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Chocolate cake with white icing. Not really for mothers day. Her husband actually ask me to make it because she had been taking care of him and their two sick babies all week long. Isn't that sweet!
By Chandra00
Jul 30, 2007
I got this idea from others here a cake central!  It was a huge hit!  This was a baby shower cake for my co-worker.  It was carrot cake with a white chocolate cream cheese frosting.  The mom is made of MMF
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By mkmetz
Aug 7, 2007
My first fondant cake w/ buttercream ruffle border.
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By Gina_A
Aug 8, 2007
I didn't realize this was a design on paper plates!  I made this one in the same colors as the plates.
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By mkmetz
Aug 9, 2007
this cake was inspired by so many of you fellow CCers....THANK YOU SO MUCH! the client loved it!
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By SweetToothFairy
Aug 13, 2007
This  cake was for a friend.. It was a two tierd Cake with fondant and fondat accents and gumpaste bows. The topper was the Super Mom-to-be from Wilton. I made some swags my first time and quilts and star cut outs and a checkerd patern on top  I hope you everyone likes it please comment thanks
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By bakerboy6385
Aug 15, 2007
I made this for the lady that does my nails/pedicures.  Which I am taking in to her tommorrow,as a surprise before she goes on maternity leave. It is a 9 inch/2 layer yellow cake,raspberry preserves filling chocolate buttercream with MMF decorations.  I got the template from an invitation I found online.  I have also seen other CCer's do these and have always wanted to try this theme,so thanks for your inspirations.  Enjoy!
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By ncbert
Aug 16, 2007
Birthday cake for mom whose obsessed with animal prints!
By lwatt19
Aug 16, 2007
This was made for a lady at work leaving on mat leave.  Carrot cake, cream cheese icing.  Never again will I try to decorate a cake with cream cheese icing - very tempermental!  The cake had cracks and chunks - difficult to smooth and turned out not very nice.  Everyone did say it tasted good though - I guess its all that counts in the long run!  Fondant peiced together to make mod mon.  thanks for looking!
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By cakelady5
Aug 20, 2007
Made this cake for an acquaintance. THe host put the cake topper on while I was parking my car, so she messed up the border a little and you can see where she resat the topper. LOL That's okay!
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By chefamanda
Aug 22, 2007
A white sheet cake for a busy business moms birthday with her children!!  My second FBCT in as many days!  Thanks for looking and I appreciate all comments and suggestions.
By Suzycakes
Aug 30, 2007
my contribution to the Mod Mom baby shower themed cakes; thanks to the other CC folks for the inspiration! Top tier is strawberry cake with buttercream and bottom tier is vanilla/yellow cake with buttercream.  Fondant accents.
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By shantel575
Aug 31, 2007
This is one of three cakes ai did for my moms surprise family dinner. It is a vanilla cake with royal icing flowers and buttercream icing. Thanks for looking
By fmcmulle
Sep 1, 2007
This was made for my BFF's cousin.  It was a hit!!!
It is half yellow half triple chocolate cake.  buttercream frosting and colorflow mom.
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By sstardust17
Sep 4, 2007
I made this Chocolate Candy Bar cake for my Mom's birthday. She loves to camp with my Dad and their friends at the Elk's Lodge. All pieces are made of fondant.
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By jajpowers
Sep 6, 2007
All BC with fondant plaque and accents.  Sprayed with luster dust.  Thanks for the mix of ideas from the gallery.
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By bulldog
Feb 22, 2007
After finishing my first decorating class, Mom told me she wanted a blue cake with lots of white roses. This was my first attempt to work with roses outside of class...think I put a few too many, but Mom loved it, so that made me happy
By scubasquirrel
Sep 7, 2007
This was a mod mom themed baby shower cake.  I copied the idea from another cake here on cake central.  She liked the pic and asked me to replicate it.  Iced in buttercream, figure and polka dots are fondant.
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By violetbutterflyz
Sep 9, 2007
I made this for my husband's mother for her first Mother's Day as my MIL.  She loves cows and everyone got a kick out of the cake.  Made with pantastic plastic pan.  Udders, hooves, and bell were made with tinted chocolate.  This is my first character cake on my own.
By 2Cupcakes
Feb 4, 2008
Cake for my MIL who loves cows.  This view shows the grass, hooves, and udders better.  My first character cake.
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By 2Cupcakes
Feb 4, 2008
4-layer chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  Surrounded with pirouline cookies.  Silk flowers and ribbon.
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By DCHall
Sep 13, 2007
Tea Kettle in fondant and buttercream
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By thekeith
Sep 16, 2007
This was a cake i did for a lady whos birthday it was, she was buying her own cake as her kids love partys
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By aussienyankie
Sep 18, 2007
I cut out cookies and covered them all in candy melts and the "mom" was all chocolate from a mold.  I also painted the terra cotta pot.  Big hit!!!!
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By gingersoave
Sep 21, 2007
These are my moms favorite things, coca-cola, crossword puzzles and butterflies.
By Minta
Sep 24, 2007
I wanted to do something different for my mom so I made her a purse sitting on top of a hat box.  Next time I will make the box look more like what it is supose to look like.  She loved it.
By Minta
Sep 24, 2007
This was a chocolate cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting, my first attempt after discovering the rich sweet frosting by accident at christmas.  It has to be refrigerated until I have it refined, but I do believe I am on the corner edge of that, since I have so many requests and it has so many combinations!  The roses are fondant.....I do not recommend doing that again especially if the cake has to be refrigerated, but I learned!
By MistyRomack
Sep 25, 2007
Simple and a bit last minute...thank goodness for having royal icing flowers on hand :)
By cakesbyjackie
Mar 9, 2007
This is my first dealings with "mod Mom" I have seen all of the ones that are on here and i loved them! I just wish that I was in an area that people would actually pay for the more diffucult cakes so that i could try some different styles! thank you for looking!
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By PricklyPearCakes
Oct 11, 2007
These were NFSC with royal icing and I made my own pattern.  I packaged them with bags and polka dottted ribbons and they turned out pretty cute!!  TFL
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By buckygirl
Oct 12, 2007
I wasn't absolutely thrilled with this one, but I guess it turned out okay for a kinda quickie. It's a 6" round covered in red MMF with a peach MMF plaque on top, decorated in bc. This was the first time I tried coloring the marshmallows while they were melted before I added the PS to the MMF and it worked amazingly well with WAYY less food coloring than usual.
By KittyPTerror
Oct 14, 2007
Designed after the party ware. Yellow cake with chocolate buttercream filling and sides of cake. Vanilla for top. Edible image mom, fondant shopping bags and buttercream for the rest!
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By mysonshines
Oct 15, 2007
14 1,484
By KoryAK
Oct 15, 2007
This was my first attempt at roses - I thought they looked like crap, but mom loved her cake. It was chocolate with vanilla/caramel buttercream (flavored with coffee creamer). At least it tasted wonderful!!
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By Chuff
Oct 26, 2007
I made the flowers out of royal iceing. I used buttercream to put them on.
By deesp
Oct 26, 2007
Mod mom pic for a baby shower
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By staceyssweettreats
Oct 27, 2007
This was my 2nd cake. I made one last week that was blue with circles and wires. This, too, was fun to make.
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By LucianaW01
Nov 18, 2007
My take on Sugarshack's mod mom design. Had to transport it to a friend literally a 100 miles away, and  because of bumping for two hours in the car the layers separared and the piping at the bottom of each layer was destroyed. I don't know if I was more devastated by the destruction or my friend's disappointment!
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By Bayamoy
Nov 20, 2007
My mother-in-law's birthday is just after Thanksgiving, so we celebrated on Thanksgiving when the family was together.  Because of that, I used fall colors.  8" 2-layer chocolate cake iced in all buttercream.
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By AmyShu
Nov 23, 2007
close up to the "chic mom" cake
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Dec 14, 2007


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