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Cake I made for my brother's going away.  6 x 9 Iced with buttercream.  Brown sugar sand.
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By Cakeasyoulikeit
Apr 13, 2005
My first attempt at a BCT.  A learning experience!  Also my first cake for a customer in years. :)  2/3 chocolate and 1/3 white cake.  Iced in butterncream.  12 x 18.
4 9
By Cakeasyoulikeit
Apr 13, 2005
Barbie's fish tail is made of gumpaste and fondant, making it appear that she sits on the cake. She is actually stuck into the center as requested by my 6 yr old. The shells are moulded chocolate and the coral is royal icing.  All is theoretically edible except for Barbie herself.
12 52
By steph
Apr 13, 2005
This cake was for a housewarming party at a friends home that is decorated in a lighthouse and ocean theme.
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By CakesUnleashed
Apr 13, 2005
This was a yellow cake with tinted blue icing. This was my first attempt at a cake...I was pleased until I had to drive 1 hour to get to the party and the jello ocean started to melt. Ops! Maybe next time will go better.
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By ChefMindi
Apr 13, 2005
2 varieties of starfish for the client to choose her favourite. The rough one is just done with stiffer icing, filled in in one motion. The second is runnier royal icing.
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By antonia74
Jun 6, 2005
I made this cake for my son and husband for their Luau Birthday party.
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By hobbycakes
Jul 29, 2005
White cake with whipped cream buttercream icing and strawberry filling.
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By tirby
Jul 29, 2005
Made for a Hawaiian themed birthday. Buttercream frosted ocean and island with graham cracker sand on island. Royal icing flowers. Fondant palm leaves and bark layered on the tall tier poll. Teddy hula dancer made from mini bear pan. Hard to see but there is a monkey holding a banana at the base of the palm tree.
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By KimAZ
Jul 29, 2005
I laughed at this cake when I finished decorating it!!!  It looked just like my niece had decorated it.  I had fun doing it though...i used M&M's to make the crabs and fish.  I donated to my church for a cake sold for $45 dollars!  LOL!!!
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By lng_1978
Aug 16, 2005
I hope I did her cake justice.  I've never done one before and a friend requested a flip flop cake and I showed her pictures of all the ones here and she chose hers.  Marble cake with BC icing - fondant straps and towels.  Thanks Judylic.
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Aug 19, 2005
I got this design idea from another member of cakecentral (newbie). It was for a 6 year olds little girl's birthday party. The shells are made with candy melts and fondant. I used pearl luster dust to make them shine. The sea chest is graham crackers covered with buttercream icing. The cake is icied with buttercream. The sand is light brown sugar. I really had alot of fun making this cake!!
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By danette62602
Aug 31, 2005
A cake I did for a new baby.  Used MMF for most everything.  Whales are MMF pressed from candy molds.
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By cakecre8tor
Aug 31, 2005
Thanks to bccreations cruise ship photo for inspiration for this cake! This was the groom's cake for my brother's wedding. They take lots of cruises and are going on one for their honeymoon.
Cake is a 11x15 carved, then a 9x13 carved, with another carved 9x13 on top. It took me 3 days to finally complete this so I was glad when it was all done! Well worth it though, it was such a hit!
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By thecakegirl
Sep 8, 2005
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By heatherj
Sep 11, 2005
This cake was done for an underwater themed baby shower. The figure and boat is my first attempt at gumpaste.
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By amandasweetcakes
Sep 15, 2005
Cake for my niece's birthday.  Two-toned icing (WBH) and Chocolate transfers for the characters (first time).  Thanks for looking!
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By mrwarnke
Sep 30, 2005
Full sheet.  Beach is sloped down to the water.  Island Girl tree and monkey are carved out of pound cake.
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By djjarrett88
Oct 14, 2005
9 inch round - vanilla cake chocolate Italian meringue buttercream filling, Italian meringue buttercream frosting. Sponge Bob and Patrick are royal icing flood work. Rocks are chocolate candies all other decorations are buttercream.
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By heavenlycakes
Oct 18, 2005
- beach towel is a piece of gum
- board walk is the top layer of those sugar wafer cookies that have cream in the middle
- the "wood" posts at the end of the boardwalk are pieces of caramel rolled into a log
- sand is "sugar in the raw" on top of tan frosting
- sea animals are from a package of Swedish Fish Ocean Friends
- the waves on the side are from white icing with a blue striped bag
- ocean on the top has blue frosting with some spots of white and deep blue underneath the blue piping gel on top
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By KimberlyKakes
Oct 19, 2005
This cake was made for my Mother's Group combined 3rd birthday in September.  I made a few buttercakes & sandwiched them with buttercream until it resembled a large rectangular block.  I then carved out the Nemo shape and, due to limited time, piped orange butter cream rosettes all over.  The fins are modelling fondant and the shell shaped fins are fondant pressed into a madeleine tin and painted orange.
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By sone
Oct 20, 2005
I am proud of this one!!!!!  It took me a long time but it was worth it my ds loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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By Cady
Oct 30, 2005
made the goldfish in gumpaste with little cookie cutter
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By antonia74
Nov 5, 2005
I made this for my nephew's b-day, he went through the wilton book and picked this cake out.  It is not exactly the same as the cake in there it is missing a layer but I thought it turned out pretty good for only being my 4th cake. The fondant for his fins and eyes were my first experience with fondant and it was neat but it tasted NASTY!!  I am not sure I will ever use it again.  He loved the cake and he at the fish by himself (pound cake).
13 25
By jennifer293
Nov 7, 2005
Okay, I had yet another Sponge Bob and Patrick cake. I thought I would make this one a little different by making it square and added Gary! I don't think my SB and Patrick came out as good as my last one, but I was happy with it! Vanilla cake with raspberry cream filling and of course - Italian Meringue buttercream
10 34
By heavenlycakes
Nov 12, 2005
And this is the Smash cake that goes along with the Fish Cake
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By Dally_doggy
Nov 21, 2005
Just made this for a customer's 6 year old daughter.  She didn't want any writing on, there's not!  Looks a little naked to me!  She's picking up tomorrow...hope they like it!!  Iced in buttercream, except royal flowers on the side.  It's vanilla cake with chocolate filling (that's what the 6 year old wanted!)  Thanks to many on this site, especially Aitza, for the inspiration! :)
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By Cakeasyoulikeit
Dec 2, 2005
This cake is great for birthdays & Baby Shower. The base started out round stacked layers and was cut to correct shape. Top is made from gingerbread cookies using modified house shape. Figures are combination buttercream and purchased Lucks sugar decorations. Buttercream & airbrush.
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By Jenn123
Jan 3, 2006
Lemon cake. BC frosting and MMF, shells around base are Candy Molds
Sand is Graham cracker mixed with raw sugar.
This was a blast to make and oh so Southern California, even at this time of year!
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By drurys
Jan 3, 2006
This was my first "real" theme cake. It was for my son's birthday. It's had a shipwrecked pirate on the island and the pirate capitan coming for the treasure. I used his Imaginex toys for the pirates and fake coins. Alot of fun to make.
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By bensmom
Jan 7, 2006
Seafoam colored IMB, ribbon around base of each tier, white chocolate shells, fondant pearls and live goldfish as a topper.
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By edencakes
Jan 14, 2006
The theme of the shower was surfboards, and they just wanted something simple.  The sand is vanilla wafer crumbs, while the ocean is buttercream.  The surfboard is MMF.
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By tsc
Jan 19, 2006
This is a close up photo of my Nemo Cake.
By lauracox79
Feb 27, 2006
This is the third and final cake in the series of cakes I made for my hubbies goodbye party. Overall I would say I did pretty well considering they were only the 3rd, 4th, and 5th decorated cakes I have ever made.  The cake itself is a white cake with bavarian cream filling and buttercream frosting.  The sub is covered in chocolate mmf (MMMM soo tasty) and painted with black food coloring, everything else is buttercream.
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By freddyfl
Mar 1, 2006
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By Misticakes
Mar 8, 2006
I used goldfish crackers for the additional fish and Nerds candy and rock candy for the gravel.
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By Michele25
Mar 10, 2006
This is a sandcastle cake that I made using the brownulated sugar.
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By AnnaBC
Mar 12, 2006
Top View of beach cake
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By Florimbio
Mar 23, 2006
Made to match an underwater theme
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By bohemia
Mar 25, 2006
This was a baby shower cake for a mom who is a polynesian dancer. They wanted a tropical themed cake, so I created this oval-shaped cake accented with cookies in tropical shapes. The baby's blankie is made of fondant and the "sand" is brown sugar.
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By thecakemaven
Apr 13, 2005


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