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Saw this in TWB and had to try it.  Banana cake with french custard filling and buttercream frosting.  Butterflies and moons are chocolate.
By sarduengo
Dec 31, 2006
This design was picked from an aussie website. The original had a plastic baby, this baby is made with fondant over a stryrofoam ball. The whole topper is styrofoam covered in fondant. The moon is a 14inch dummy cut to shape and covered in royal icing. The cake is a 14 inch square double decker mudcake covered in fondx, the cubes are white chocolate mud. The board is a 20 inch masonite board, i hope this makes it to the club where the party is in one piece!!!
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By boonenati
Jan 5, 2007
White cake, strawberry cream filling, cream cheese icing...the icing wouldn't crust, so I had a heck of a time getting this one to be semi-smooth.  A very frustrating night, for sure! Now that it's done, I'm happy enough.  I really like my gumpaste baby, I'm new to figure molding, but it's really fun.  I got the idea for this cake from several talented CC members.  Thank you for the inspiration!!!
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By allibopp5
Jan 5, 2007
Choc. cake with vanilla pudding filling, 6" cake is choc. with mascarpone filling. Fondant moon and stars, royal lettering, the rest is buttercream.
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By Zamode
Jan 6, 2007
The design credit goes 100% to flourgrl.  I completely copied her cake.  I loved it so much.  Everything is MMF.  The cake was a doctored up white cake with chocolate buttercream.
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By msmanning2
Jan 9, 2007
This is my first decorated cake from Course 1.  I am the youngest one in the class and I'm having a lot of fun.
By Chani
Jan 10, 2007
This 8 year old boy (my son's classmate) loves to read and likes science very much, so I made him a surprise Solar System cake. He was trilled. It's a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache. Stars & galaxy were from melted chocolate, planets are Roche chocolate & truffles. It's also a cake  to compliment a rocket cake for another boy in the same joint birthday party.
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By nanzz
Jan 13, 2007
"I wanna a Rocket Cake". That's what the birthday boy said when I enquire what sort of cake would he like for his birthday. Thanks to all the inspirations given in CC, this is the best I could come out with a 3D carved cake (as I didn't own a football pan). Another Solar System cake was also baked to compliment this cake.
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By nanzz
Jan 13, 2007
I made this cake for my sister-in-law who is expecting my newphew in 4 days!  It's a white cake covered in mmf with buttercream clouds.  The baby, blanket, teddy bear, stars and moon are made of chocolate clay (my new favorite accent!)
By krstik
Jan 18, 2007
Buttercream icing with fondant accents
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By princesspls
Jan 24, 2007
Sun, moon, and star sugar cookies decorated with glace. The moons are sprinkled with sanding sugar.
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By writer_mom
Jan 25, 2007
I made this for my sister-n-law's baby shower.  I used a sheet cake and a 10 in round for the moon.  I used fondant for the star.  Instead of making frosting I just use the can frosting and star sprinkles for the borders and the hat of the moon.
By littlebuddy
Jan 26, 2007
NFSC with Rolled Buttercream.  This is the first time I have used Rolled Buttercream.  I think I like to work with MMF better.  The RB was just too greasy.
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By msmanning2
Jan 27, 2007
Here's my first ever cake show entry.  It's based on the old poem, "Wynken, Blynken and Nod" (if you've never read it, google it!  you'll thank me!).  The boat, sail, blanket and babies are MMF.  Clouds are royal icing stringwork painted with super pearl, and nets are royal painted with gold and silver sparkle dust.  I took 3rd place in my division.
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By kelleym
Feb 3, 2007
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By ruralepicure
Feb 8, 2007
The mother-to-be ordered her own baby shower cake and was very specific (over the phone) of what she wanted.  This is what I came up with and she was thrilled! It was 3 tiers (12" chocolate, 10" & 6" yellow cake), covered in deep blue buttercream and accented with buttercream clouds, gumpaste stars, moon & plaque and a handmade MMF baby.  This is my new favorite cake. :0)
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By CustomCakesBySharon
Feb 12, 2007
I saw a similiar cake by diane in the gallery and wanted to try it.  I love the clouds!  All buttercream with fondant baby, moon, stars and blanket.  Didn't love my writing on this one...!
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By MeredithLA
Feb 19, 2007
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By sweetcreation
Feb 19, 2007
Cake is Chocolate and Marble layers with Caramel and crushed Crispy Crunch Bars between two of the layers and a Nutella filling in the middle.The Icing is a Hazelnut flavored Buttercream. The decorations are chocolate.
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By freddie
Feb 23, 2007
I can't take credit for decorating this.  I'm an advisor to a youth group . . . they came up with the idea, baked, and decorated - I just figured how to design & construct & showed them how.  The cakes are chocolate and marble.  The space shuttle was carved, the earth & moon were from the sports ball pan, and the other planets were made from the mini ball pan.  There are MMF stars, and ice cream cones dipped in orange candy melts to form rockets.  Can you believe they didn't place?
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By Tkeys
Mar 1, 2007
This is a better view of some of the cake.
By Tkeys
Mar 1, 2007
One last view of the shuttle - still without the tail attached.
By Tkeys
Mar 1, 2007
The person who asked me to make this cake asked for something with a celestial theme.  The sun and moon are made of chocolate.  The coloring on the sides of the cake is done with airbrush.  The silver "stars" are silver dragees.  Everything else is buttercreme.  Thank you for looking.
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By auntiemcakes
Mar 2, 2007
Iced in buttercream, fondant accents.  Fun to make!
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By kimmy37
Mar 3, 2007
Pina Colada cake with a pineapple filling. The cake is iced in buttercream and all the accent work is fondant.
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By gracefull
Mar 4, 2007
I did this cake for my cousin , who, after a long time was finally expecting twins.  When I asked what she would like all she suggested was something with a moon.  Clothes and moon and babies are all gumpaste on buttercream.  I had to travel three hours with this cake, it was very nerve racking.
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By rashell34
Mar 5, 2007
I made this cake for my friends 8 year old son. He wanted a spaceshuttle going from moon to Earth He was really specific, it took me about 1 week to find the chocolate mold and once I got it I realized I needed to make the cake a 1/2 sheet. I made the spaceshutte out of white choc. wafer filled with marshmallow. The Earth and Moon are 1/2 round cakes/cupcake. I made the earth with red dots where family resides US, Canada, Germany. It was really fun. IT turned out great and they had loads of leftover!
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By gateaux
Mar 17, 2007
This is a promotional cake that I did for myself to put down in a local cafe that features art in their place as well. There theme was anything green for st patrick's day  on their opening night and the owner let me bring in any cake I wanted to make. This is MY cake...what I would create if someone gave me the freedom. It is a dummy cake, airbrushed, highlighted with luster dust.
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By step0nmi
Mar 17, 2007
Baby Shower Cake
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By smbanda
Mar 18, 2007
choc cake with bannana filling covered in mmf
By Erlyns_Treats
Mar 23, 2007
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By auntiemcakes
Mar 24, 2007
this was a cake for a friend who left the theme up to me.  I found this saying and loved it so I decorated the cake around it.  If you can't see the star with the saying it says "babies are little pieces of heaven".  The baby, moon, and stars are all fondant.  The large cloud is a white cake with mixed berry filling and the smaller clouds are chocolate raspberry cupcakes.  I put all of the stars in a ziploc bag with disco dust to give them a shine.  You can't see it too much here.  Thanks for looking!
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By auntiemcakes
Mar 24, 2007
Chocolate three tier cake with a chocolate moon and chocolate cloud cupcakes. Fondant covered and marzipan baby
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By revco
Mar 28, 2007
12" double layer and 8" triple layer white cake iced in buttercream.  Top cake covered with mmf stripes.  Gumpaste baby and shoes.  All other accents mmf.
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By bush1
Mar 31, 2007
My first real buttercream cake for other people, all my other cakes had been fondant.  Was very worried, but they liked it, even though I though it was rather rumply looking.... Blue buttercream with royal icing writting, bc clouds, fondant shoe and sail and a poured sugar moon.
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By neurnr
Apr 1, 2007
This is a version of something I've done earlier.  The moon and stars are MMF with luster dust on it to make them sparkle.
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By cmmom
Apr 1, 2007
decorations are fondant, candy clay and cotton candy.  I sprinkled sparkle dust (cake central brand of course) and it really make the clouds shine!  I wish photos did our cakes justice.  I need to take food photography classes!
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By carrielynnfields
Apr 2, 2007
This was my babyshower cake
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By dawng
Apr 2, 2007
I did this for a friend's sister's baby shower.  Someone on this site did this same cake using round tiers.  Thanks so much for the inspiration.  The mom to be loved it.  It's a lemon cake with white and blue bc and mmf baby, stars, and moon!
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By casebit
Apr 2, 2007
The bride asked for the moon and the stars on her cake. Gold and celtic blue were the colors use. The stars and the moon were made from a mixture of gumpaste and fondant.The cake was covered with buttercream.
This cake was so much fun to create!!
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By cakequeen
Aug 7, 2005


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