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Square tiers with burnt orange flowers. It came out okay. The flowers made it look much better. I was not pleased with the piping.
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Feb 12, 2006
The bride today wanted a cake to show off her gerbera daisy theme. It was so fun!
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By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
Buttercream icing, royal flowers.  For a spring party.
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By Cakeasyoulikeit
Apr 13, 2005
Gran Marnier chocolate chip cake covered in chocolate fondant and granished with real kumquat leaves, blossoms, and fruit.
By itsacake
Aug 12, 2005
My Very First Cake - that I leveled (tried too), torte, iced, and decorated!
18 10
By momoftwogirls
Aug 13, 2005
Red velvet cake iced in buttercream.
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By Cakeasyoulikeit
Aug 18, 2005
This was my first attempt at a bc transfer, and I decided to try it out with this great Orange Crunch recipe.  It turned okay, but I learned a lot from this one!
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By ribbitfroggie
May 13, 2005
A quick job, was busy packing for vacation...and told husband I would get these made before I left out of town for his work. It was for a lady at my husband's work. I went to the local grocery store to buy a big enough box and I then taped my "busines" card on the bottom of it....the lady of honor loved them so much and she saw the card...she told my husband that she may call me for some cakes :) Zucchine Spice and Orange Chip Dream cupcakes with dawn's buttercream icing. Wrote B A B Y on alternating rows
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By m0use
Aug 26, 2005
this was for an anniversary their colors were eggplant and burnt orange and it really did come out those colors but in the picture it looks halloween orange and puke purple. The roses were put on right away but dried out and flaked off the edges of the roses which was frustrating.
By tracyscakes
Aug 26, 2005
Lemon cake with lemon pudding in a oval shape. I covered the cake with white fondant and then used gumpaste for the rope and flowers. The white dots are buttercream.
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By janethorp
Aug 31, 2005
Butter vanilla with orange flavoring and coloring. Vanilla flavored icing.  Edible image on top. Orange & white checkerboard.  Just for practice!
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By piklpop2
Sep 9, 2005
This was a bold wedding today. Everything was silver and white...with these 3 amazing colours as accents. The gerbera daisy theme was SO pretty!

I used three flavours of cupcakes topped with coloured/flavoured buttercream swirls: Tahitian Vanilla Cupcakes with Bright Orange Vanilla Buttercream, Lemon Cupcakes with Lime Buttercream & Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Raspberry Pink Buttercream.

The toppers are simple, white gumpaste daisy cutouts.
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By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
This was a practice cake - my firt time trying basket weave, rope border, and cornelli lace (which doesn't look very delicate as I had hoped).  It is an orange dreamsicle cake and the frosting has whipped cream in it and did not lend itself to smoothing - thus the lumpy appearance of the cake.  I also had trouble with the frosting getting too warm and soft while I was working with it.  But I learned from it :)
By Fancymcnancy
Sep 17, 2005
Bday cake for 4 year old......BIG hit!
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By edcjenv
Sep 28, 2005
Choc cake w/ choc ganache filling & icing and BC dots ---Big hit!
By edcjenv
Aug 25, 2005
Here is the same cake just another view.
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By HeatherMari
Sep 30, 2005
The birthday girl drew a picture of what she wanted her cake to look like and here it is.
By angelcake4u
Oct 3, 2005
This is a 10X10 white cake iced in buttercream.  The image is royal icing, pipes and flames are buttercream and the motorcycle is an official OCC piece.  I had never used royal icing before so this was interesting...gotta learn how to work faster so it doesn't start to set up on me like this one did!
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By tripletmom
Oct 8, 2005
This cake looks like 3 big blocks of cheese to me! But it's exactly what the bride wanted.

The 2 outer tiers have huge exaggerated polka dots and the middle tier is taken from a wedding cake design that mimicked Japanese Obi Cloth (like a silky fabric pattern).

The cake is LOTS of chocolate...bottom is Dark Chocolate cake with Milk Chocolate buttercream, the middle is Dark Chocolate cake with Chocolate-Orange buttercream and the top is Dark Chocolate cake with Mocha buttercream.
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By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
Yellow cake with buttercream icing. Pumpkins are made out of MMF.
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By momoftwogirls
Oct 9, 2005
A 6" heart devil's food cake covered in buttercream.  First time making roses of two hues.  Had fun with the basketweave -- thanks, ntertayneme, for your great idea.  Made for an elderly widow who I am Secret Sister to in our church.  She was thrilled to find it waiting for her this morning and wondered aloud to me (of all people) who her Secret Sister could be! (hee hee)
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By NottawaChelle
Oct 9, 2005
i had to try out my new pumpkin pan.  the lighting was really bad in my MIL's kitchen.  the cake is wedding cake white with french vanilla pudding added, frosted with lemon flavored faux fondant.  my hand is very sore after all those stars..i have a new respect for the guys and gals on here that do all their work in stars...
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By KCsmom98
Oct 23, 2005
This is a cake I made for my step-dad's birthday. Milk chocolate cake with butter rum BC. Cat on top is royal icing.
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By mamafrogcakes
Oct 24, 2005
This is a pumpkin shaped cake that was make using two bundt cakes, it is a made from scratch spice cake with pumpkin added to it, and cream cheese icing. I made this for a church gathering that we have to keep the kids from trick or treating. We have sooo much fun.
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By mistygaildunn
Oct 28, 2005
used some of the batter from my mini pumpkin cakes for these cupcakes.  Again..chocolate cake with buttercream & added chocolate sprinkles for a nice little accent on top.
By culinarilyobsessed
Oct 28, 2005
This was my final course cake for level III - It was so much fun to make!
By cakecre8tor
Oct 30, 2005
This was my 2nd smooth BC attempt, my 2nd piping experience, and my first tiered experience.  The tiers are 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 white (tinted red-orange).  
I'm still getting the hang of things and finding the right cake recipes but I learned a lot from this cake!
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By clb307
Oct 31, 2005
This was made for my son's Pre-K fall celebration, 2005.  This is actually the first cake I make using a specially shaped pan.  It was easy but making so many little stars sure makes you tired!
By gegon
Nov 4, 2005
Halloween Cupcakes.  Carrot cake with pumpkin spiced cream cheese icing.  (orange/ yellow swirls).  Just a little something for the co-workers in the spirit of halloween.  Thanks for looking!
Nov 8, 2005
This is my 4th cake ever. I wanted to play with striping the bag since my instructor brought it up in my class last week. ( Wilton course 1)

I am just learning to pipe borders and actually we haven't even had that class yet, but I figured I would try it so ignore the different colors on the bottom shells. I kept turning the bag and didn't realize that would have an effect until I was finished. LOL!

I normally ( well, ok once before) make Wilton Buttercream but I wanted to try to use their tub icing.
By Caribou
Nov 14, 2005
This is the cake I made for the first class in the Wilton Course One.  It is french vanilla with strawberry crema filling and covered with buttercream icing.  I don't know why but this is the second cake I use buttercream to ice and it cracks.  You can see on the right where my lil bro attempted to fix.  Bless his heart.  LOL.
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By havenleigh
Nov 15, 2005
Gumpaste rose spray learnt at a recent cake decorating course for beginners.....
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By dky
Nov 25, 2005
This is a Devils food chocolate cake with chocolate butter icing.  I used orange BC icing to highlight the cake and give it some life.  It was a last minute cake done for my mom's co-worker birthday.  Thanks for looking
Nov 28, 2005
This is my first attempt at using Fondant.  This is a Wilton Course "Present" cake.  It is covering green styrofoam (didn't feel like making a cake that week).  Thanks for looking.
Nov 28, 2005
I made this for a friend's graduation from UT (the school colors are burnt orange and white). The bottom is chocolate cake and the top is a cake dummy. The decorations are fondant
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By mjordan
Dec 11, 2005
My first attempt with Tiger Lillies...They seem to look brighter in the picture, but the color isn't too strong...Still need to steam them for a softer and more blended look.
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By Godiva
Dec 25, 2005
My first wedding cake, September '05 the weekend of Hurricane Rita.  As if I wasn't nervous enough they moved the wedding up a day!!!  Was not excited about using ORANGE on a wedding cake but I have gotten so many compliments even though I see the flaws.  It really changed the way I look at colors to be used.  I also did the brides shower cake also (beach theme).
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By jewels625
Jan 17, 2006
Yet another reason to bake a cake. I wanted to try out my camera and the chocolate cake recipe from ( Colette's Wedding Cakes ) Love the camera not the recipe, it turned out too dry :( .Just playing around with the design.
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By sue_dye
Jan 20, 2006
This was a quick cake I helped my 10 year old sister make.  It's not professional, but I was proud of her hard work.  It was for our other sister's bridal shower.
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By SHenyd
Feb 10, 2006
This was made for a church cake walk, Frosting isn't to smooth!
By tayakaleb
Feb 20, 2006


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