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Legend of zelda ocarina of time cake done for my brother's birthday.
By Kittens212
Jun 5, 2012
I saw a mario cake on here a little while back and it reminded me I never posted this one. They gave me carte blanche to whatever I wanted. The plant is RTK.
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By jenmat
Jun 6, 2012
Frosted in white chocolate buttercream with fondant plaques.
By TreyTrey
Jun 7, 2012
My first two-tiered 3D fondant characters. Buttercream frosting....1st tier yellow, 2nd tier chocolate
By pamperedpup
Jun 9, 2012
Mario themed children's party. Butter Cookies with Royal Icing
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By pamperedpup
Jun 9, 2012
Butter Cookies with Mario & Friends. Decorated with Royal Icing
By pamperedpup
Jun 9, 2012
Fondant decorations on SMBC chocolate cake with strawberry filling.
By Kittens212
Jun 12, 2012
ferrero cake, covered in fondant...all decoration - fondant
By BlueP
Jun 17, 2012
I made this Super Mario themed cake for my husband (by special request)....yes they never quite grow up
By CupcakesbyLee
Jun 19, 2012
One of my first buttercream cakes. It was supposed to be piped but the buttercream was a nightmare so i ended up smearing the buttercream in a more 'painterly' manner.
By BlueCactus
Jun 22, 2012
Fondant covered cupcakes with different Mario decorations. Stars numbers, piranha plants and mushrooms. All handmade decorations
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By SamHarrison
Jul 3, 2012
Nintendo DS Birthday cake. Screen made with fondant and royal icing
By Imaginings
Jul 7, 2012
By beansylovescake
Jul 9, 2012
Buttercream with fondant toad.
By melanie2010
Jul 12, 2012
Two friends and I made this cake using fondant. The cassette is made of RKT covered in fondant
By passionchocolate
Jul 15, 2012
Xbox controller is made from rice crispy treats. :)
By CristyInMiami
Jul 21, 2012
Super Mario Brothers cake with toy figurines.
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By CristyInMiami
Aug 1, 2012
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By MrsTina
Aug 5, 2012
French Vanilla cake with BC icing
By Texanwren
Aug 9, 2012
This was a groom's cake and they requested Mario and Princess Peach on it. My Mario didn't come out too bad but Princess Peach looked a bit like a man in drag. Buttercream frosting with the characters made from MMF. Also, I had to use a sugar cone under Peach's dress to keep her upright. After I took the picture I put a question mark on the block Mario is standing on and put Peach's hand on Mario's shoulder.
By wibirtn
Aug 11, 2012
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By jenicharles
Aug 13, 2012
By paros
Aug 17, 2012
My partner requested a 21st birthday cake and he chose the classic Nintendo. I was a little dubious about if i could manage the cake but i am very pleased with how it turned out (and so was he!)
By BlueCactus
Aug 18, 2012
A 4" 2 ;layer victoria sponge cake with chocoalate ganache and fondant in various colours
By subahraja
Aug 21, 2012
Various creatures from the Final Fantasy Game Series - Chocobo, Moggle, Tonberry, Bomb & Cactuar
By Afina79
Aug 31, 2012
Mario Bros. Birthday Cupcake Set
By centralnjcakes
Mar 6, 2013
By Moniquea
Dec 18, 2013
By Moniquea
Dec 18, 2013
By Moniquea
Dec 18, 2013
By Moniquea
Dec 18, 2013
the whole cake, side view.
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By Karolina-Cake-Designer
Sep 20, 2013
By SunshineFamily73
Jul 1, 2014
Here are the CT for my son's birthday cake.  This is the first time I attempted CTs and I learned a lot!!  Thanks so much to merissa for hooking me up with instructions on the CTs.  Thanks for looking!
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By BeckySue
Sep 26, 2006
sneak ignore the mess in the background! 

I think ...THINK I'm stopping here on making figures for our soon to be 8 yr old's birthday cake! 
He asked for Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) and Super Smash Bros(Wii) .....and was very specific abou NO original mario scenes...lovely! 
Im kinda stumped on the rest of the cake...but I guess at least this part is done! haha
By twinsline7
Apr 12, 2008
Back of cake. This has some different accents then front. Thanks for looking :)
By my2sunshines
Sep 23, 2006
Mario gumpaste/fondant topper for my nephew's birthday cake this weekend.  Special thanks to CakeMommyTX for her tutorial! Enjoy!
By ncbert
Apr 2, 2010
my first mmf figures! Mario and mushroom man from super mario brothers nintendo game coming out of a tunnel.
By bumblebee
Jan 28, 2007
By TheCakeMomCo
Oct 11, 2012
This was my first time working with sugar paste. It was a lot of fun!
By just_playing
Feb 19, 2009
Mario and luigi figures made with fondant and tylo. to go on a cake im making this week. i have had so many problems with these! (luigi has gone through 3pairs of hands and marios head was too heavy for his body, but all sorted now.) thanks for looking!
By katies_cakes
Mar 30, 2010


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