 2, 2006
Wilton design - Time Slips Away - My 3rd paid cake, yeah.  Reqeusted a fun over the hill type cake.  The cake is French vanilla with 2 layers of whipping cream and fresh strawberries for filling.
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By ps3884
Feb 13, 2006
Chocolate cake filled with strawberries & bananas covered with IMB and fondant decorations.
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By mary-ann
Feb 19, 2006
This was a really fun cake. Just a yellow cake with b/c icing. The grave sites are crushed oreo cookie, with gummy worms coming out to of the dirt....
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By spoiledtoodef
Feb 23, 2006
This is a 9" round white cake with b/c icing and an edible image. They requested a plain cake and that is what they got. I think it is very bland.....
7 3
By spoiledtoodef
Feb 24, 2006
This was not an original idea but my interpretation of a fun and funny cake to do for my good friend 40th birthday.  She was an exceptionally good sport.  It was my first time making any kind of 3 dimensional character from frosting.  A little secret I will tell you....the gal in the hole is actually the 2nd one.  The cake was finished & then I turned around and the 1st girl was gone, she fell into the I poured some more Cocoa powder in and buried her!  LOL Talk about poignant!
7 23
By karthurs
Apr 13, 2005


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