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Well, it's finished! And what a pain in the rear it was! The results were worth everthing that went wrong though! Chocolate version WASC with cookies & cream filling. Bottom is 14", top is an 8". BC frosting, fondant accents. All edible (except the little baby bottle the octopus is holding). TFL!! And thanks to all who heped me during my trials baking this cake! BIG HUGS!!!
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By yummymummy
May 18, 2008
A local engineering firm specializing in ocean pipelines asked me to make their monthly "cake day" cakes to celebrate birthdays for the month. This is my first cake for them.
11 50
By NickiKR
May 21, 2008
ship attacked by giant octopi
4 7
By mrsprinkles
May 22, 2008
I made this one for my sister in laws wedding after party. I got the idea from Liis. By the way, awesome cake. Thanks for all the ideas CC. The cake is fondant with gum paste accents.
3 15
By jylbug
May 26, 2008
French Vanilla cake with berry preserves for filling and vanilla frosting under fondant.  Crushed graham crakers for sand and goldfish crackers for fish.  The best part is the surprise when you cut into it - I used various food colors in the layers to make a rainbow/ tie-dye look.   When it's cut open, I'll take a pic to post.
6 12
By RMF73
Jun 4, 2008
I have been getting more requests for "younger" beach cookies for kids. Nf with royal.
8 54
By yankeegal
Jun 13, 2008
25 chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with bcf
5 1
By Lila65
Jun 18, 2008
Made as a 5th birthday present for the daughter of one of my oldest friends, it took me about 12 hours to make because of all the details but the look on her face made it worth every minute. Loosely based on Debbie Brown's mermaid cake with an Ariel the Mermaid twist on the theme.
15 49
By amberhoney
Jun 21, 2008
This is iced with buttercream. The decorations are gumpaste on top and run sugar (colorflow) sea creatures on the sides. The top is white sugar and brown sugar
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By Justbeck101
Jun 23, 2008
This is iced with buttercream. The decorations are gumpaste on top and run sugar (colorflow) sea creatures on the sides. The top is white sugar and brown sugar
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By Justbeck101
Jun 23, 2008
This is all buttercream w/white choc coral.  This was for a sealife party at my daughter's daycare.  Thanks to all the fabulous decorators here on CC.  I got the idea from here.
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By Debster287
Jul 11, 2008
My first ever sugar cookies. NFSC with Antonia's RI. I've seen so many cute cookies on CC lately, so I just had to try making some!
5 10
By SaraM
Jul 13, 2008
This cake was for my niece 4th birthday.  It was the first time we used fondant, so its a little rough.  The Birthday Girl loved it though.
16 58
By cre1
Jul 16, 2008
I made this for my daughter's 2nd birthday.  The octopus is rice cereal covered in fondant.  The cake is bc, decorationms are bc, rbc, and candy melt shells. Getting the tentacles to stay was a chore, but the end result was a lot of fun!
2 4
By heathyliz
Jul 17, 2008
5 23
By nthlgmz
Jul 22, 2008
fondant and buttercream
1 2
By darylrc
Jul 24, 2008
My daughter's 2nd birthday cake.  I graduated to 2 tiers but now looks a little plain to me.   I enjoyed making all the little creatures and watching the kids play with them afterwards.  The hermit crabs were my favourite :-)
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By coolbananas
Jul 24, 2008
This is an octopus cake I made for my son's 4th birthday.  The body is made form a Wilton easter egg mold and the legs were sheet cakes I cut to look like octopus legs.  He loved it
1 1
By timandabbismom
Aug 3, 2008
3D Nemo made with Wilton egg and fondant/gumpaste fins.  Coral and seaweed are royal icing.  Octopus and sign are mmf.
1 13
By miti
Aug 5, 2008
more undersea cookies
4 1
By robinscakes
Aug 9, 2008
3 16
By jlsanders
Aug 11, 2008
My own sugar cookie recipe with glaze icing
2 3
By Bellatheball
Aug 21, 2008
This was for a birthday for 3 kids.  Top tier is almond cake with almond cream cheese filling and frosting.  Bottom tier is lemon cake with raspberry preserve filling and lemon fosting.  The sea creatures are rice krispie treats.  Everything is covered in fondant.  My fish looks like a chicken, but the kids loved it.
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By RMF73
Aug 24, 2008
Under the Sea including a mermaid, a crab cake and Octopus.  This was alot of fun to make!  The octopus is my favorite.
3 8
By Chini3458
Aug 25, 2008
13 48
By ilena
Aug 26, 2008
Basic 1/4 sheet with MMF deco.
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By heatherlikesfood
Sep 2, 2008
Cake for my sweet, sweet nephew.  This is actually the second cake.  The night before I made a different cake, same design, but it was tiered with a smaller tier in the center.  Went to check the cake before going to bed and the top tiers had toppled over and crashed to the floor, dowel rods and all! :(  Had to do some serious decorating hours before the party today!  Cake is neopolitan with fondant.  All decorations are buttercream.  Original cake was all buttercream, no fondant.
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By skeet1zp
Sep 7, 2008
My daughter's 1st birthday cake. Covered in fondant, decorated with fondant and gumpaste. Bottom tier is white cake and raspberry buttercream, octopus is white cake and pistachio buttercream.
10 25
By beansylovescake
Sep 11, 2008
For a grandpa who has 8 grandchildren, 3 boys (in yellow with blue bow tie) and 5 girls (in pink with red bow ties).
4 16
By mydelights
Sep 16, 2008
This little boy wanted a lavender octopus with red hearts on it, so I made the suction cups on the octopus red hearts.  Kids come up with some crazy things for their birthday cakes!
2 15
By MINIgirl
Sep 20, 2008
I made this cake for my sisters 18th birthday. It’s only mildly topsy turvy (chickened out after my last disaster!) covered in buttercream, with 50/50 fondant & gum paste decorations. I sprayed the whole cake with blue luster dust so it was super sparkly and every decoration had tons of sparkle.  So much fun to make! I found so many great ideas here on CC, primarily from Ksimp6577 and sugarplumstudio though. Thanks !!!
2 30
By stephaniescakenj
Sep 20, 2008
This cake was decorated with fondant.  The legs were made out of rice crispie treats.
2 1
By nateandchristine
Oct 2, 2008
My great nieces birthday pool party cake. Her 4th birthday and she love "octopopusses" Wasc, white chocolate raspberry filling. The suckers on the this arms are smarties. this cake weighs about 20 pounds.
By maryj
Oct 3, 2008
I made this for a girl's 1st Birthday.  I love how it turned out and the client was very happy too.
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By zulmaivette
Oct 22, 2008
Cake for 5 year old who wanted an underwater sea creature cake. All the decorations are chocolate/candy melts. The sand is light brown sugar. For the "creatures" I traced my son's coloring book in the melted chocolate. Some of them I put on lollipop sticks. It was really fun to make. Cake was vanillia-milk chocolate chips with chocolate hazelnut mousse filling and sugarshack's bc.
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By jen411
Oct 26, 2008
This was made for an "Under the Sea" party. It's mostly buttercream with little chocolate seashells added on around the sides and top.
By ginascakes
Oct 27, 2008
This was the FIRST cake my cousin and I had ever attempted to decorate. It was for my son's first birthday which had a Under The Sea theme.  We made marshmallow fondant and dyed it various colors for all components of the cake. The octopus was made using the Wilton ball pan and the base was 2 9" round cakes.  We had so much fun and can't wait to get started on the next one!
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By starchelle
Nov 6, 2008
Birthday cake for a boy whose favorite toy is the octopus from Baby Einstien. Yellow butter cake recipe from Warren Brown's Cake Love book (LOVE Warren Brown), decorator icing and rolled fondant decorations with rice krispy treats, styrofoam ball and bar coaster playing supporting roles.
8 21
By MommaPoopadoo
Nov 8, 2008
This is all buttercream done with an 18 star tip. 14 in round cake. I made an extra cake and cut them up for the legs. My hands are killing me! lol
2 2
By sand1364
Dec 15, 2008
My daughters bithday cake inspired by Debbie Brown and a huge thanks to Franjmn for sending me the directions and extra help!!  It was a fun cake to do but boy do pictures sure show my flaws in fondant!!!!  Oh well my daughter really like it!!!  Practice makes perfect!!!
3 5
By cakecre8tor
Jan 31, 2006


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