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My second cake. After doing my wilton I rainbow, I was asked to do a birthday cake for a co-workers b-day. With just the techniques learned in my second wilton class and the tips on this site.....TA DA....BRUTUS BUCKEYE! 'Cuz everyone in Ohio LOVES the BUCKEYES!
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By Dannie
Aug 27, 2005
Groom is an OSU fan and wanted a Buckeye for each of his groomsmen.  I had an awful time getting frosting to stick to the inside cuts; don't look too closley!
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By sunlover00
Sep 3, 2005
What a fun cake this was to make!  The famous "Shoe" was made out of two layers of cake from the Wilton horseshoe cake pan, in Red Velvet no doubt, and layered with cherry preserves.  Wilton red/clear sugar crystals represent the “fans” in the stands, and the windows that align the outside of the Shoe are made from black licorice.  The pennants were made by printing copies of the Big Ten's teams’ pennants, and then taped them onto toothpicks.  See my other picture to see inside the Shoe for Script Ohio.
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By KimberlyKakes
Dec 11, 2005
Simple buttercream design with peanut butter/chocolate buckeyes
2 5
By pinkflamingo
Apr 10, 2006
Just practicing BCT's today. This is a white cake frosted with whipped buttercream frosting. It doesn't crust much. I had a difficult time getting it smooth, but liked the tase. I'm just learning & having so much fun!
7 8
By fat-sissy
Apr 21, 2006
Just a quick football cake.  All free handed in BC icing
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By bfisher11
Jul 24, 2006
I made this cake for my brother's 17th birthday.  I used the new stadium pan from Nordicware, and then carved the cake to make the famous "Horseshoe" shape.  I used the "Durable Cake for 3D and Wedding Cakes" recipe with chocolate cake mix.  I frosted it with store-bought Wilton Decorator icing that I tinted gray, dark gray, and red.  The scoreboard and field were made by my sister on the computer.  To give you some idea of the scale, the "crowd" was made using Wilton colored non-pareils.
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By Britton
Aug 20, 2006
Made for a guy at work.
Not the best ever, but he (and everyone else) liked it.
Chocolate cake with PB filling.
By ch0psuey
Aug 23, 2006
These are NF sugar cookies and Antonia's RI.
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By AmyKay
Aug 29, 2006
Here are my first cut out cookies since I started Cake decorating. These were just practice cookies.  I learned alot this time around!  Hopefully by next time they will be better!  NF cookies with fondant icing and Alice's RI.
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By Sweetpeeps
Sep 5, 2006
BC with fondant accents.
3 28
By Cheneya
Sep 11, 2006
Yet another OSU cake!  This one done with the projector.  It's a 9x13.  I realized AFTER I'm getting ready to post the pic that I completely forgot to add the #13 after "Happy"!!  I was in such a hurry to get it done!  Don't you just hate that?!?
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By sunlover00
Sep 25, 2006
Oct 1, 2006
Back of AJ Hawk's Green Bay Packers jersey for a 4 year old boy.  Cake is half choc and half white cake, but the white cake was colored pink per the little guys request.  Icing is B/C with fondant accents.  The fondant block of cheese was my poor attempt at humor since the fans are called "cheese heads".  The Birthday boy also requested a pink butterfly on each shoulder.  I complied, but took a picture first-  I don't want any NFL players knocking on my door over pink butterflies! LOL!
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By msauer
Nov 6, 2006
Ohio State cake, in honor of the greatest team in the land!
9 29
By sweetcakes2005
Nov 17, 2006
Made these for the HUGE UofM/OSU game. These were made from the Nordicware stadium pan, and I printed up the scoredboards and fields, which I laminated. Nonpariels for the people. White Sour Cream cake and Durable 3d cake, both from this site. Special Thanks to Britton (I used your Buckeye cake for ideas, thx :).
4 15
By bigsisof3kids
Nov 19, 2006
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By midialjoje
Nov 21, 2006
Here is a smash cake for a one year old.  His Daddy loves Ohio State and wanted him to have a cake like that!  LOL!  ~chocolate cake, all buttercream
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By Jenrose
Nov 26, 2006
These are NFSC w/ antonia74 icing made for Ohio State University's Autumn graduation.  They are gray w/ scarlet tassels and either "2006" or "OSU" written on them.  I also did scarlet w/ gray tassels.  I will post the other pic
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By rsaun
Dec 6, 2006
More Ohio State graduation cookies.  NFSC w/ antonia74 icing.
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By rsaun
Dec 6, 2006
I was asked to make this for a friend to take to his meeting in Michigan. All buttercream
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By buckibaker
Dec 12, 2006
A friend of mine asked me to make this for a work meeting that will be in Michigan. All buttercream icing-half yellow/half white cake. Real buckeye candy
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By buckibaker
Dec 12, 2006
This was a birthday cake for my grandpa who is a huge Ohio State football fan. Go Bucs! It's basically a half sheet pan with the corners cut off.
By Linsey
Jan 4, 2007
Cake for big game last week.  Unfortunately, the bucks lost, so it kinda looks silly now.
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By aandsmommy
Jan 11, 2007
This cake wass for a huge Buckeye fan.  Her birthday is the day after Christmas and was used to always getting a Christmas design on her birthday cakes.  Her aunt wanted to surprise her with something different this year.
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By Fishercakes
Jan 15, 2007
Cake donated for a raffle prior to the big game.
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By sunlover00
Jan 15, 2007
Chocolate buttercream, and regular buttercream accents, freehand.
By CupCake13
Jan 22, 2007
1 1
By WAS937
Feb 10, 2007
Ohio State Block O with b/c.  peanut butter buckeyes used for garnish.
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By tsc
Feb 18, 2007
10" layer with carved 9" layer. Real candy buckeyes. Go Bucks!
1 2
By caryl
Mar 19, 2007
4 3
By caryl
Mar 19, 2007
I got this idea off the internet. It took alot of time to do, but the customer loved it....
2 6
By spoiledtoodef
Apr 21, 2007
The bride and groom are both OSU alum and met while they were at OSU.  They are some of the biggest Buckeye fans I've ever met!  Definitely not a traditional wedding cake, but it was fun (although time consuming) to make and I think it turned out nice.
7 16
By cakesbyjess
May 2, 2007
I made this for my son's 7th birthday. His favorite Ohio State player is Troy Smith
but his number is 10 since ds was turning 7 he got a "Ted Ginn, Jr."
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By buckibaker
Jun 1, 2007
By delicious_designs7
Jun 15, 2007
This is a sheet cake frosted in buttercream with fondant accents. The name of the stadium is named after the birthday boy
3 9
By MaMaCreates3
Jun 17, 2007
This is a cake I made for two sisters, one graduating from High School, the other from college. The one graduating from college was moving to the city in a high rise and the other was entering Ohio State (Buckeye border). I
2 5
By MaMaCreates3
Jun 21, 2007
A full sheet cake with a lot of space to fill!  I had it on a sturdy plywood board and it still cracked when I moved it, so I had to add the "confetti streamers" to cover them up just a little!
By sunlover00
Jun 23, 2007
This is a cake I made for my sister's graduation from Ohio State.  She didn't want anything "flowery" or "prissy," so this is what I came up with.  The cake is iced in gray buttercream, and the cap, diploma, drape, "Block 'O'," and banner are fondant.  The buckeyes are compliments of Anthony Thomas candies in Columbus, Ohio.  The cakes are white velvet, lemon, and strawberry.
4 28
By rsaun
Jun 24, 2007
By TinaRe
Jul 12, 2005


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