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This cake was created for a friends B-Day on the 4th of july was going to leave to N.Y that night. This was a 2 tier cake 11x15 & 9x13 the towers were make of gram crakers & royal icing cover. all stars were made of royal icing & lady liberty was made of chocolate.
10 33
By sweetsnsuch
Apr 13, 2005
This was made for a New Year's celebration.  It is supposed to be the chrystal ball that drops at Times Square at midnight.  Cake was vanilla - made in ball pan and the "chrystals" were home made candy stuck on with buttercream icing
13 20
By thecakemaker
Apr 13, 2005
8 9
By zoozieqv
Apr 13, 2005
Just made this cake for fun.
2 6
By campbelland
Apr 13, 2005
By zoozieqv
Apr 13, 2005
This cake was for an opening at a public assistance office that around the holiday season.
2 10
By ntertayneme
Apr 13, 2005
I made this Blues Clues cake for a New Year's Eve party for my 3 year old son and some of his friends.
3 9
By hobbycakes
Jun 30, 2005
5 12
By msbask
Jul 5, 2005
This cake was inspired by a design by Rhianydd Easton in the Winter 2003/2004 issue of Cakes and Sugarcraft Magazine.  It was constructed out of two 9 x 13s stacked.  The calendar spindles are candy canes paitned with luster dust.  The confetti is fondant.  My son and I collaborated on the "hooter" which was the first time we used gumpaste.
14 160
By itsacake
Sep 24, 2005
Candy melts smiley face and letters.  Made smiley face by pouring candy on a dessert plate covered with either plastic wrap or wax paper? one of quick solution to get round shape...knew it was risky.  It cracked when removed which is why balloon strand is covering part of face.
By sweetbaker
Oct 7, 2005
This is what a BCT looks like when you're out of time and it doesn't freeze right - so when you take it out to place it on the cake, it melts!!  But hey -- this was my first cake back after an almost 2 year break!  Not too bad, I'd say!!  ;)  And believe it or not -- I made this for my ex-husband and his wife as they bought their first home.
6 2
By finally928
Oct 19, 2005
Gingerbread cookies for corporate Communications client.
3 16
By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
My first actual order!! The woman paid me 35 bucks to make this!! She said it was for good luck :o) It's lemon cake with buttercream. This was my first attempt at a reverse shell border, I'm pretty pleased, but I hope she loves it!!
13 8
By RaRaRobyn
Dec 26, 2005
I made this large cake for a client to feed approx 50-60 people. the top half is chocolate cake double layered and filled with chocholate pudding, the bottom half is vanilla with white chocolate pudding filling. covered in buttercream with FBCT of garfield and sprinkled with confetti then decorated with curling ribbon. This was a big cake and the client loved it.
10 14
By sgirvan
Dec 27, 2005
12 inch layer cake.  Chocolate and Vanilla Dream cake layers filled with Cherry-Nut Twinkie Cream.  Frosted with Dreamy Cream.  Fondant party hat, horn blow-out and lettering painted with Glitter Dust.
4 1
By LittleBigMomma
Dec 30, 2005
Fondant is MMF, first time working with it and I love It!  Lots of luster dust involved in this one.  I was shooting for a lighter silver, but I like how it turned out.
15 63
By Schmoop
Dec 30, 2005
Here is my New Year's cake I threw together at the last minute.  I originally wanted the sparklers to be ON the cake, but when I did a test run on some fondant, there was ash all over!  So, I made two small sugar molds to hold the sparklers off to the sides.  Thanks to DH for constructing the clock hands!
3 11
By ape
Dec 31, 2005
Yellow cake w/BC icing.
1 3
By cocakedecorator
Dec 31, 2005
Just a quick cupcake cake I made to take to my inlaws.  Chocolate fudge cupcakes with caramel buttercream filling and frosting with caramel accents.
By sweeterbug1977
Dec 31, 2005
Just a two layer cake w/ BC icing and some fondant flowers and curls. The bottle and cork are the only things that are not edible. I just finished my Wilton 3 class. I come up with great ideas, I just need a little more practice! But, I was happy with it considering!!!
3 1
By KNicole
Jan 2, 2006
Edible image on top of an 11x15 sheet cake.
2 1
By traci
Jan 4, 2006
This cake was a "quick fix" for a new year eve family party.  Apple spice cake and cupcakes with buttercream and mmf.
4 2
By Claudine1976
Jan 5, 2006
The cake was inspired from other pictures on CC gallery. All buttercream icing, almond filling, and edibile glitter sprinkled over the cake.
By MeloMiMi
Jan 8, 2006
A cake in a shape of a wine bottle wrapped to commemorate the New Year.
6 8
By anabrown
Jan 12, 2006
cake made in celebration for the Chinese new year. peanut butter cake with strawberry jam filling.

the words are FBCT,  I'm not entirely happy the way it came out.  I should have cropped them closer to the letters.  Also had trouble getting the dog on the cake, I traced the design on waxed paper, and then used a pin to transfer the design to the cake.  Half the icing ended up sticking, and the rest was very unclear.
By Alien_Sunset
Jan 31, 2006
This cake was made for the employees at the Regional Medical Center who had to work on New Year's Eve (graveyard shift)...they wanted to celebrate just like the rest of us.
4 11
By kimhamjohn
Mar 13, 2006
The mommy I made this cake for Loves the color orange, and it turned out to be a great color for a baby cake.  Made with buttercream icing, flowers and other decorations made with fondant.
9 298
By Reyna
Mar 20, 2006
I made this for the girl who inspired me to begin cake decorating.  Mask is carved from football pan.  Buttercream icing.
8 3
By djjarrett88
Mar 24, 2006
This was for a baby shower.  I misunderstood how many it was suppose to feed so the night before delivery I had to make matching cupcakes to pull it off.
3 3
By Coastiemom
Apr 28, 2006
By elif
May 6, 2006
By dmdreese
May 13, 2006
This cake was ordered for an 11 year old boy who is a huge NY Yankees fan. Buttercream transfer.
5 27
By Michele25
May 17, 2006
My first cookie bouquet, made for a new baby. Cut out letters and stars, and a moon detailed with a stamp.
4 1
By coffeecake
May 20, 2006
just wanted to try something else so i made these one for a friendagain i use fondant
3 1
By bolo
May 23, 2006
3D Taxi I made for my cousins who is home from NY for the summer. I used the wilton car pan. Choc. cake, BC frosting.
3 5
By ShelBell
May 26, 2006
This was the cake I made for my son. The cake is Italian Cream Cake, Raspberry Filling and Cream Cheese Icing.
2 6
By gilson6
May 28, 2006
Half ball on top of sheet cake.  All buttercream icing.
1 11
By lredding
Jun 22, 2006
Second baby within 2 weeks.So I made 2 bouquets for my nieces. This is my 2nd. try.Better than the 1st. but still need some work. Nieces liked them, so that is what was important.
4 1
By brightbrats
Jun 29, 2006
this is a cake i made as a gift for a client who purchased their new home and got their home loan through me and my husband.  the cake is chocolate cherry w/ cream cheese filling.  this is the first cake i made for someone other than family so i was really nervous about it.  i think i need work on my writing.
1 2
By mxpark
Jul 16, 2006
double decker 10 inch dark chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache layers. Covered in lemon yellow fondx and fondant accents. Wording in gumpaste. Rope at bottom is fondant through a clay gun. Thanks for looking, all comments and feedback welcomed. Thank you boween for the inspiration of the footprints and instructions for the tiny toes!!!
4 25
By dky
Jul 23, 2006


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