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Flowers in Gumpaste, and cake in american paste.
By isamen77
Sep 27, 2006
Alternating yellow and chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosted in IMB and decorated with fondant onesie, daisies, squares, & mod mom.
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By ladyonzlake
Sep 28, 2006
Made this for my Mom's birthday.  She tookit to share with her co-workers.
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By girltrapped
Oct 1, 2006
I made this cake for my Mother-in-Laws Birthday. It is chocolate cake and butter-cream icing.
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By lswren
Oct 2, 2006
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By kuhlmanma
Oct 6, 2006
This was my mom's 55th birthday cake. I try to make the cakes so they will show how special the birthday person is.   MOM - GRANDMA - SISTER -AUNT.
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By kuhlmanma
Oct 9, 2006
I have been wanting to make a belly cake since I saw them on CC. I was asked to make the cake for this shower and decided to make 2 smaller cakes, one for each mom-to-be. One was having a boy and the other unknown. First time to use mmf...loved it...tastes great! Reading posts helped avoid troubles with it being sticky. These were a huge hit and really surprised everyone. One was chocolate and the other white cake with lemon flavor. Made body to come off as separate cake, each mom took own belly home intact
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By ctorno
Oct 21, 2006
Inspired by Sugarshack...thanks! Also thanks to Connie(boween) for instructions on the icing plaque.
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By traci
Oct 25, 2006
Birthday cake for my mom. First time working with Fondant (wilton) and loved it!  Had a lot of fun with this :)
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By brownlg05
Oct 27, 2006
My take on Mod Mom.  I have been wanting to do one of these for a while now.    Finally got the chance!  Chocolate cake, buttercream icing and decorations.
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By kerririchards
Nov 2, 2006
Chocolate MOM, fondant flowers & butterlies.
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By SpaceMonque
Nov 8, 2006
A friend of mine asked me to make this cake for her grandmother. It says "Mom" because it was meant to be from my friend's mother. Make sense? LoL. Anyway, it's iced in chocolate buttercream, with buttercream roses and flowers. Not one of my best cakes, but I was happy for some practice, and I got it iced pretty smoothly. ;)
By Anjoli
Dec 5, 2006
My attempt at a Sugarshack cake (which of course is way out of league) so I had to adapt it to my skill level. The Mom-to-be seemed to like it. Top layer Lemon cake, bottom layer white cake with raspberry filling.
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By mkerton
Dec 11, 2006
I made this for my MIL's birthday. She knits and tried to teach me (with little success). The only thing I would change is that I would add some BC to the knitting needles (skewers) to add to the effect.
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By karrotcurl
Dec 13, 2006
For my granddaughters 24th birthday. Just a little 6" with a gumpaste plaque. She is raising two little ones on her own now and I wanted her to feel she was appreciated for all her time spent being a good mommy.
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By ShirleyW
Dec 22, 2006
This is my version of the Mod Mom baby shower cake so many people here on CC have done.  Thanks everyone for the inspiration!  The flowers and shapes on the sides are fondant.  Mod Mom is a FBCT.  I wish my cakes were more level, but otherwise, I'm pretty happy with how it came out.
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By Kate714
Dec 29, 2006
This is my attempt at making a "wrap", only I did it with soft candy clay...dumb I tell ya!! It softened up too quickly and then the two ends didn't come together. I didn't allow for the shortage or height at the seam so I just started pinching the edges to give it that ruffled look. The mod mom was chocolate and she melted on the way to the shower because I couldn't find the house. I had to stick it in the freezer and then run a hot knife over the breaks to "weld" it.  Never again, never again!
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By fytar
Jan 9, 2007
This is my attempt at the mod mom cake done by many other people at CC.  White chocolate cream cake w/ chocolate ganache filling, covered w/ buttercream w/ fondant accents.
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By jillycakes
Jan 11, 2007
My hastily made cake and a scary day, but everyone loved it, so I guess that's what counts! So, if you ever double the milk in your recipe, there is still hope! LOL
By berryblondeboys
Jan 11, 2007
Moms birthday cake. Done in peach colored fondant with icing vines and a peony flower on top.
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Jan 13, 2007
white almond sour cream cake, raspberry cream filling, with AgentCakeBaker's Buttercream Dream icing. I wish I could have had a huge chunk of this cake!  I put some filling and icing on some cake scraps and yum yum yum!!! The mod mom I had to freehand and I was not so happy with it. I was rushed (my own fault). But at least it tasted good!
Jan 20, 2007
This was an attempt at didi5's wonderful expecting mom cake, only in pink.  I hope I did it justice.  Thank you didi5 for providing the inspiration for this cake.
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By MsSugarBaker
Jan 27, 2007
White cake iced in Snow White buttercream.  Didn't really like working with the icing.  MMF accents.  Inspired by many cakes here on CC!
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By tinabee
Feb 4, 2007
This was made to match the "Mod Mom" baby shower paperware.  Butter cream with fondant accents.
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By divaofcakes
Feb 6, 2007
I found some really cool brushes called double time -- they have 2 and 3 sets of bristles -- perfect for striping, plaiding, etc -- of course I was a little over zealous on the cake below -- but they are really cool to work with --
8 9
By MelissaRHK
Feb 10, 2007
iced in buttercream with fondant squares, plaque and bow;  buttercream black circles
5 17
By pinkflamingo
Feb 19, 2007
All BC with fondant plaque and accents.  Sprayed with luster dust.  Thanks for the mix of ideas from the gallery.
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By bulldog
Feb 22, 2007
This cake was made for my first cake class, my first attempt at roses. It was a coconut cake with pineapple filling and coconut bc frosting. I tried to get the color of the flowers to match my mother's favorite ones, sterling silver (lavender) roses. The color looked great in person; I couldn't quite capture it with the camera.
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By Beth106
Feb 24, 2007
This is a baby shower cake to semi-echo the theme of Mod Mom. The lady whom this baby shower was for was not very "girly" and wanted something modern. Plus her baby's room was decorated with circles (which I didn't know when I designed the All decorations and the borders are MMF. I loved doing such a colorful cake! :)
2 6
By jewelykaye
Feb 27, 2007
This was my very first cake for profit!  Done for the baby shower of a wife of a pro football player.  Though you can't see it, I did sculpt a mini football and placed it in the crib as a nod to dad.  The crib, rocking chair and wall (incl. chair rail & waincoting) are gumpaste.  The bear, mom, quilt, rug and curtains are fondant.  The cake is covered in fondant.   Top is chocolate cake with raspberry mousse; bottom is coconut white cake with mango coconut mousse.
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By KathyKakes
Mar 4, 2007
Bird's eye view.  You can see the football here. as a nod to dad, as well as a a litte more of mom's detail.  I sculpted mom from a photo.
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By KathyKakes
Mar 4, 2007
Almond butter cake, ameretto apricot filling, almond buttercream, flowers in royal.
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By SherryGrrl
Mar 5, 2007
Simple and a bit last minute...thank goodness for having royal icing flowers on hand :)
By cakesbyjackie
Mar 9, 2007
This is a frozen buttercream transfer on red velvet (what else?) that I did for my mom's birthday. I'm kind of new to cake decorating, and I just discovered transfers. I had been making theme cakes for everyone's birthday this year based on what they were "into." It was my mom's suggestion to do Jesus.
By KittyPTerror
Mar 15, 2007
This is a baby shower cake I did yesterday.  The color scheme and design matched the napkin I was given.  It is iced in buttercream and the figure is done in fondant.  Sorry for the poor lighting in the picture.
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By bunnypatchbaker
Mar 17, 2007
8" 10" 14" covered in blue mmf with brown and blue mmf circles and dots .mmf blue and turqois daisies.  every thing edible but ribbon , bow and a few of the things on wire bouquet.
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By darylrc
Mar 26, 2007
White cake with buttercream frosting.  I only had about 2 hours to get this cake done.  2nd cake I'd ever decorated.
By stfd211
Mar 27, 2007
Chocolate hazelnut cake. All fondant. Everything edible, except the pillars.
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By cinderella73
Mar 29, 2007
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By tawnyachilders
Apr 1, 2007
This was for my mother-in-law's birhday and is decorated in buttercream icing.
By kelmalenchak
Apr 6, 2007


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