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By msbask
Jul 4, 2005
This cake is made up of about 12 seperate cakes in fondant, all pushed together like a puzzle. I loved the flames! The "studs" on the seat are edible silver dragees.

The handlebars were beyond my time I cheated with a piece of black cardboard!
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By antonia74
Aug 7, 2005
This was a quickie cake. I had a photo printed on a transparencie and cut it out. They liked it.
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By lynsval
Sep 19, 2005
This was a cake I did for a co-worker's boyfriend. I had a transparency copied and cut it out and put it on a cake. They enjoyed it.
By lynsval
Sep 19, 2005
I made this cookie for a Motorcycle (not Hell's Angels, LOL) Club that my husband and I ride with sometimes.  This was for a party to celebrate the 4th year the group has been together.  I wanted to make something different so I tried a BCT on a cookie instead a cake.  Note to self, when doing a BCT on an uneven surface, put some icing down to smooth it out.  The image broke in several places after it thawed out and settled.  I think maybe a sugar cookie might work better but hubby prefers chocolate chip.
By smileyface
Sep 25, 2005
12x18 sheet cake w/ buttercream icing.  Motorcycle picture tranferred on with piping gel, and then filled in with BC icing...smoothed with cornstarch on fingertip.
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By charman
Sep 28, 2005
This is a 10X10 white cake iced in buttercream.  The image is royal icing, pipes and flames are buttercream and the motorcycle is an official OCC piece.  I had never used royal icing before so this was interesting...gotta learn how to work faster so it doesn't start to set up on me like this one did!
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By tripletmom
Oct 8, 2005
My daughter and I made this one together.  She did the motorcycle out of color flow since her boyfriend ride them and she molded the helmet out of gumpaste.  It was a yellow cake with cream filling and we covered it in marshmallow fondant.
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By FunnyCakes
Nov 14, 2005
This is just and orange county chopper motorcycle with airbrushed flames.
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By heatherj
Nov 18, 2005
This cake was a graduation surprise for a woman who loves motorcycles. All of the base was done with buttercream. The motorcycle was "smash" cake for the body, donut for the back wheel, ho ho for the front wheel, and all the accents were done with gum paste. I am glad my husband helped show me where some of the accents went (other than the handle bars and wheels I was lost!)
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By Peggy
Nov 21, 2005
I cut this shape from a 1/2 sheet pan. Outlined the picture with a toothpick then piped in the design.  Made to look like the real bike.
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By KimAZ
Dec 1, 2005
I made this for my BIL birthday, he had just bought a motorcycle. The logo was done with a gel transfer.
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By VACakelady
Jan 11, 2006
Hand cut dough with Antonia 74's FAB icing
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By taniabanana
Feb 10, 2006
The bike is solid chocolate.
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By StandingForJesus
Mar 3, 2006
simple 9x13 sheet cake w/buttercream icing, even the rose!
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By ellyrae
Mar 12, 2006
Chocolate cake with ganache filling and covered in MMF. Hand painted.
I made this for my brother's friend who loves motorcycles. His helmet has a "6" on it also. 

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By parismom
Mar 16, 2006
10" square cake done for a Benefit Auction.  The Harley logo is a FBCT.  It was very detailed and took me about 2 hrs to complete, but I loved the design and had to try it!  I'm so glad now that I did!
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By gmcakes
Jul 13, 2007
Had to add some more stuff, it was just too plain.  NOW, it's finished.  My first Harley Davidson cake....
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By Tat
Apr 21, 2006
Used airbrush for blue background, piped buttercream for details, and painted over crusted buttercream with luster dusts for the chrome.  Bike is cut out of 11x15 sheet.
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By Kitagrl
Apr 28, 2006
My first FBCT made to look just like my father-in-law's bike-easier than I expected. Painted chrome w/silver dust.  Writing was poor.  Too bad the cake box crushed into the top before we got to the party...yes, I'm serious...aaaaccckkkk!
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By ladybug03
May 2, 2006
Done for a friend who's son loves his dirt bike.  The dirt bike is a BCT done in colors similar to the child's motorcycle.  The "dirt" on the cake top is actually chocolate cake crumbs, pulsed in the food processor.  the background is airbrushed.
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By gmcakes
Jul 13, 2007
I loved all the Harley-Davidson cakes, but I chose this one as my final design.  Thanks to all CC members for your beautiful creations.  Logo is a fbct.  I completely forgot to make the outline around the names be orange, so painted orange food color directly on.  Customer was very pleased.  1/2 yellow, 1/2 chocolate with buttercream.
By sweetcreation
May 17, 2006
This is a white cake with bc frosting.  This is what his harley looks like.  First grooms cake and first motorcycle.  I used wilton pan.  He was happy.
By angelbabym
May 20, 2006
This is a cake I made for a graduate.  It is chocolate and white cake with bc frosting.  It is 2 layers.  Fun to make.
By angelbabym
May 21, 2006
A birthday cake for the neighbor! This cake was ½ vanilla ½ chocolate. The ramps were made of cup-cake “smashed” together. Fun-Fun! I used crushed vanilla wafers for the dirt. It was a lot of fun to do. Thanks for looking!
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By Sue23
Jun 6, 2006
I used a motorcycle pan and decorated it in buttercream icing.
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By vrvanh2
Jun 11, 2006
22"x15" Red Velvet cake iced in BC with edible images, and fondant placques. The photo is of his harley (his most favorite thing in the entire world!)
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By bigcatz
Jun 12, 2006
This is a Father's Day cake for my dad.  It is a carrot cake with cream cheese icing covered in fondant.  The leather fringe is made of fondant and the flames were painted on using colored cream cheese icing.
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By texagg00
Jun 17, 2006
This was a "thank you" cake for my aunt and uncle for helping us out in so many ways.  They both love riding motorcycles, so I thought they would enjoy this!  On the back of the jacket, I made the Harley Davidson "shield" with wings and instead of writing Harley Davidson in it, I wrote "Debbie and Doug Forever"  It looked SOOO cool, but the pictures of it came out really fuzzy. I'm so bummed.  Made with chocolate MMF and mocha buttercream underneath.
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By Pyxxydust
Jun 28, 2006
This was my first time doing FBCT on a cake. It smeared a little bit on the lettering. I find it looks so much nicer than the star tip though.
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By CakeCraze
Jul 1, 2006
This is made from a Wilton motorcycle pan.  It's a yellow cake with all Buttercream Icing.
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By Steady2Hands
Jul 4, 2006
This is made by stacking (2) 12" x 18" yellow cake layers.  I used all Buttercream Icing.  For the lake I made blue B/C icing and spread some corn syrup over it to make it shiny.  This is how the cake looked when it was picked up.  They added a few more motorcycles on the road upon arriving at the party.  This pic is a from a test to make sure the motorcycles would stand up.
By Steady2Hands
Jul 4, 2006
This cake is covered in buttercream with rice paper images and decorative motorcycles.
By 3-DCakes
Jul 9, 2006
Made for my BIL for his birthday. All buttercreme with candy garnishes.
By momof6
Jul 19, 2006
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By KimmysKakes
Jul 28, 2006
Harley Davidson logo for a birthday.  I used piping gel over the black in the logo to keep the black from bleeding into the white.  It worked great and gave the logo a glossy look to it.
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By Suebee
Jul 29, 2006
10" square with 7" oval.  I used orange bc and stripped the bag with orange coloring for the flames, using a leaf tip.  I really really need to work on my writing.  It's not one of my favorites, but I was happy with it.  Any constructive tips would be greatly appreciated :)
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By doc_farms
Aug 10, 2006
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By heyjeni
Aug 13, 2006
By heyjeni
Aug 13, 2006
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By Lisa
Apr 16, 2005


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