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Made for my friend Mario's birthday. Mario is his favorite Nintendo character, I wonder why? lol. White cake with crusting buttercream. I free-handed Mario  from a picture I found online using a small star tip.
By Cubsfan85
Feb 28, 2009
11x15" decorated in buttercream; TFL!
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By Michele25
Mar 3, 2009
This cake was for a fellow employee who is the ultimate gamer.  I got the idea from on CCC.  It was pretty easy once I got the fondant pieces done.  The cake a 9x13 chocolate with chocolate filling covered in BC.  The control part is painted fondant (first time painting) and then the words are chocolate.  I was able to get a grey paint by just a little black and then silver dust.  This is my favorite cake so far.
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By d_sappdg05
Mar 5, 2009
well this just about killed me! lol! all cake carved except for styro heads and RKT arms and marios legs and hat. it was huge the cake board was 40cmx90cm (or 16"x36") choc mud in ganache covered in fondant and painted in lustre and alcohol. made for the first birthday of a boy whos dad makes games for nintendo, had to deliver it 40 mins away in hot weater but they areived safe and sound (there is a pic with a pepsi can in my flickr pics to show the size) TFL!!
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By deliciously_decadent
Mar 6, 2009
all done in buttercream
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By SherriSenger
Mar 14, 2009
white cake with oreo filling covered in mmf.  Controller is a RKT covered in mmf.  Game is a RKT Covered in fondant with edible image cover
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By klacrawford
Mar 16, 2009
For twin boys.
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By honeybeepdx
Mar 20, 2009
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By panchanewjersey
Mar 23, 2009
When I was half way done with this cake I saw it was reversed, just a litle irritating!
By Maraschino
Mar 23, 2009
This was for a little boy who was turning 8.
I loved doing this cake. It was so much fun.!
By cakesbykiki
Mar 31, 2009
I made this cake for my husband's 28th birthday.  It wasn't perfect but he loved it.  Not my best work though.
By BrandieLeigh
Apr 1, 2009
Nintendo DS cake. Pound Cake with Vanilla filling and Vanilla Buttercream and fondant.
By scrabblemomof1
Apr 6, 2009
White cake covered with MMF and MMF accents......I'm not pleased with this at all.....I remember now why it's been 3 years since I worked with's because I don't like too! LOL  This is a birthday cake that my dear friend asked me to make for her boyfriend for his 80's themed birthday party.....actually she beggged me, and I couldn't tell her no.  I gave it my best shot but obviously I should stick to buttercream cakes and cookies!
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By CIndymm4
Apr 11, 2009
This is my son's 6th b-day Mario cake, it took the better part of a day, but he and all the kids LOVED it. Rave reviews even though I notice all my flaws. I really need to get better at cutting fondant. There has to be a better way. But I am proud all the same. Big thanks to  juleebug for the top, your directions were awesome.
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By ladefly
Apr 14, 2009
BC and MMF
By Tanis26
Apr 18, 2009
Made this with sheet sponge cake covered in icing and it was good fun making it
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By sarand
Apr 25, 2009
This cake was a groom's cake that went to the same wedding as my Garfield cake (to each his own!).  This one was really fun to do.  Cake was chocolate with caramel buttercream.  TFL!
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By 2muchsugar
Apr 30, 2009
this was for my son's 7th birthday buttercream with fondant/gumpaste decorations.
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By wakeandbake
May 2, 2009
Mario cake and cupcakes, buttercream with fondant accents, thanks for the ideas!
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By buckysue
May 4, 2009
Chocolate ganache with white chocolate decorations.  DH built the wood stand helping the "top cover" bend.
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By crazycakes2007
May 4, 2009
Super Mario done in marshmellow fondant on a 10 in round cake
By Sunspotalli
May 17, 2009
I made this cake to scale off a Super Nintendo. It looked so real and was a huge hit! Everything was made with fondant.
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By stefunny
May 17, 2009
Just used an oblong pan and created a template for the shape.  Covered with marshmallow fondant and decorated with the leftover fondant.  My 4 year old loved it.  ;)
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By threebugsforme
May 25, 2009
This is a totally edible Super Mario Cake, all models are hand made out of a 50/50 gumpaste fondant mix, and the green tube is RKT. The cake is a 9 inch round chocolate. Made for my brother in law who turned 18 on sunday, he is autistic and loves retro computer games, he loved it.
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By anabelz01
May 26, 2009
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By Strazle
May 30, 2009
Yellow cake with Chocolate Chip cookie dough filling, BC & fondant accents.  Controllers are rice Krispy treats.  Tried to cover the cake in fondant & I just couldn't figure out how to get the corners right, so I decided to try BC, which turned out ok - it was a hot & humid day & the frosting was not behaving.  ARGH!  So, I'm not thrilled with the outcome, but my brother (it's his bday cake) absolutely LOVED it!
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By stemps
May 31, 2009
This was made way too quickly with out enough time to plan. This was my first Wii cake for my future brother in law. I decided to personalize it with his favorite game, Rockband (so incase anyone was wondering, thats supposed to be the cd loading).The base was covered in MMF, and it was my first time ever with it so I was pretty happy with the results, the Wii is white modeling chocolate, but this was  my first time constructing with it so its far from how I imagined it in my head. But the modeling chocolate really helped it from not tipping over, even with no dowels. Thanks for looking.
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By KacieMeredith
May 31, 2009
My 1st try at a Mario head.  He ended up looking more like Mario's long lost brother.  Strawberry cake with MMF
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By Lissabeth
Jun 1, 2009
This was a special request from a groom who loved Super Nintendo.  In the actual game, these little mushrooms are the enemies, but a Goomba made of cake is quite the opposite... I just wanted to hug him :)
5 25
By xscurlsandcakes
Jun 2, 2009
Nintendo DSi with accents from Zelda game - chicken and feathers and other accents are fondant. Top lid is RKT covered in buttercream and fondant. Bottom is cake covered with fondant. Lots of fun to make, TFL.
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By vescakes07
Jun 3, 2009
Fondant covered with fondant accents
4 9
By jugglingcakesandlife
Jun 5, 2009
Made for 6 yr. old girl who has a Pink Nintendo DS & loves Mario.  Cake is White Almond Sour Cream with fondant accents.
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By missing_358
Jun 8, 2009
This was my version of a Mario Kart cake that I made for my 6-year-old son.  I used Debbie Brown's instructions for a Formula One car then molded Mario's head from MMF.  The car was decorated with BC icing and accented with MMF.
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By Boshellbug
Jun 10, 2009
I was asked to make a Nintendo DS cookie. I thought it would be cool to try to make a 3d cookie so this is what I did. NFSC iced in royal icing and then covered in mmf.
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By JawdroppingCakes
Jun 13, 2009
This was made for a colleague, in a HUGE rush.  I'm not to happy with a few aspects of it, like the bottom of my triangle is bowed, and on the back there is 2 wrinkles in my fondant.  Small ones, but still.  And I had no time to do the cake board. it is.  Supposed to be Link's clothes and sword from that  video game Zelda (client requested design).  The cake doesn't really fall off the edge of the board, that's a photo angle issue....I am a critique subgroup member.
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By karateka
May 4, 2008
For my oldest son's 5th birthday. He loves all things Mario.
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By FionaB
Jun 17, 2009
The colors are backwards, but oh well. My husband still loved it! It could either be the 1-up mushroom top or Toad.
By juptrstar
Jun 19, 2009
Mario Wedding Cake. The bride wanted a replica of the one made by Gateaux Inc.
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By staceytisdale
Jun 20, 2009
My son's 6th Bday cake, he wanted Mario Cart. Fondant, MMF & regular. Buttercream grass. My 8yr DD helped by molding some of the extra figures & items (mushroom, block, squid).
1 20
By kimmtd
Jun 23, 2009
I made this cake for my son's 9th birthday. It's a 9" round jello poke cake covered with marbled MFF. I will never do fondant over jello cake again, it just doesn't work out very well! Nintendo Wii and controller were made out of RKT and covered in MFF. All details were painted using Wilton gel food coloring.
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By jodilee
Jul 8, 2009


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