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I call this one a "leftover test cake" because we have an order coming up for a recipe we had not tried, so we needed to test it (not short of taste testers in our house) and we had loads of leftover buttercream in all sorts of colours from past cakes... best not to let them go to waste... hence the bad colour combinations...but the kids will eat and test all the same. Chocolate mud cake with buttercream
By dky
Jan 7, 2006
I made this cake for my nephews 3rd bday.  He is in to mud and monster trucks.  All buttercream except the rocks are candy melts.
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By sweetexpressions
Apr 14, 2006
Chocolate Mud Cake covered in gananche and decorated with chocolate and a bow.
4 5
By cakecre8tor
May 10, 2006
I made this one for my daughters school - They had a tree that went up to the moon and did a "tree dedication ceromony"
3 8
By cakecre8tor
Jun 13, 2006
Used chocolate candy melts for the mud puddles.
2 1
By CakesByEileen
Aug 1, 2006
3 Tier Square Mudcake covered in chocolate fondant. The bride and groom were car enthusiasts, one a Holden and the other a Ford so they both had to have their make of car on the cake. Chocolate fondant roses.
12 54
By Briarview
Aug 5, 2006
This cake was inspired by a Debbie Brown book.  All decorations are made of MMF with the exception of the brown sugar dirt.   It won First Place (Blue Ribbon) at the Plumas County Fair, California - Fair Theme Cake Class.  Yippee!!!
11 35
By CakesUnleashed
Aug 5, 2006
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By heyjeni
Aug 13, 2006
This was for a grown-up guy that loves to go mud boggin'!
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By nanettedelong
Aug 28, 2006
This is my 2nd paid wedding cake, bottom was mud middle tier was banana and top was fruit cake all flowers and leaves I made from flower paste. I was very pleased with this when I finished. Hope the bride liked it haven't heard from her yet, but I suppose no news is good news aye.
5 11
By Chaynce
Oct 15, 2006
Did this for my daughter b-day, mud cake covered in ganache then rolled fondant, just painted fodd colour on, a bit streaky but nevermind it looked good anyway.
By Chaynce
Oct 23, 2006
Another Rich mud cake this has been stacked and covered in dark choc ganache with bright funky gerberas.
By Chaynce
Oct 23, 2006
A simple choc mud cake decorated with round wafers and ribbon for my sisters birthday
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By AmazeMe
Nov 5, 2006
This was fast and fun ~ Icing is all buttercream ~ Green is sprayed on ~ Mud is chocolate buttercream ~ Jeep is a Hot Wheel toy.  Every time my BIL goes mudding he gets stuck in the mud ~ hence the saying.
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By Steady2Hands
Nov 22, 2006
I posted a forum topic about this cake and the color red ("just made red mmf") its a last minute order for an 18th....12 " square double layer chocolate mud cake with choc ganache filling covered in black chocolate buttercream,  decorations are mmf.  Dont think i charged enough for this one...kinda got sucked into doing it at a low price..
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By sweet_as_tisse
Nov 24, 2006
last minute order for a good friends birthday, she works with race horses.  lots of choc in this one!  choc mud cake with ganache filling, covered in choc ganache frosting.  hearts and horse shoes are made from chocolate fondant dusted in copper luster dust. choc shavings fill the top of the cake, dusted in copper luster dust with a outline of  choc wafer sticks then finished with a ribbon and bow... the cup cake thingy is a choc scented candle.
4 1
By sweet_as_tisse
Dec 6, 2006
this is a five tears of choc mud cake the top part we still have as it is fruit cake and it is split into 6 section we had to take individually to set up i made this my self as i said to my husband we can have the most exspensive cake cause i was making it. it has a water fountain with lights at the bottom of it. most people see it and call it a castle cake but yes it was our wedding cake. see my other cakes made in darwin NT  at
4 6
By emilyjo
Dec 8, 2006
60th birthday cake for a lady who owns our local shoe shop,  mmf shoe's and hearts with some gum trag added for strength...10" choc mud cake with ganache filling, iced in choc buttercream.  cake is outlined with chocolate shards and some shavings on the top...organsa ribbon to finish..
5 1
By sweet_as_tisse
Dec 28, 2006
Dark Chocolate Mud Cake (thanks to Nati) with white chocolate ganache filling, covered with fondant. Fairies made from fondant (thanks to Liis for her article on "how to make fairies").  I made this cake for my daughter Erika.
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By Tamanna
Dec 29, 2006
This has been the most expensive wedding cake I have done. The bride wanted her vows around each side of one layer and a poem on another.It didn't photograph very well. It took me ages to cut out all the lettering. Two layers were mude cake and the other two were white mud cake. It was very very heavy. She just wanted white on white with a touch of silver.
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By Briarview
Jan 3, 2007
finally got to finish this wedding cake,  lilies and jewelry hand made, bottom choc mud cake and top two tiers are fruit cake.  covered in fondx fondant (what fantastic fondant to work with).  thanks to every one who had input about whether to use the ribbon or not,  luckily the bride liked it and agreed have it on the cake....
13 51
By sweet_as_tisse
Jan 10, 2007
An 8" square mudcake. I got this idea from some of you clever CCr's. Thanks for that. Stacey's favourite is pink and I though brown and white matched it perfectly. Fondant bows. Had to add some bling bling
5 43
By Briarview
Jan 13, 2007
Chocolate mud cake filled with ganache then iced in choc buttercream marbled choc shards dusted with pink and copper luster dust, gumpaste gerbera's and hearts finished with some pink organsa ribbon...
7 11
By sweet_as_tisse
Jan 20, 2007
Chocolate Mud Cake (thanks to Boonenati for the recipe and the help!), with cream cheese icing (DH's fav) with a chocolate wrap and chocolate curls and shavings.  This cake was for my DH's 30th Birthday, and all turned out well except that the melted chocolate for the wrap was setting before I'd finished spreading it, hence the air bubbles!
5 2
By kelly75
Jan 21, 2007
30th B'day for a male......caramel mud cake with MMF, very rushed (4 days notice) good for practice!!!;-)
10 9
By torki
Jan 23, 2007
Chocolate mud cake with red buttercream roses made it for my mum last mothers day
2 2
By petal
Feb 6, 2007
early birthday cake for my sister, i have my sons cake and another order to have done next week so i decided to make my sister cake a few days early.. choc mud cake decorated with choc shards and fondant accents....
3 1
By sweet_as_tisse
Feb 10, 2007
Finished cupcake display for my son's birthday,  top is a dummy cupcake's are chocolate mud with red BC, decorated with cars theme party rings and flag picks...
6 15
By sweet_as_tisse
Feb 14, 2007
Well I had an idea and here it is............Parading Percy Peacock !!!  He is white choc mud cake, with MMF, Feathers are sugarpaste and royal, facial features and rose are sugarpaste. All hand painted.  This was so much fun to make!! My son gave it to his girlfriend.
10 47
By torki
Feb 15, 2007
This is what I came up with for my nephews 13th Birthday.  Choc mud cake with cookies and cream filling, covered in chocolate fondant with malteasers for a border.  He likes World Industry clothing and thats what those 2 little guys are on top of cake.  Name and W.I. guys are handdrawn on fondant.  I found the choc fondant horrible to work with, as it was quite sticky.
5 3
Feb 15, 2007
same style cake as i have done before,  choc mud cake surrounded by choc shards with ribbon to finish.   i just hope they like green as much as i  customer left the color choice up to me..
1 2
By sweet_as_tisse
Feb 21, 2007
Its Finished... Yeh..  three different mud cake flavours, top is white raspberry swirl mud cake  (my own recipe) with white ganache,  middle is choc mud with hazelnut gananche and bottom is white and dark choc marbled mud with white ganache..   rose topper and jewelry i made but the ribbon with the beads i purchased.
4 11
By sweet_as_tisse
Mar 1, 2007
Only had 12 hours notice to come up with this cake,  its a white choc mud cake with white choc ganache as a filling and covering, lined with choc shards and finished with some fondant hearts and organsa ribbon...  Its for an old school friends Mum...
4 4
By sweet_as_tisse
Mar 1, 2007
3 tier mudcake covered in ivory fondant. Royal Icing dots and fondant pearls. Bride to place fresh flowers on the top.
7 6
By Briarview
Mar 29, 2007
Cupcake display for an 18th birthday,  its a suprise for Sara from her mum and dad...  top cake is a choc mud filled and iced with choc BC then covered in Fondx , cupcakes are also mud with IMBC frosting.  all the decorations a re fondant with tylose added...  i also made the stand.. thanks for looking..
5 12
By sweet_as_tisse
May 2, 2007
10th Wedding anniversary cake.  8"  marbled chocolate mud cake and the 6" cake is banana sponge cake with dark chocolate ganache filling.  First gumpaste bow
5 7
By Tamanna
May 10, 2007
Cake for a guy's 21st,  Aussie rules Kangaroo team mascot and colors of the team,  cake is a choc mud covered in fondx.
2 5
By sweet_as_tisse
May 11, 2007
made this for  guy's 29th birthday, his wife ordered it as a surprise. she had brought him an electric guitar for his birthday. choc mud cake with choc  bc then covered in fondx.  guitar and amp are made from gumpaste.
7 24
By sweet_as_tisse
May 19, 2007
Customer picked the original design of this cake done by CakesbyAllison, so thank you Allison for giving permission to duplicate your beautiful skate cake... my bc is'nt as smooth and perfect as  this is a white choc mud cake with white choc ganache filling covered in bc with fondant/gumpaste accents....   it was also my first experience piping bc borders, i still need more
4 16
By sweet_as_tisse
May 23, 2007
This was a caramel mud cake (Thanks Nati) with Buttercream frosting + edible image. It was for a special friend of mine with a little boy turning one who is keen on Winnie the pooh. The cake is layered with caramel ganache in the middle.
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By dky
Nov 5, 2005


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