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For my sisters baby shower.  NFSC with MMF and Royal.
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By zoraya
Sep 24, 2006
Here are some cookies that I made for my sister-in-law's baby shower.
32 449
By carisa
Aug 31, 2005
This cake is covered with marbled fondant and a marshmallow fondant onesie
9 25
By natannfl
Oct 13, 2005
I just wast to tell the others that made a cake like this thanks for the great idea. The onesie is made of fondant and the booties are cup cakes that I have cut, shaped and icinged. They really liked the cake and I'm glad that it turned out this well.
5 28
By Amy_G
Sep 4, 2005
Onesie cookies for an office baby shower.  No fail recipe with Antonia's icing - Turned out awesome and tasted even better.  I actually made girl cookies too because the woman was having a boy and a girl - twins!  But i forgot to take a picture of those. DOH!
13 26
By melxcloud
Nov 17, 2005
I've been dying to make this cake.  Ever since I say the one done by llee on this site it's been one of my favorites.  I have to say her onesie and booties are better than mine but I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out for my first try.  The writing is painted on with silver luster dust and the booties are painted with pearl luster dust.
7 19
By montanakate
Oct 8, 2005
inspired by a cookie on this site.  My apologies - I don't remember who!
8 10
By beachcakes
Dec 14, 2005
Inspired by other cakes on this website I had been wanting to try one of these cakes.  I think my fondant was too thick and the onesie came out a little wrinkled and was trying to crack some.  I am still learning my way around fondant.  Anyway, I think it turned out pretty well for my first try.  Lots of fun to do.
19 48
By crp7
Mar 4, 2006
11x15 yellow cake w/ buttercream frosting. Booties and faces are gum paste, onesie is mmf. I had fun doing this one.
81 485
By sue_dye
Nov 11, 2005
This is my first "real" cake.  It's for a baby shower for my church's youngest F.R.O.G. (our children's ministry which stands for Fully Rely on God ).  I am not a cake decorator.  I've never had a class and made probably only about four cakes, but I watched my mom decorate cakes all my life.  I wanted a spring-y, outdoorsy, frog-gy kind of theme and came up with this using all the wonderful cakes on this website as inspiration!  It is bc with fondant onesie and booties.
23 308
By Blessed_Patty
Mar 20, 2006
2-Tier cake covered in MMF with fondant decorations and trim.  Border was a shell border with hand-made fondant buttons over the shell.  All decorations were hand-made from fondant and applied to the cake with royal or vanilla.
11 165
By CakesByEllen
Mar 21, 2006
Design shamelessly borrowed from the gallery.  Doctored butter cake with choc. BC filling, iced in BC with MMF decorations.
3 7
By sk8gr8md
Mar 30, 2006
Thanks to everyone's great ideas on the onesies and booties. This was my first try at making them. This cake is for my new cousin on the way!
3 4
By tally
Apr 1, 2006
This cake was for a baby shower but I was a t a loss on the colors because the customer wanted me to decorate it for an Auburn football fan.  I wanted to do that and still incorporate the pastel colors somehow.  And now I see that I went totally overboard with the flowers and buttons.  Ack!
10 7
By dsoutherngirl
Apr 6, 2006
Cookies made for my in-laws for their new baby girl, whose name begins with J!
6 24
By Edibleart
Apr 7, 2006
bc with fondant onesie and booties.
2 12
By Blessed_Patty
Apr 16, 2006
bc with fondant onesie and booties.  Pattern for the booties was taken from a vintage pair of booties from the 1930's.
8 28
By Blessed_Patty
Apr 16, 2006
I did this for a baby shower.  Everything is edible and I am really please with how it turned out.  My client was thrilled and even emailed me to let me know how much everyone adored the cake.  Enjoy!
3 11
By rlctic
Apr 30, 2006
This is my attempt at the onesie and booties cake that I saw in this gallery and loved.  This is only my second cake using fondant and I thought it turned out well.  Thank all of you for posting your cakes, they give me the will to try new things.
7 41
By deester
Mar 10, 2006
Sugar cookies with royal icing
12 68
By margery
May 7, 2006
Buttercream icing with fondant accents.  I just realized I forgot the snaps!  This is my first onesie-booties cake and the inspiration came from this site...all you gals that have done onesie cakes.  And many thanks to cali4dawn for the booties pattern!
8 32
By LisaMS
May 15, 2006
1 2
By tally
May 27, 2006
White cake cut to the shape of a baby onesie.
3 8
By alicia_froedge
Jun 8, 2006
No fail sugar cookies & chocolate rolled cookies decorated for 2 friends that had baby boys last week. Found the boxes at our local Dollarama!!
Had to make my own onesie cookie cutter so the shape isn't perfect but I'm happy with it.
I noticed afterwards that I should have taken the photo of the bear cookie on a surface that wasn't black! But they were already gone. Oh well!
4 3
By swoboda
Jun 13, 2006
No fail sugar cookies and Toba Garrett's icing. This icing stays really shiny; I like it a lot!
There's also chocolate ones made with Devil's food cake mix. Very easy!
By Val40
Jul 1, 2006
I just bought the cutter, and still have to practise to find the right design and the right consistency for my royal icing...
4 2
By mylan
Jul 5, 2006
This is what I made for my God-Daughter's baby shower.  It is a cheesecake made into a onesie.  I used a wilton pan.
2 3
By nikisbakin
Jul 6, 2006
This is my version of the onesie/booties cake.  The baby's mom ate snickers bars everyday so we joked that the baby would be a snickers bar!
5 9
By juliebean
Jul 14, 2006
I made these cookies as a practice for my friends baby shower.  They are covered in MMF and decoratwed with royal icing. I had fun making them I can't wait to make more.
5 42
By Chef_Mommy
Jul 20, 2006
11x15 yellow cake w/butter cream frosting. Booties and faces are gum paste, the onesie is mmf. Thank for looking.
23 61
By sue_dye
Jul 23, 2006
onesie cake for cousin.  She is having a girl but her last name is Cole just so there is no confusion lol!!!
5 28
By sweetexpressions
Aug 19, 2006
Simple baby shower cake with fondant.  The glass balls are not edible, just for looks.  My first time to do a onesie.
2 15
By geehouse
Aug 25, 2006
Made this for a friend who just had a boy.  Chocolate cake and MMF.
5 33
By feverfixer
Sep 5, 2006
Baby shower cake.  Almond sourcream poundcake with buttercream frosting.
MMF onesie and gumpaste booties.
4 9
By sandi64
Sep 8, 2006
I made these cookies as favors for friends baby shower.  Everyone loved them!
5 19
By ashlymomx2
Sep 10, 2006
Still playing around with leftover fondant & royal.  Practicing cookie ideas for my sisters baby shower.
By zoraya
Sep 11, 2006
32 1,607
By Kiddiekakes
Sep 13, 2006
All BC. Just finished this bad boy at midnight. So tired. Hope it looks good in the AM when I see it with my eyes open. ;)
5 21
By Melvira
Sep 21, 2006
This was a white cake with chocolate mousse filling and buttercream frosting with fondant bootie and onesie.  This was the mommy to be's nursery colors and theme.
6 44
By AngD
Sep 23, 2006
I made these cookies as a birth announcement for my brother's new baby girl.  I am mailing them from NJ to Ohio hopefully they make it in one piece!!!!
36 313
By KHalstead
Sep 25, 2006


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