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Strawberry Cake decorated with fondant.
By phillipwest
May 6, 2007
this cake was made for my mom. she loves playing with her nintendo ds so i made a model of her relaxing in her armchair doing her favourite hobbie! cake was a sponge cake iced with fondant. my mom is made from a fondant and petal paste mix.
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By staceyd1984
May 19, 2007
This cake is a 10" oval layer over a 13" oval layer.  I had so much fun making this and I was so happy at how it turned out that I have been giddy trying to get it uploaded.  I know that Mario isn't very popular (there is not even a whole page of Mario pics in the gallery), but the little boy and his parents loved it.  Cake is half choc. half white (lining up the layers was fun...yeah, right!).  I took pictures as I made this one bc he looked so goofy coming together!!!  Thanks for looking!
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By msauer
Jun 12, 2007
I guess it's not actually a kids cake, most kids don't own Nintendos anymore...
Jun 29, 2007
All buttercream on 11x15 cake.  I enlarged a picture of Mario and Luigi, traced the outline on with a toothpick, then free-handed their faces / clothes, etc.
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By StaceyC3
Jun 30, 2007
Groom is a huge gamer so this is what he requested.  First ever groom's cake.
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By mistybp99
Jul 7, 2007
My take on the Nintendo Wii.  Not my favorite cake, but different.  This took a long time to put togeather.
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By Amyr
Jul 8, 2007
This cake started out as a stand up version of the Wii.  It collaped in a horrible mess.  The cake was too heavy and too high to hold up on it's own.  I was very disappointed.  I ended up having to start all over and made it laying flat.  Cake is white with BC and fondant with fondant accents.  Controllers are rice krispie bars covered in fondant.
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By inspireddecorator
Aug 4, 2007
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By inspireddecorator
Aug 4, 2007
Groom's cake made for a big fan of the 80's, much like myself.   This is the first cake I ever made, not counting the "draft to see if I could do it".   
- Forgive the small photo, waiting to get the better ones from the photog!
- The controller cords are simply drawn onto the cake board, I couldn't get the right piped consistency with anything I had.   
- Controller buttons are marked with the bride's and groom's initials instead of "B" and "A"
- Nintendo logo instead says "Jason", the name of the groom.
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By jammadave
Aug 8, 2007
This was made for a 10 year old who was having a Wii tournament for nis birthday party.  Idea for the figures was from a pic in the gallery by CC member Bumblebee, thank you!  This was my first attempt at figures.  The cake itself was based off of a picture of the Nintendo Wii that I found in a sales flyer.  I'm not happy with all of the air bubbles but, overall I was pretty pleased.  The birthday boy and his mom were thrilled with it - even said she'd be calling me in December for her dd's birthday!  :-)
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By ps3884
Aug 25, 2007
Groom's cake of a old style Nintendo video game console
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By cakebam
Aug 30, 2007
XBox is a chocolate cake w/ Cookie and Cream filling, Decorated with Buttercream and fondant.
Wii is a white cake with raseberry mousse filling and decorated with buttercream and fondant.
Nintendo DS & Controllers are Rice Krispie covered in fondant.  

I did this for my step-son's big 1-0, he's a video game fanatic.
Probably the last cake i'll do.
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By terrimj
Sep 7, 2007
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By jlwms
Sep 16, 2007
Old style Nintendo controller Groom's cake for my brother's wedding. I didn't do the wedding cake though.
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By AJsGirl
Sep 20, 2007
these are gumpaste/fondant mix figures i did for my son's b-day cake. he wanted to have characters from the mario kart video game but i couldn't find any toys so i made these. toad, baby luigi, their race buggy, the chain chomp and koopa shells.
By wakeandbake
Sep 25, 2007
this is a devil's food cake with buttercream icing. grass is buttercream. road is crushed graham crackers. all figures are fondant/gumpaste mix. these were the first figures i've done and i'm pretty pleased with them. just need to get a better camera.
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By wakeandbake
Sep 25, 2007
I found this cake designed by Su-Yin and decided to try and replicate it.  Made this cake for a 10 year old boy and it was a hit.  Chocolate cake covered in fondant.  Mario and all items made of fondant.
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By thecakestylist
Oct 3, 2007
Nintendo DS and ready to play.
My daughter indicated my grandson would love a Ninento DS cake but didn't expect it to be opened up like this.
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By cakes-more
Oct 14, 2007
The groom played this as a kid- it was a surprise from the bride! fondant and royal icing details.
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By melysa
Oct 15, 2007
Fondant Nintendo Super Mario Bros Cake
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By Bosch00
Oct 17, 2007
This is a very close copy of a photo found on Flickr, which was taken by someone at a wedding, who credits Robin from Gateaux Inc. as the baker. I was asked to re-created it on a smaller scale. 10 hours later, here it is! I'm pretty pleased with it! All fondant except the blue buttercream on the bottom tier. Plastic Princess and Mario figurines. Fondant and Royal Piranha Plants and turtle shells will be added on-site when it's delivered.
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By czyadgrl
Oct 19, 2007
My 1st try at a Mario cake!  It was for a 9th birthday. I think that it turned out good, but needs a little refining.  Next time I think that I will cover it in fondant.  The little boy loved the cake and is still talking about it! :)
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By madronaleah
Oct 20, 2007
I made this cake for my cousin's co-worker who was getting a new job at a video game company.
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By JSadlak
Nov 6, 2007
I made this for a cake auction at a Children's school.  The cake was a sheet cake cut down to size, covered in fondant and painted silver.  The controller is all fondant.
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By Sweettooth1120
Nov 9, 2007
my best friend and her husband's birthday cake (he picked it out) he loves the old nintendo so this is what his ideal birthday cake was. It's a 9 x 13 butter recipe cake decorated in buttercream
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By Sunspotalli
Nov 17, 2007
My first paid cake. An attempt at making it look like a Nintendo DS.
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By ladiibugg
Nov 23, 2007
Two bear cake pans with ears and arms cut off.  Buttercreamed shirts, face, hair and such and used GP for ears and gloves.  fondant for overalls and nintendo box.
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By sugarnut
Nov 29, 2007
Made this for my DH, didn't come out like i i wanted but hey i loved it. That matters.
By kalida
Dec 2, 2007
I was requested to make this cake for a co-workers son.  To make it stand I decided to use Rice Krispy squares for the Wii and the controllers.  They loved they cake!
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By cherrooh
Jan 5, 2008
Groom requested this cake after seeing pic on internet.  Chocolate Fudge cake with buttercream icing.  All decorations fondant except mario and princess.  Turned out cute, but a ton of work!
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By iluvjay829
Jan 14, 2008
This was for a guy who loves his new Gamecube and Zelda game.   I had to look this one up because I have only played the older versions of this game.  This one really challenged me and I had so much fun with it!  I would love to make it again and have more detail in the scenery.  I may just have to do some research and get this game.  My kids LOVE my research!  *grin*
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By layersoflove
Jan 18, 2008
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By LetThereBeCake07
Jan 31, 2008
All the characters were hand scultped from gumpaste and then painted with icing color dissolved in vanilla.  The fondant decorations on the cake were detailed with FoodWriter markers.  The center "mushroom platform" is the Wilton 13 1/2 in Cake Column covered in fondant.  The smaller mushrooms are wooden dowels and cake circles covered in fondant.
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By MerR2D2
Feb 23, 2008
These are all characters from the video game Mario Party. Toad is all cake except for his mushroom hat, which is styrofoam covered in fondant. DK and Boo are also fondant.
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By TheCakeFaerie
Feb 26, 2008
all buttercream w/ edible image
By pinkjessica
Mar 2, 2008
By cre8ivemary
Mar 5, 2008
Wii is yellow pound cake covered in Fondant. I used only 2 dowels so still bery edible. The rest is chocolate with choc buttercream.
By PaigesPantry
Mar 6, 2008
Nintendo Wii game system
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By Suebee
Mar 6, 2008
This was the first time I've worked with fondant. It was easyer then I thought it would be.
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By m_williams79
Mar 16, 2008


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