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6" chocolate and 9" white cake.  Zebra stripes made with black tinted chocolate fondant.
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By piramirez
Dec 8, 2005
This cake was made for my son's 19th Birthday...he had a green Neon and it looked awful...I told him for his birthday that I was going to Pimp his ride like the show on MTV.  He tought he was actually getting a new car.  He was slightly disappointed...but he enjoyed the cake.
By kimhamjohn
Mar 13, 2006
This is the front view of the Neon Car Cake.
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By kimhamjohn
Mar 13, 2006
This is from an idea in the Wilton book, she didn't want Scooby Doo, so I just improvised.
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By mistygaildunn
Apr 21, 2006
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By tawnyachilders
May 20, 2006
I made this for my little one's first birthday.  This was my first attempt at fondant decor, as well as my first cake on this site... Thank you all for lots of inspiration...let me know what you think.
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By salty0108
Jun 13, 2006
I was inspired by pinkbunny's whimsical cake.  My friend's daughter liked the popular mod colors, so I decided to make this cake.  I liked the way it turned out.
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By gtshort
Jun 21, 2006
This cake is all buttercream!
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By CakeWitch
Jul 9, 2006
I used the scooby doo cake in the 2006 wilton yearbook for inspiration.  It was marble on the inside which was much more work than I anticipated.  I'm charging extra next!
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By cakesbydana
Aug 2, 2006
Heres the WB book Zoo Cake.  Scratch chocolate with cookies n cream, scratch butter with raspberry.  Buttercream (neon color blending) icing with chocolate accents.  This one was so much fun...even though it took me all day (it was short notice), and the kitchen is destroyed, i was sad to say i just couldn't do anymore to it!  I'll definately do this one again...Its' actually for a friend of my friends who just became a first time grandma...the nursery is a zoo theme, could be used for lots of things
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By maemae
Aug 6, 2006
White Almond Sour Cream cake iced in Chocolate Buttercream Dream, filled with Cookies N' Cream filling.  #2 and name is Royal icing, all other accents are MMF.
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By madicakes
Aug 8, 2006
This cake was created for a thirteen year-old’s birthday. She wants to be a fashion designer.  It is a 10” chocolate layered cake. BC frosting with Pettinice buttons, dress cutouts, fabric and needle/thread accents. Your critique/constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.
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By tiptop57
Aug 18, 2006
Covered in white fondant.  Made bow loops in all different sizes and widths with bright fondant pack and pastel green.  Made stars in 2 different sizes and put on wire.  Then curled wire and put a fondant ball at the end.  Got that idea from "Ace of Cakes".  Thanks Duff!!  Rolled up little balls of pastel green fondant for the border.  That took forever but it looked awesome when I was done.
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By mcbeal42
Oct 5, 2006
THis is a "crazy monkey" cake for a monkey themed party.  the monkeys are fondnt, the trees are pretzels with fondant leaves and Whoppers candie for coconuts. Jute rope for the line...All very easy to assemble.  THe cake ITSELF was the hit...Top was Vanilla with cherry filling, middle was banana spice with banana cream filling, bottom was choc cake with rasberry filling.  Put it all together....?  Banana split cake!  For the little monkeys at the party!  We also served banana splits along with it.
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By mommyof5kidz
Oct 10, 2006
Made this cake for my daughter's first birthday to go along with the theme of her party, the Neon Monkey theme.NB
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By Niso
Nov 16, 2006
Cake is a classic white 10", 8" and 6" cake with buttercream icing and black fondant icing and decorations.  Details in were done in gum paste.
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By reenie
Jan 13, 2007
11x15 sheet iced with buttercream accented with neon fondant dots to match invitation.
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By wehmom
Jan 25, 2007
This was for an 80's themed 40th birthday.
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By klg1152
Feb 7, 2007
By kellycakes4949
Feb 28, 2007
Cookies N Scream on bottom tier
Top was Fudge Marble..... all piping and frosting is Vanilla Buttercream.
Candy Corn and Pumpkins also added... and the Scarecrow was just little a floral pick that I found at Michaels. BTW, I won a first place Ribbon on this at the Fall Festival... Didnt take home a thing but a platter full of crumbs and the Scarecrow lol!
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By southrnhearts
Mar 6, 2007
My DD wanted to help make her small cake for just the family this year so I let her have it. She added green, purple, and blue sprinkles after all the pics were taken, but all the decorating was done by her. I think she had more fun making it "grubby" than when whe got to eat it! lol  We used the new Betty Crocker neon gels to make the color. The cake was purple on the inside.
By BellaRosa
Mar 13, 2007
1/4 sheet cake with airbrushed colors and all buttercream designs.
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By KlyKat
Mar 16, 2007
1/4 sheet cake with pop top, airbrushed color and all buttercream.
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By KlyKat
Mar 16, 2007
1/4 sheet airbrushed and all buttercream designs
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By KlyKat
Mar 16, 2007
This was my first time using the Viva method for smoothing out the buttercream.  I really was pleased with the results.  12" and 10" tiers, 3 layers each.  Hand piped flower design.
Wilton Brown coloring and Wilton Winnie the Pooh coloring was used for the green from the Winnie the Pooh set.
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By LvMy4Runner
Mar 23, 2007
Gumpaste/fondant figure, mmf covered cake and mmf flowers. The cake is a 8" and a 5" on top. Thanks Paola from Caracas for the inspiration on the gumpaste figure!
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By Claudine1976
Mar 31, 2007
This is a photo of my first cake that I completed yesterday!  I am so proud of it - I was a bit ambitious with a three tier cake to start out with, but the 4 days of work provided a great learning experience and "sweet" success in the end.  I cannot wait to do more!  It's bright and cheery so I call it "NEON".  Decorated with fondant (everything but the orange) and buttercream (orange).
By MikkelPaige
Apr 16, 2007
Very first cake I made.  This was a practice cake, I was making the "real" one a week later.  Good thing too because I ran out of room when writing so the cake says "Happy Birth".  LOL.
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By ladybug3802
Apr 19, 2007
This is a replica of my best friends, son's guitar.  His is metallic blue in color.  lol, he was a great technical consultant for us on this cake.  It was his suggestion to leave the strings off and write happy birthday on the pick-ups.  The body is a chocolate sheet cake crumbcoated in b/c, no fancy flavors.  The neck and headstock are rice krispy treats.  Everything is covered in MMF.  The neck was airbrushed black.  We used a neon green gel color to shade the MMF.  Thanks for looking!
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By heavensgaits
Apr 20, 2007
By dec3
Apr 20, 2007
This 3 tier cake was made for a girl turning 13...she said she'd like a wild and wacky cake and that her party decorations were neon colors.  All three tiers were iced with buttercream and decorations were made from fondant.
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By klbright
May 2, 2007
WOW glad this one is over, neon green and black...I know it's ugly but hey  it was their colors and their logo so I had to.  Needless to say I had a big headache :D, anyways 1/2 chocolate 1/2 wasc cake
By wgoat5
May 4, 2007
This is a 1/4 sheet done in all buttercream.  It was for a 13th birthday with an 80s theme.  She didn't know anything about the 80s and said as long as it was neon colors she didn't care!  This is the final product.
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By lbutrum
May 14, 2007
Here is the companion to the orange 80s theme cake. 1/4 sheet all buttercream
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By lbutrum
May 14, 2007
By delicious_designs7
May 17, 2007
White Confetti Cupcakes with neon vanilla frosting.
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By soccermom17
Jun 7, 2007
The young lady's mum asked for something funky coloured. I suggested a pink and green purse and she pretty much let me do whatever I liked (aren't they the best customers!!)
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By amberhoney
Jun 21, 2007
Turning 21 tomorrow! She loves bright colors, loves flamingo's & will probably drink her 1st margarita tomorrow~ I'd like to thank Cakery for her cake like this. My DD's friend saw it & said "That's the one!" Thanks Cakery for your awesome cakes!!
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By tcturtleshell
Jun 22, 2007
buttercream with fbct and fondant accents
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By turtlesmom
Jul 9, 2007
6" stacked on 8", butter cake iced in buttercream.  The disc on top is supposed to be a CD with 2 others underneath it.  Started this one at 4 AM so I guess it could be worse....
By tripletmom
Sep 20, 2005


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