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The lady wanted simple cake with big 29 on it. That's wat she got, I like it cos it's so simple.
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By sada
Dec 23, 2007
This number 1 cake was a little girl's own personal cake.. She had fun digging in!!
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By jray1987
Dec 31, 2007
I made these for my daughters 12th birthday party.  They were a big hit.  They are NSFC decorated with RI.
5 2
By Chef_Mommy
Jan 16, 2008
I made this small (8" round) cake for the sweetest lady ever, she turned 96 last Saturday!  She loved her cake, started dancing when she saw it!!  It was all fondant with gumpaste numbers and little silver dragees.  Dusted the whole thing with supreme sparkle, it was VERY sparkle-y!  Sooo much fun!  TFL  (oh, sorry the pic is not the best, I took it in the middle of the night with very poor light, and all that sparkle didn't help with the flash =0)! )
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By nefgaby
Jan 16, 2008
10" x 8" double round cakes decorated with MMF.  Made to match the party invitation.  They loved it.  Course, it's not my favorite but I've gotta pay bills, right?  Wow!  It's hard to get stripes straight, isn't it?
7 20
By CakesUnleashed
Dec 31, 1969
A cake for a race car themed birthday party for a five year old.
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By abromavm
Jan 24, 2008
For my daughter's high school biology teacher....wonder how old she is? All bc, as usual.
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By arosstx
Jan 24, 2008
Thomas the Tank Engine cake, client asked for a Number one it was my idea to make it look like the face of Thomas because I thought that the shape would really work. Later she asked if I could add a small track and train, I ended up getting the toy train for $2 I thought that way they can keep it as a momento. The plan was to sprinkle a grass like feature around the tracks, it didn't quite come out like I expected, I hope I didn't ruin it.
5 19
By nicolevoorhout
Jan 26, 2008
2 1
By Stephianme
Jan 30, 2008
All buttercream.  I cut the five from an 11x15 sheet cake and decorated it to match the party supplies.  Cupcake and Littlest Pet shop figures are toys.
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By StaceyC3
Jan 31, 2008
Carved from two 9x13 sheet cakes and iced in buttercream. Roses and "ribbon" are sugarpaste.
1 17
By CrystalRain
Jan 31, 2008
I cut out the shapes of the numbers and then iced them in buttercream.
By brooksheridan
Feb 14, 2008
These are a few of the cookies I made for my son's 2nd birthday party. They are NFSC with Toba's glace and a dark chocolate cookie, also with Toba's glace. Not the best job and I couldn't find any pictures of other dump truck cookies so I just kind of freehanded it. The "2" and the construction cone were hand cut because I didn't have a cutter, so they are a bit rough. All in all, I think they turned out okay. But I think I'll invest in the cookie cutters next time. :) Thanks for looking!
3 13
By erinalicia
Feb 14, 2008
1 2
By louie750
Feb 16, 2008
This is the first birthday cake I ever made - October 2007. It is a 12"x18" sheet carved into a number 1. I used store bought icing (whooops!). It's a chocolate cake. I learned a lot making this cake! Thanks for looking
By tracey1970
Feb 17, 2008
This idea came from one of the Wilton's older books. I used two small oval cake pans and pushed them next to each other. Thanks for looking, & check out my other cakes.
3 18
By tonyap
Feb 19, 2008
Sugar Cookies with fondant and royal icing. Spider man and the number "5".  These were for my son's 5th birthday party, they were the centerpieces.  Thank you to "Newatdecorating" for all your great advice. My cookies were a complete mess compared to her beautiful cookies, except for the 5's. I liked the 5's!
3 2
By DeliciousCreations
Feb 28, 2008
No.1 shaped from a 9" square vanilla sponge cake, filled with IMBC and raspberry jam and covered with sugarpaste (fondant).  Hand-modelled teddy bear.  The words were done using the Jem Alphabet cutter set
3 29
By kelly75
Mar 2, 2008
I copied the idea from debbilicious although made a few changes due to space and everything  that could go wrong in the day did! Hope you love it as much as my niece did eating it!!!
1 5
By jodei
Mar 5, 2008
Buttercream with chocolate numbers. My friends mother was turning 70 and she loves to play suduko, my friend gave me the idea. I made complete sets of numbers and it is a functional puzzle, I hope they made her play it out before it was served.
4 2
By fmandds
Mar 7, 2008
2 8
By donyell
Mar 12, 2008
Roses in Ivory and Gold
By Sierratreasures
Mar 15, 2008
Cut 2 8" rounds and 1 8" square according to the directions on this site.  Sorry I can't remember who uploaded them.  Covered in Rolled buttercream.  Royal icing flowers.  Mmf + gumtex banner.
4 3
By luelue1971
Mar 21, 2008
I found a #3 shaped pan on ebay (easier for me than trrying to carve the #).  The zero is a 9" round.  Edible photo in the center of the zero.  All BC.  Sugar crystals/sprinkles on the top.
By cinjam
Mar 30, 2008
This is a big cake - the board measures 24x14"!  The request from the customer was for a 4 & 0 in green white and yellow.  All the stripes were individually cut and placed on the cake.
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By kelly75
Apr 4, 2008
NFSC with white rolled fondant & blue RI dipped in colored blue sugar for outline.  I made 60 of these for a client's son's first birthday.  My first client too !!!  TFL !
By Meri8
Apr 4, 2008
Carved from 4 10" rounds (2 choc, 2 plain) covered in BC and then fondant (which was fun on the curves of the letter 3!) Flowers made from modelling paste.
4 8
By seraphim
Apr 6, 2008
Customer wanted top of numbers covered with berries.  yummy!
2 4
By onceuponacake
Apr 6, 2008
My 2nd foray into the MMF decorating world. Customer wanted number 30, black diamonds on the sides, for her husbands birthday. The cake is vanilla with pineapple filling. Wife said it was perfect for her husband and they loved the taste of the MMF, too.
By moxey2000
Apr 9, 2008
so chuffed to bits with how this came out, i have never been able to pipe a thing, other than stars now i can pipe shells too YIPPIE!! lol, anyhow cake is fruit and acents are fondant, cheers for poppin by xx
1 1
By preciouscakes
Apr 11, 2008
Satin Ice fondant and decorations. A few mistakes, but the little girl loved it and was soooo excited! That's what makes it fun!  Also, this is the first time I covered a board with fondant. I'll do it a little differently next time.
13 74
By gladds
Apr 20, 2008
Made this cake for my son's first birthday.  The cake is all buttercream with the board all done with fondant  and organic brown sugar. (except the turtle and Dory).  Nemo was done as a piping gel transfer.
4 1
By T-Bird
Apr 21, 2008
Triple chocolate cake with chocolate BC basket weave.  Filled with chocolate ganache.  YUM!
By gojacks98
Apr 21, 2008
This is for our pastor's 10th anniversary as our pastor (tomorrow).  We are having a cookout at his place and he knows nothing of the surprises we have for him.  He is the one who organized the party at his place, just to get together and have fun.
By cookinmamma
Apr 26, 2008
Giant 60th Birthday Cake. All buttercream with MMF polka dots.
By tasteebakes
Apr 26, 2008
Strawberry cake with buttercream icing. They took forever to ice them but the client loved them.
1 5
By ctrumps
Apr 27, 2008
These were baked in the "plastic mold" number pans. Buttercream and lots of colors, Thanks for  looking!
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By nanny4
Apr 27, 2008
There was such a lovely story to this cake.  It was ordered by a foster carer who had looked after a little girl for 10 months - since she was just a couple of days old.  The little girl was now with her adoptive parents, but the foster carer promised a special cake for the 1st birthday party!  She wanted a big number 1 cake with "lots of pink, lots of lilac and lots and lots of edible glitter!"  She said "too much is not enough!"  The cake board was 24" in length!
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By Relznik
Apr 28, 2008
I made the bottom from a 3-mix square pan and the numbers were hand-carved.  You can't see it very well, but there is a black ribbon around the outside of the bottom cake.  I was able to keep the swirls pretty even by using a round cookie cutter for the basic outline
2 4
By Mandy2221
Apr 29, 2008
more for an 85 year old mans birthday..she wanted colorful numbers...hand cut all of these..thanks for looking!
2 3
By chqtpi
May 2, 2008


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