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9" and 6" with single layer 6" smash cake. All BC with fondant accents. VERY fun cake to do!
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By candoo
Jul 2, 2009
Another entry for the contest, hosted by tshirt website based off a design called "Octopus on yo' shirt". Dark chocolate cake with chocolate chips and italian meringue buttercream.
By lahappygiraffe
Jul 10, 2009
WASC filled with Orange Curd and Orange Cream Cheese Icing.  Just playing around today with new techniques and practicing sculpting skills (desparately need that!)
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By CakeVision
Jul 12, 2009
this cake was for my Daughters 3rd Birthday colorflow pieces and buttercream icing.  Everybody loved the cake I was happy with how it turned out
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By momof2cutebugs
Jul 14, 2009
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By Lucygoosey
Jul 23, 2009
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By Cupcake-Elf
Jul 26, 2009
An under the sea cake, topped off with a mmf covered cake octopus. All buttercream except the octopi (sp?). TFL!!
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By catmiller
Aug 1, 2009
This is an undersea theme birthday cake for a 4 year old. Wanted pinks and greens mainly. As you can see it has a lot going on. Perhaps a little too much!
By pinkslppr
Aug 2, 2009
1/3 sheet. Chocolate with buttercream and mmf accents (mermaid tail, coral, octopus). Thankyou to several people whom gave me ideas.
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By Princess3
Aug 3, 2009
NFSC with Toba's glace.  My son is having his fourth birthday party with a shark theme this year.  I always start with the cookies.  I got my inspiration, as always, from the great photos on cake central and I think that he will love these cookies.  Next time I would change the color scheme a bit.  I think these would have popped a bit better with a red or a pink thrown in the mix and a bit more vibrant a purple.  I also made some more realistic looking sharks that are chocolate cookies with white chocolate fondant but I forgot to take pictures of them before freezing so those pics will have to be another day.  Now all I have to do by Saturday are the shark attack cupcakes and the shark decorated ice cream cake.  I don't know how you professional bakers do this all the time!
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By giland
Aug 4, 2009
8" and 6", with BC icing. Also has matching smash cake. TFL!
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By candoo
Aug 8, 2009
French Vanilla cake with berry preserves for filling and vanilla frosting under fondant.  Crushed graham crakers for sand and goldfish crackers for fish.  The best part is the surprise when you cut into it - I used various food colors in the layers to make a rainbow/ tie-dye look.   When it's cut open, I'll take a pic to post.
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By RMF73
Jun 4, 2008
This is a 3d octupus cake that I made for a fondant covered cake challenge at work.  The sand is made out of crushed cookies, the sea weed is made of fruit rollups and the starfish are sugar cookies. Had some problems covering the round Octopus with fondant and keeping it smooth.
By Darth_Aerdna
Aug 9, 2009
2-tier cake (8" and 12") aquarium with FBCT fish and fondant octopus toppers, fondant starfish and one fondant fish made for a 1st birthday
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By KrazyKross
Aug 14, 2009
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By SweetMelissasTreats
Aug 17, 2009
Another fun underwater themed cake. It was strawberry cake w/ crusting cream cheese. The octopus, banner and 7 were gumpaste and the rest fondant. This one took a while, but I had fun with it
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By Kel1222
Aug 18, 2009
this was the cake I made for my nephew's 3rd birthday.  The "rock' is spice cake with penuche icing (his request!).  The octopus is a vanilla cupcake covered in fondant and the other sea creatures are sugar cookies with RI.
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By bonniebakes
Aug 19, 2009
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By varneyk
Aug 20, 2009
White cake with whipcream and fresh strawberry filing. I will NEVER frost with whip cream again..what a pain and it doesnt look as cute as it could have.
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By zoo22
Aug 28, 2009
This cake was for my son's birthday. The octopus is made with 50/50 gp + fondant. When I made the front right arm I wrapped the arm around a skewer. Right before the party, I added a skewer with a flag saying Happy Birthday but before I could take a picture, a girl had poked a hole on the side of the cake so I skipped it. My sons love ocean animals so this was fun to make because it made them happy. I put two scuba divers on the side to be the birthday boy and his older brother. Sea shells, stars and crabs are either gum paste or fondant. Swim mask on scuba divers is poured sugar.
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By Adevag
Aug 28, 2009
This is my second attempt at a cake im not as impressed with it, I rushed it too much and the icing cracked its not as smooth looking as I hoped. I use sugarpaste icing and The rock, the mermaid and the octopus are all sponge cake.
By Deeha
Sep 11, 2009
I saw one similar to this on the Pink Cake Box site. All buttercream with fondant accents.
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By candicedianeflores
Sep 12, 2009
So cute :) all fondant.
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By laynie72
Sep 20, 2009
1st birthday cake...under the sea characters made of fondant, chocolate shells & fish.  Crab modelled after child's favorite toy.  Graham cracker sand.  Sea turtle smashcake (all buttercream).
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By cakeitalloff
Sep 20, 2009
WASC cake, buttercream, fondant and RKT.
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By Echooo3
Sep 21, 2009
Under the Sea Cake for a three year old who wanted a whale and an octopus! WASC with Vanilla BC & MMF. Many thanks to all the CC Cakes I gained inspiration from! I had so much fun making this cake with my daughters!
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By jewels710
Oct 8, 2009
I got these ideas from several other photos I saw...thanks for the inspiration!  Coral is candy melts, seaweed is royal icing, figures are  hand molded fondant
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By liketobake1998
Oct 9, 2009
I got these ideas from several other photos I saw...thanks for the inspiration!  Coral is candy melts, seaweed is royal icing, figures are  hand molded fondant
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By liketobake1998
Oct 9, 2009
The adventure started with a chocolate cake with buttercream icing and MMF.  The MMF is hand painted  to give the water color :)  Octopus is a foam ball also covered with MMF .  Most of the sea creatures are made of MMF however plastic ones were added to the cake when I delivered it to the birthday boy and I didn't take my pictures before delivery.  OH WELL... I think it's cute even with the plastic ones..... TFL
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By Davina_Alloway
Oct 17, 2009
fondant hand molded figures, white chocolate w/ non pareils "Josiah" name plate.
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By liketobake1998
Oct 24, 2009
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By Pitchers_Bakery
Oct 27, 2009
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By Sneezie
Nov 1, 2009
fondant creatures, buttercreme frosting
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By MollyMcButter
Nov 8, 2009
Done for a friend of mine who was going to take her son and the family to Shedd's Aquarium for his birthday so she wanted the cake to have the aquarium theme.  Buttercream iced, fondant accents.
By yangers
Nov 10, 2009
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By liketobake1998
Nov 11, 2009
3 tiered cake covered in blue buttercream, lightens with each ascending layer. White buttercream blotches. Sand is graham crackers and brown sugar. Fish and other decor is MMF. Decor covered with pearl luster dust.  Got ideas from multiple CCers! Thanks!
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By dtdonnahoo
Nov 13, 2009
One of Debbie Brown's designs 'Bewitching Mermaids'. White choc mud cake, fondant covered and fondant with tylose added for the mermaids, octopus and fish. Thanks to Deliciously Decadent for tips on central dowell for support. Fun design and the birthday girl loved it.
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By CakeGenie1
Nov 13, 2009
Did this baby shower cake to help out a fellow decorator who had needed some help.  All fondant decorations.  Thanks for looking!!!
By Niquie
Nov 22, 2009
This was for a very small wedding the day after Thanksgiving.  The bride emailed me saying "this just isn't something I've been dreaming of since I was 12yrs old.  Nothing fancy, maybe an octopus on top."  She was, of course, joking.  Really just trying to ruffle her Mom's feathers.  I couldn't resist and gave her two options for the top of the cake.  I still don't know which she used.
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By MissLisa
Nov 30, 2009
Chocolate almond sour cream cake with oreo filling. Buttercream icing with  MM Fondant accents
By Karendsnyder2
Dec 9, 2009


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