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The fish theme was revisited by Maxie's Mom for her 3rd birthday.  this time specifically Nemo was requested.  All but the actual Nemo characters were made from colored chocolate again...a bit of a recurring medium for me.
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By karthurs
Apr 13, 2005
1 4
By Lauriescakes
Apr 13, 2005
This is the second cake I made for my daughter.
8 13
By llee815
Dec 31, 1969
Used Nemo figurines for the fish and free-handed all the coral and sea week.  The water look was achieved by dotting blue, aqua and green gel coloring and swirling it with my spatula.  The "sand" is graham cracker crumbs and sugar.
9 15
By llj68
Apr 28, 2005
Drawn Nemo made to match party decorations. Molded candy shells added a a nice touch and the kids loved them!
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By traci
May 9, 2005
Nemo cut out of pound cake stacked on top of a sheet cake. Not too difficult!
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By traci
May 9, 2005
Sheet cake with teal icing, oversprayed with Wilton Blue food spray....Nemo & Dori are Happy Meal toys....other small characters are picks....#16, #18, and #352 coral formations on sides.
1 3
By FlourGirl
May 21, 2005
This is a half sheet chocolate cake with buttercream icing and Nemo BCT.
6 2
By bigcatz
May 28, 2005
Just finished this for my son...had some issues with the fins because I didn't have time to do them right so they aren't all dry and the decorations smudged but I'll know for next time.  All but the fins is buttercream.
26 79
By Kitagrl
Jun 17, 2005
This was a hit at a child's birthday party.  Nemo was made with a ball pan and the cake was chocolate chip.  Fins were fondant.
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By divaofcakes
Jun 27, 2005
I couldnÂ’t find a Nemo topper but I did find an umbrella with this perfect topper substitute.  Father, Tony sawed off the plastic figurine.  I used fondant icing to cover the three tier cake and butter cream icing for the seaweed and decorations.  Mother, Terry used the left over fondant icing to shape the shells using a plastic shell mold.  We crushed graham crackers for sand and found tropical fish candles.  It was a family collaboration that ended with the biggest WOW, Nemo!!! from Markus.
5 24
By Nickie
Jul 3, 2005
3 6
By TinaRe
Jul 12, 2005
Nemo Fish Cake
10 9
By robinhood
Jul 18, 2005
9 53
By Rexy
Jul 30, 2005
Cake for my niece's birthday.  Two-toned icing (WBH) and Chocolate transfers for the characters (first time).  Thanks for looking!
17 42
By mrwarnke
Sep 30, 2005
I made this cake with the football pan.  It is BC icing, I free handed the fins around it.  My customer needed to serve  some extra kids, so I made cupcakes then added the chocolate seashells, waves and sand (which is candy).
9 25
By golfgma
Oct 11, 2005
This cake was made for my Mother's Group combined 3rd birthday in September.  I made a few buttercakes & sandwiched them with buttercream until it resembled a large rectangular block.  I then carved out the Nemo shape and, due to limited time, piped orange butter cream rosettes all over.  The fins are modelling fondant and the shell shaped fins are fondant pressed into a madeleine tin and painted orange.
2 3
By sone
Oct 20, 2005
Yet another edible gumpaste figurine cake made for a friend in Dubai. 
The kids relly love it, and the edible pearls make this simple blue theme very 'wet'.. simulating bubbles..   The icing is from eggwhite and sugar (boiled Italina meringue style).
3 3
By Cynch
Oct 27, 2005
Nemo made with egg shaped pan Iced with buttercream and MMF stripes and Royal fins
13 47
By Jenc95
Oct 27, 2005
I was browsing my pictures and found this cake I made for my son's 1 birthday.. This was a picture of a picture.. I don't have a scanner that is why it is blurry.. I had no idea what I was doing making this cake.. I just made some round cakes, set them on there sides and starting carving..LOL now that I found CC, I know next time to use wondermold or freeze the cake when carving.. Practice, Practice, Practice!
By briansbaker
Nov 14, 2005
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By heatherj
Nov 18, 2005
This is an upclose look at the fish cake
2 3
By Dally_doggy
Nov 21, 2005
This is the cake and smash cake I made for my niece.  It is my grandmother's pound cake recipe and buttercream icing.  My niece loves fish, so I thought she would enjoy this.  She helped me put the Goldfish on her smash cake
3 2
By Dally_doggy
Nov 21, 2005
half Sheet Nemo cake
1 3
By TinaRe
Dec 8, 2005
This is a fish themed cake.  Using fondant shells, edible coral and a plank sign as accents.
By TexasSugar
Jan 23, 2006
chocolate & vanilla cupcakes w/bavarian cream filling and whip cream frosting.
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By ruty
Feb 20, 2006
Cupcakes with blue swirl BC frosting and RI Nemo
17 13
By Mac
Feb 22, 2006
I used the Wilton "motorcycle" pan and just made Nemo.  I iced it in bc and used fondant shells around the edge, and piped on waterplants
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By hockeymom
Feb 22, 2006
Under the sea with Nemo and friends.  Traced character's pictures with a corsage pin onto cake. Seaweed, coral & plants all hand drawn.
4 51
By KimAZ
Feb 24, 2006
Buttermilk & chocolate 2 layer sheet cake filled with raspberry preserves, decorated with buttercream with hand-painted Nemo and Dory fondant plaques
6 5
By MikeRowesHunny
Feb 26, 2006
Keep moving, keep moving....
9 10
By Marimar
Feb 27, 2006
Needs a smile, but he was yummy anyway! LOL!
8 2
By Marimar
Feb 27, 2006
I made this Finding Nemo cake for my son's 2nd Birthday. He is a HUGE fan of the film, he has a duvet cover withit on aswell, so this just seemed the obvious choice for his birthday cake.
11 19
By lauracox79
Feb 27, 2006
This is a close up photo of my Nemo Cake.
By lauracox79
Feb 27, 2006
6 4
By Misticakes
Mar 8, 2006
I used goldfish crackers for the additional fish and Nerds candy and rock candy for the gravel.
5 10
By Michele25
Mar 10, 2006
By augustlm
Mar 11, 2006
This was for my 3 year old party at daycare.  Buttercream body/fins are color flo (1st attempt - -took forever to dry) & eyes are fondant.  I realized I did not carve properly after I got the icing on the cake.  She loved it anyway.
8 11
By jillyjoey
Mar 21, 2006
nemo cake made with football pan
By ddog
Mar 27, 2006
My nephew and I baked and decorated this shark cake together.  This is our version of "Bruce the Shark" from Finding Nemo.
4 18
By kelerbela
Apr 13, 2005


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