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This is one of the 4 cakes I did for my Godson Noah's 1st birthday.
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By Connie515
Apr 28, 2005
This is a single layer cake that was very easy to create!
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By krissy_kze
Jun 7, 2005
Mike from Monsters, Inc.
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By Kitagrl
Jun 16, 2005
Design shown is the "mascot" of a friend's website.
By msbask
Jul 4, 2005
This was a version of the Wilton 2004 Yearbook's monster truck cake. I tried to make the truck resemble "the gravedigger" truck.
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By thecakegirl
Sep 25, 2005
This is 3 six inch layers with one half sports ball pan for the head.  Crumb coated with BC and MMF covered.  Airbrushed purple! (pics may appear blue) Trust me, HE IS PURPLE!! It's a one-eyed, one horned, purple people eater sorta thingy!!
3 2
By LittleBigMomma
Oct 12, 2005
This was for a 12yo girl who has loved monster trucks since a little tyke.  It was fun to make and not as difficult as I thought it would be...coming from a beginner!
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By wyatt
Oct 16, 2005
BEWARE!! This cake will bite back at ya!! I had a blast doing this!! A couple of firsts for me on this cake... It was the first time I used the paper towel method and loved it!! It was also the first time I torted a cake. It was a fun practice cake for me. The monster hand is made with royal icing. Thanks!!
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By denise2434
Oct 31, 2005
6" round chocolate cake, three layers with chocolate filling and Buttercream Icing. The ears, eyes and teeth are made with Royal Icing.
Little monsters and tombstones are made with fondant.
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By Ada
Nov 1, 2005
This was for my cousins Halloween/Birthday Party.  It is chocolate cake with chocolate pastry cream and chocolate buttercream.  I airbrushed darker brown over the icing.  The letters were done ahead of time with Royal Icing.  The fingers are aluminum foil wrapped in gumpaste strips.  The ghosts, RIPs, bones, and eyeballs are gumpaste or fondant.
By pastrypuffgirl
Nov 3, 2005
Here is Boo!!

I had a lot of fun making this one and it was well worth the look in one little girl's eyes when she saw it.
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By Fishercakes
Dec 13, 2005
Here is the backside of Boo in her costume.
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By Fishercakes
Dec 13, 2005
This is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing.  I donated a coupon for a cake at a silent auction at my son's school in the spring.  This was the cake I was asked to make by the winner of the auction for her son's birthday.
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By thecakemaker
Dec 15, 2005
A quick 9X13 for our Moms Club Holiday Party tomorrow.  Cookie Monster is colorflow, cookies are Cookie Crisp cereal (I think that's the name), everything else is buttercream.  The cake is orange with a cranberry/strawberry filling.
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By CranberryClo
Dec 18, 2005
I know it's not all that exciting, but I think the cookies are cute!
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By CranberryClo
Dec 18, 2005
My best friend loves cookie monster, so I bought a pan to make this cake for her birthday.
By melli_fera
Jan 9, 2006
These are cookies we make at our bakery, very easy to make and kids LOVE them!  I have kids who come over just to look at the cookies and point out their favorite to their parents.  Very cute.  I want to start an "adopt-a-monster" thing to help them sell even more.  I like them and they're fun to make.
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By Calejo
Jan 11, 2006
This was a 24 cupcake cake made to resemble a monster truck.  It is buttercream with buttercream filled cupcakes and a little royal icing too.  The truck was a buttercream transfer.  I did the wheels separate from the body and then added the details after it was on the cake.  The silver is actually royal icing, it kinda left it with a shiny metalic sheen.  I had the worst time making the red for the truck.  I made the icing over 24 hrs ahead of time and it just wouldn't darken.  I added maroon, a touch of black but still didn't get what I wanted.  Oh well hopefully won't have that problem next time since I just ordered some americolor super red & others, can't wait to try that stuff!!
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By smileyface
Jan 18, 2006
idea came from a magazine/ with instructions.  This was for fall festival at the grade school.
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By subaru
Jan 18, 2006
These monsters were a big hit in first grade. Monster heads are marshmallows dipped in tinted white chocolate. Eyes are mini m&m's, bolts are tic tacs. For more fun, these cakes were filled with green pudding
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By mgowan
Jan 19, 2006
Cake was made using Wilton 3D mini bear pan for characters
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By samandallie
Jan 22, 2006
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By samandallie
Jan 22, 2006
Butter cake with buttercream icing and fondant accents.  Fondant characters - my first time with these.  I was  please with how they turned out.
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By _ChristyB_
Jan 28, 2006
This is how I did it. It was sooo much fun and I didn't go to sleep till 6am this morning
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By kittysparkle
Feb 17, 2006
just practice
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By jdelectables
Feb 20, 2006
This was for a little girl's 2nd birthday celebration. All the characters on the cake are  made of sugar. Elmo is her favorite, so he is on top........"Happy Birthday" is in a crayon style to represent Elmo's crayon skills during his segment of Sesame Street called "Elmo's World".
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By SugarRee
Feb 27, 2006
7 6
By _ChristyB_
Mar 4, 2006
5 1
By _ChristyB_
Mar 4, 2006
My favorite character in the cartoon after Boo. I'll try to model her next time.
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By mylan
Mar 21, 2006
I actually started out trying to make that cute valentine's cake with the pink monster that says "wild thing" but that was a disaster.  So I scraped off all the pink icing and tried to make this from the Childrens' book "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak (the birthday theme was "wild thing").
14 19
By APCakes
Mar 25, 2006
2 2
By marina34
Mar 27, 2006
Birthday Boy wanted a monster truck, but also a "Georgia" cake, so mother asked if I would combine the two and it turned out great!  Buttercream covered with fondant covered cake tires.
5 28
By _ChristyB_
Apr 2, 2006
Thanks Homansweets for the Sesame Street Sign idea!  I'm pretty happy with the way this turned out, except for the lettering of course!  All buttercream with rice paper images in balloons.
3 3
By izzybee
Apr 13, 2006
truck is supported up on a board and dowels are hidden in the wheels.  wheels are covered in fondant
4 11
By mamacc
Apr 14, 2006
I made this cake for my nephews 3rd bday.  He is in to mud and monster trucks.  All buttercream except the rocks are candy melts.
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By sweetexpressions
Apr 14, 2006
I did this cake for one of my sister's best friends.  Fun to make but I had the wedding coordinator freaking out when I showed up 20 minutes before the start of the wedding...  Oops!  Vanilla cake with BC icing.  Eyes done with styrofoam balls.
By namaman
Apr 19, 2006
My cousin's little boy requested a Monster Truck cake and wanted Grave Digger. I found a side view of the real truck and did my best at recreating it in a cake version. I have found that the more I do, the more I learn and the better I will be. The truck is chocolate cake stacked with ganache filling then covered in fondant. The bottom layer is French Vanilla, buttercream icing and crushed sugar wafers for the dirt. I am sure he will love it but I wish I was more of an artist when it comes to drawing. LOL
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By BamaSweets
Apr 22, 2006
I made this cake for my husbands bday.  I bought two monster trucks and put down some cinamon for dirt.  I made my own checkered flags and attached them to toothpicks
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By Candi_Cakes
May 1, 2006
All buttercream - lots of work!!!
7 20
By mudder
May 12, 2006
Great way to use up my leftover fondant of assorted colors.  A really fun and popular cake!
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By mommykicksbutt
Apr 13, 2005


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