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Jack's head is cake from the sports ball pan. Shoulders are an 8" round cut in half and standing up side by side. Stripes are painted with silver luster dust. Neck is cardboard paper roll. Everything is frosted in buttercream. Bats wings are paper. Totally inspired by MelC's version.
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By KimAZ
Aug 19, 2006
Whi cake w/ pineapple filling bc icing.  My daughter has loved the Nightmare before Christmas since she was little.  So this was what she requested for her birthday cake.
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By srod911
Sep 10, 2006
This is the third cake i have made. It's Jack Skellington and I made it for my wifes birthday tomorrow. the base is 2 layer 12 x 14 chocolate that was originally going to be a tombstone, but I never cut due to how much cake would be wasted. His body is 4 layer 4 x 8. His neck is actually a Scott towel roll wrapped in Saran Wrap, buttercream and then fondant. For a head I used the Wilton ball pans. Base is buttercream, everything else is fondant with icing details. I custom made the stand to support his body
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By Darthburn
Aug 29, 2006
3D cake idea borrowed from here - didn't mold face, but everyone knew who it was. Used ball ban and 10 inch oval cut in half and a toilet paper roll covered in tin foil for neck.
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By berryblondeboys
Oct 29, 2006
My son likes Oogie Boogie now so he got an Oogie Boogie cake.  The figures and decorations are fondant/gumpaste. The cake is covered in fondant and dry brushed with powder colors.  There are some royal icing decorations also.
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By fabbo
Oct 30, 2006
This is a 12" chocolate cake with white chocolate custard filling and buttercream frosting.  I hollowed out the eyes a bit, because Jack's eyebrows are so expressive, and they are really what makes all of his expressions...tried to duplicate without using fondant.  Also gave his nose a little height.  I was very happy with this cake, and so was my now 16 year old niece.  Thanks for looking.
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By LukeRubyJoy
Dec 16, 2006
I made this for my Dh's birthday. Buttercream for the white part and pre-made Wilton fondant for the black...I was being lazy.
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By buzzybee
Jan 31, 2007
handpainted on MMF design, BC frosting and purple and black striped accents. Made for a friend, hope they like it!
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By 24katina
Oct 5, 2006
From Nightmare Before Christmas movie. 3D ball pan for head. 1 layer, 8" round for shoulders. Paper tube for neck and paper bat wings.
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By KimAZ
Mar 23, 2007
14, 12 and 10 inch rouns in BC.   I now know  to borders aroung FBCT!!! Jack's face slid on all but the one I put a border on!
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By mareg
May 22, 2007
Another cousin is a huge "Nightmare Before Christmas" fan. This is the cake that I came up with for her. The picture was taken by her, depicting the front of her favorite t-shirt.
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By Aimeestrange
May 27, 2007
Another practice cookie of my favorite cartoon movie star.
Covered in cookie icing and detailed in royal icing.
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By apwagner
Jun 13, 2007
All Airbrushed :)
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By delicious_designs7
Jun 20, 2007
This is a 6" ball pan covered in MMF.  
I absolutely love Nightmare Before Christmas so this was my own birthday cake!  
It was a strawberry cake, for the inside a skull effect.
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By apwagner
Jun 26, 2007
This was a birthday cake request.  It was a chocolate 8 inch and vanilla 6 inch cake covered with MMF and MMF and gumpaste accents.  Jack and Zero
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By pinkbox
Aug 26, 2007
My nightmare Before Christmas cake. Figures made from sugarpaste
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By muz
Sep 21, 2007
6" 2 layer round with bc and fbct.
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By mareg
Feb 6, 2007
this is our version of Melvira's wonderful cake.  my hubby made it just 2 hours start to finish, i was so proud of him.  my son LOVED it.

bottom layer is dark chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling & the top is yellow cake with whipped cream (my son's fav).  covered in MMF & then airbrushed black, Jack's face is MMF & then drawn with black food marker.

also made cookies to match

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By MahalKita
Oct 21, 2007
lemon NFSC with lemon MMF face airbrushed on.  

these were made to match my son's bday cake.  i would have liked the face to be a little darker but we ran out of time.
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By MahalKita
Oct 21, 2007
This was my entry for Pastry Chicago's "Haunted Creations" contest.  I won!   The "Bed" is 2 rectangular cake dummies stacked and covered with fondant.  Everything else is a mix of either gumpase, fondant, royal, or modelling chocolate.  Pretty much everything is airbrushed.  Took me almost a month, working piece by piece.
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By daneza75
Oct 22, 2007
Made on request for a 5-year-old little girl's birthday.
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By oohlalacakes
Oct 24, 2007
I used the sports ball pan for his head.  For his body I cut a 10" round in half.  His jacket is fondant with luster dust stripes.  The bat is gumpaste.  His neck is fondant wrapped around a cake pillar.  The rest is BC.  I realized after I cut the fondant away from the top part of his body, that if I had cut the top part away and then cut a straight line down the front, I would have been able to "open" his jacket and actually have 3-D lapels.  Oh well, it was a learning experience.
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By PixieDiva
Oct 27, 2007
This was for my 3 kiddo's annual birthday party (I do one big party since they're bdays are so close.)  12/9/6 stack.  Fondant and gumpaste decorations.  The topper is made from fondant.  I loved doing this for them.
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By sarahnichole975
Oct 28, 2007
I had alot of fun with this cake.....  The bottom layer is chocolate, doubled and filled with buttercream. The hill is sour cream pound for stability.  The tombstones are sugar cookies tinted grey and written on with gel icing.  The pumkins are candy corn pumkins and I drew little jack-o-lantern faces on with a food color maker.  The unedibles are the ghosts (which I happen to see on an inexpensive necklace as I was on my way out of a craft store), the Jack and Sally figures, and the moon (cardstock)
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By duhknees
Oct 28, 2007
this is actually my brothers birthday cake! but as its so close to halloween and its a horror cake, i posted it here. there is only one other freddy cake here on CC (i think) and i thought we needed more...its the best horror movie ever! its definatly my fav!, as you can see i got carried away with the piping gel (my first time using it) and my first time covering a square cake with just one piece of icing! hope my bro like it, he's picking it up today!
4 19
By button-moon
Oct 29, 2007
Cake inspired by "A Nightmare before Christmas".  I made if for a cake course, and my lucky students get to eat it :)  Thanks for looking - and I'd love to hear any feedback!
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By mme
Oct 30, 2007
Thanks to buzzybee for the inspiration! I saw her design and I was like "Yeah I can do that!"  I love this movie and this is a cake for my class Halloween Party! We are in college and STILL having parties! LOL  This cake was fun and easy to make! I love JACK!! LOL Thanks for looking!
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By step0nmi
Oct 30, 2007
Chocolate cake iced in buttercream
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By victorianne_sweets
Oct 31, 2007
Jack Skellington Cake, a last minute surprise halloween treat for my son!  Make it in 1 hour, it was so late and I was falling asleep!  It's my fault, I stayed up late to watch Nip/Tuck!
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By RoseArcadia
Oct 31, 2007
Nightmare before Christmas, 3 layer cake, Classic Yellow base, 2 layer Spice cake 2nd tier, Red Velvet top 3rd layer.  I used food coloring painted onto the cake and the figurines.
By MavHarley
Nov 9, 2007
This cake was actually made for my daughter's birthday in Dec., but I thought it would fit better here. It is a buttercream transfer. I place mine on the cake before I freeze it so that it is smoothed into the top of the cake more. This took several hours.  It's my second square cake, still not great at making the square corners, but I think the transfer turned out pretty good. My daughter loved it and that's what counts. Thanks for looking!
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By toodlesjupiter
Dec 13, 2007
Loved doing this unique Christmas cake. Made for a teenage girl. Buttercream cornelli lace and piping gel Jack Skellington and writing
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By eatCakes
Dec 25, 2007
For hubby's surprise bday party tonight.  1/2 & 1/2 sheetcake; yellow 1/2 ball for Jack's head; all buttercream and freehand.  Black glitter around edges.
Thanks for the comments!!!!
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By AmyCakes2
Dec 28, 2007
Three tiered birthday cake of assorted flavors, covered in buttercream and fondant. Jack Skellington and other decorations molded from fondant with dowel supports. Thanks for looking!
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By TaylorCakeLady
Dec 31, 2007
Nightmare Before Christmas Birthday Cake. Very first timer here! Sooo many mistakes but cake tasted good. Store bought cake mix and frosting with NBC characters on it.
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By poody1
Oct 7, 2007
This was for a 15th birthday party so I made 15 matching cupcakes to accompany the cake.
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By mommabuda
Jan 12, 2008
This was for a friends daughter who loves Nightmare before Christmas.  All figures are fondant and gumpaste and icing is buttercream.
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By Sweettooth1120
Dec 31, 1969
Son is a big Jack fan.  He LOVED this cake.  Whew.  It is red velvet (colored purple), buttercream, with mmf and royal decorations.  The topper is a paperweight picked up at Hot Topic.
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By Juno
Feb 22, 2008
I made this cake for a 15 year old girl. I used MMF. the moon is made of fondant, too.
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By craftyleah
Mar 15, 2008
3 4
By delicious_designs7
Mar 21, 2008


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