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Winnie the Pooh cake with music notes. This girl was in the band and wanted music notes incorporated in the theme too.
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By TinaRe
Jul 1, 2005
I did this cake for our school chorus' end of the year party.  It is a yellow butter cake with vanilla BC.  All the musical notes and staffs are made from dark and white chocolate.
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By namaman
May 16, 2006
Very simple design for a musical teenager's birthday cake.
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By tsc
Feb 24, 2006
Just a basic 9x13 cake covered with white fondant.  I used a note cookie cutter to cut out pieces of the white, then filled the holes with black notes.  The cake was one layer yellow, one layer chocloate with a hazelnut creme filling between the layers.
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By wells123
May 27, 2006
Second paid cake! 3-layer 9" cake with BC and MMF accents. Customer specified son's interests as "computers and music". Made computer and keyboard out of rice krispie treats covered in 2 layers of MMF. Customer was thrilled so I was thrilled. :)
5 12
By cindww
Jun 23, 2006
This is just a small 6 in round that I made to go with my guitar cake, kind of like a "complimentary" cake for their order lol. I'm going to start doing that for everyone's first order from me, I figure it's just extra batter I always have left anyway!!
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By cakesbgood
Jun 23, 2006
This is for my mother's 51st birthday.  It's a chocolate 8x3 single layer, but torted twice filled with chocolate bc.  Elvis is an fbct.
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By mmdd
May 27, 2006
This is a chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream filling and buttercream icing.  The music notes were done with chocolate transfer.
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By ckkerber
Jul 15, 2006
This is the first attempt at making a cake for my sister-in-law's birthday.  I wanted roses and a musical theme.  The roses were supposed to look like music notes with the stems and leaves going up, but it ended up looking like my roses were all just upside down so I tweaked the design and made another cake instead.  This one is a chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream filling and buttercream icing.
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By ckkerber
Jul 15, 2006
This is a birthday cake for a gentleman who recently came back from Mongolia after touring with his church choir.  It has music notes and staff on the long sides of the cake along with a white chocolate map of Mongolia and stained glass windows of a church on the short sides of the cake.  It also includes white chocolate music notes on the top and silver dragees used to spell out his name.  Thanks for looking
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Aug 1, 2006
Made with love for my stepdaughter and her friend and their hundred closest friends for a "Finally Thirteen" party.  No real theme for the party - I was told they just run around a lot and dance... soooooo, the music note came about. They had a DJ and luckily both of their names start with 'P', so 125 cookies later I got a hug and a big thank you and several new orders from some guests!
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By Lambshack
Aug 2, 2006
This cake is made from all buttercream.  My husband wrote out the notes for "Happy Birthday" and that is what the notes are in the music.
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By debrab
Aug 13, 2006
I made this for my mom's birthday. We are both Phantom fans, and I have wanted to do a cake like this for a long time. This is a butter cake with cookies and cream filling, iced in Valrhona chocolate BC tinted black. White decorations are BC, rose is fondant and mask is made of candy melts. Thanks for looking!
28 51
By PinkPanther
Aug 14, 2006
This was for my friend who was conducting a recital that night for grad school.  All buttercream.  The cake was white almond with strawberry buttercream filling.
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By allissweets
Aug 16, 2006
Fondant Record with fondant music notes and chocolate lettering.
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By Schmoop
Sep 30, 2006
A friend of my DH was in a near fatal log truck accident and there is going to be a dinner/auction for him tomorrow.  This is one of two cakes I made for the auction.  My first color flow experience; thanks to everyone who set me straight on that issue!!  This guy plays guitar in a Christian/Bluegrass band; thus the notes/guitar.  My roses are getting better with practice!!!  Thanks for looking.
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By egarman
Jun 23, 2006
I made this cake for my sister-in-law's birthday. It's a triple layer chocolate cake, one layer of nutella filling (yum!) topped with crushed dark chocolate cookies, and another layer of marshmallow fluff. Iced in white BC with dark chocolate BC accents. The guitar is fondant painted with brown color ing thinned with vodka. Guitar strings are chocolate BC piped using #1 tip. Thanks for looking!
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By Vmoore
Oct 15, 2006
A coffee cream cheese cake topped with chocolate music notes.
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By nanzz
Oct 16, 2006
8" and 12" tiered cake with buttercream icing and color flow music notes for a girl who loves music.
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By sondrad
Nov 5, 2006
Carved out of a 9x13 pan to feed around 20-25.  Chocolate bc on the sides and vanilla bc tinted on top.  Chocolate round center, chocolate bc for the other accents on top.  All white is fondant.  Pegs are white fondant dusted with silver luster dust.  Piped bc strings.  Musical sheet made out of fondant with chocolate bc piped message.  I also added chocolate musical notes scattered around after I took the picture.
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By doc_farms
Nov 11, 2006
This was the wiggles cake for the family.
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By fmcmulle
Nov 14, 2006
10" round.  Chocolate hazelnut birthday cake with chocolate cream cheese buttercream frosting.  Decorations were made from white chocolate using candy molds.  Writing was piped using white chocolate (I discovered piping chocolate lettering is very different from piping icing--what a booger!)  Anyway, this cake was for my sister-in-law's music professor at college.  All of the students in his studio got together and threw him a surprise birthday party because he's so nice and cares a lot about them.
By fronklowes
Dec 1, 2006
This was for a small music group's get together-not a wedding. Both tiers covered in fondant, with the accents painted with gold luster dust. Treble clef is made out of gumpaste.
12 54
By mamacc
Dec 1, 2006
all buttercream with fondant accessories. strings are spagetti but were too short and I am not sure how to attach two pieces to make them longer!?
7 14
By sio
Dec 29, 2006
This is a chocolate cake covered in chocolate icing mix.  The rose and records are made from modelling fondant.  The musical notes are piped royal icing.
3 1
By debbiew1
Jan 5, 2007
3 24
By fytar
Jan 8, 2007
my very first floodfill, maybe i shouldnt try such a complex shape next time...this is the first one of the cakes that had to be done in 5 days along with the shrek! the shiny parts on the cake is just water, there anyway of making your royal icing stick to your fondant cake without drenching it in water!!!????
2 7
By button-moon
Jan 16, 2007
Again for hubbys work.....didn't want to use all black for fear of black teeth :)
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By alysmom09
Jan 21, 2007
The stars are foam core covered in fondant.  The stripes are straws covered in fondant.  The rest is all buttercream.  The client had a set of Sesame Street band figurines to display on the cake.
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By Steady2Hands
Jan 29, 2007
For bar mitzvah party favors - very simple - actually kind of bored me a little to only use two colors!
2 3
By Lambshack
Jan 29, 2007
this was for friend' bday, she sings in a band & occassionally plays the tambourine. It's not as nice as I had hoped but I got started on it late... oh well it tasted good! I used vanilla wafers for the tambourine.
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By jayhawk
Feb 5, 2007
Friend's 8 year old wanted a "singing" cake with lime, purple and orange stripes.   ??   This is what I came up with....not particularly happy with it as I haven't quite perfected the topsy-turvy thing, but she loved it.  Buttercream with chocolate accents and chocolate "CD" on top.
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By chyana66
Feb 16, 2007
This is a cake for my aunt's suprise 60th birthday party with a 50's theme. Swiss chocolate cake filled and iced with BC. Pennant, poodle skirts, and records are fondant. Saddle shoes and music notes are royal icing. Real ice cream cones with BC for "ice cream". Thanks to cakesbyallison, adven68, and cupcakequeen for their inspiration!
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By PinkPanther
Feb 20, 2007
By angelcake4u
Oct 2, 2006
For my niece's 13th birthday! She loved the tiny fist of rock!
By ericka
Mar 12, 2007
I made this cake for DH's show at the Shrine on St. Patrick's day.  The top tier is lemon with raspberry filling, the middle tier is french vanilla with green BC filling and the bottom tier is chocolate with french vanilla pudding filling.  I made the microphone out of a toy that I covered in fondant. All accents are fondant.
By Bettycrockermommy
Mar 18, 2007
This is was made for a little girl who loves music. I have never had someone love their cake this much, it made my heart flutter with joy :). The instruments are candy molds and the stars and piano keys are mmf. I dusted petal dust for the shimmer effect. Thanks for looking :)
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By my2sunshines
Apr 7, 2007
This was made for another pastor in my town.  He wants to become a singer.  His birthday was on St. Patty's day, so his church thought it would be a fun combo, so a ran with it.  Came out better than I expected.
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By ByTheSlice
Apr 11, 2007
This was my  first stacked cake. Tiers were 6" & 8". The 6" was DGC w/ cookies and cream filling. The 8" is white w/Buttercream Dream. Covered in MMF. The guitar is made from chocolate melts. The music notes and banner were done with Americolor Marker. Thanks for looking.
4 18
By Destini
Apr 15, 2007
Cake is covered in MMF and piano is chocolate with lots of candy color to make it black.  This was my first time making MMF, so there are air bubbles in it.
8 9
By DonnasDelights
Apr 18, 2007


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