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Belle doll cake.  I made 4 different cakes to go with the Beauty and the Beast theme.  Belle, Mrs. Potts & Chip, Castle, and rose cupcakes.
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By 4cakefiends
Oct 17, 2005
I usd Wilton's wonder mold cake pan for this.  Sliced off a small portion to give it a bottom.  Frosted in red and chocolate BC, then chocolate ganache poured over chocolate BC.  Yellow BC seeds and green fondant leaves and stems.
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By Mac
Nov 10, 2005
This cake is for my husband and 2 other of his co-workers. French vanilla cake with english toffee BC. Candy equipment made from molds I found!! YEAH!
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By mamafrogcakes
Nov 17, 2005
Buttercream grass. Fondant caterpillar, using mini wonder molds. Candy for feet. Spaghetti and fondant for antennae.
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By Sunflowerbagel
Feb 4, 2006
This cake was done using the Classic WonderMold pan placed on top of an 8" round cake.  The cake is chocolate with chocolate filling.  It is covered in MMF and airbrushed with gold luster dust.
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By gmcakes
Jul 12, 2007
fondant molded lace and flowers on a quarter sheet cake.
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By kakeladi
Mar 5, 2006
This is a dummy cake I did for practice and to use the new tools I bought.  It is inspired by the cake on the cakesbysam website.
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By iceberg
Mar 24, 2006
This is a cake that I did for s project class that I am teaching in April. The cake uses fondant, airbrushing, molded gumpaste, hand painted accents and luster dust. The coral and sand dollars are made of royal icing and have airbrushed color or luster dust on them to add color or highlights.
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By scWMI
Apr 4, 2006
I made this cake for my daughters 2nd bday.  She loved it!
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By sweetexpressions
Apr 14, 2006
made as kind of a joke for a guy friend who turned 16. had a little trouble with covering her torso
By dandelion
Apr 23, 2006
This cake uses the Wilton 10.5" ring mold pan, with a styrofoam block in the middle to support the cookie flowers.  Cake iced with buttercream, royal flowers, cookies are iced with thinned royal.  Would have liked the cookies to be a little shinier... any suggestions?
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By wells123
May 5, 2006
I used buttercream for the icing and the roses.  The bride and groom are made of white chocolate.
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By mrsa143
May 6, 2006
My daughter Erin loves bugs.  I made the wings of the butterfly out of the large heart pan and the body of the butterfly was made out of the mini wonder mold pan.  The bumble bees and lady bugs were made out of the mini egg pan.
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By pastrypantry
May 16, 2006
Choc. fudge cake made with vanilla caramel creamer(in place of some water) and buttercream made with vanilla caramel creamer in place of the water. I haven't had any cake yet but the frosting was delicious! Golf balls are white choc. in molds.
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By fmandds
May 21, 2006
Crawfish and pot were molded with chocolate.
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By StampinLady
May 26, 2006
I used the Wilton Easter mold set, this is the med sized mold in the box of put two cups of granulated sugar in a mixing bowl per side of add one TSP of water to the sugar and mix with your hand till you get a slightly wet/dry feeling, (if the sugar is too wet it wont work for you, and IF you can get it out of the mold in one piece it will be too soggy to dry properly and will discolor)
You place the sugar in one side of the mold packing it in the whole time, when the mold is packed you smooth the top with your hand and place a piece of wax paper folded in a four layer square over it, as you flip the mold place it on a waxed caked board, lift the mold off and check for any cracks or air pockets, if there are any, lift the mold back up and replace the sugar back into the bowl and try again....if all is well place the mold back on top on pull the wax paper out from under the sugar this for both sides...
While the sugar is still soft cut threw the rounded side mold of the sugar (this will be the hood of the bassinet)..(one mold is rounded side and one has a flat side) cut about midway on the narrow end with a sharp knife...push the cut edge back up against the sugar mold....
Let set for at least 8 hours to harden on the outside about a quarter inch..I make mine at night just before going to bed and when I get up they are ready to hull out....flip the sugar molds over in your hand and take a regular teaspoon and start hulling the moist sugar out, very gently till you touch the harden edges..on the rounded mold you cut into with the knife to make the hood...remove the narrow end you cut threw and hull the wide end out too,making sure you also hull the opening from where you cut the end off from.
I have a "base" mold I used for the stand...but you can use the flattened side of the mold(the one you didn't cut threw/the bed) to sit the bassinet up right. 
Take the wide ended mold you cut threw/the hood and use your Royal Icing to adhere it to the wide end of the bottom mold that makes the bed ....allow this to sit and dry a spell...then use your icing and tip #16 to makes a shell border along the seam where the hood and bed are connected on the inside..then lay your doll into the bottom mold securing it with the Royal icing.
After that take your tip # 104 and ruffle border around the bed and then ruffle around the hood...then I use a #16 open star tip to zig zag the ruffle edges...take your # 3 tip and make the stitching on the zig zaged edges..
I used fondant icing for the blankets..I rolled out the icing and made a rectangle, cutting the edges smooth and used my sewing tracer wheel very gently to make the stitched quilted look, then I used a pencil to make the ruffled look on the edges of the blanket. I laid the blanket on the baby and formed it to hang over the edge of the bassinet and then took a #2 tip and made the dots on the blanket and then my #3 tip to make the bows on each side.
I used my # 102 petal tip to make the roses and the # 352 tip to make the leaves.
Happy Molding, Mary :o)
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By frosting111
Jun 9, 2006
This was another cake made for my soon-to-be SIL's shower.  It is a Mixed Berry Pound Cake (from Williams-Sonoma website).  It was really delicious and not too sweet!  Fondant covered and dusted with super pearl dust.  Added some crystal sugars to the edges of the dress.  TFL!
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By mvucic
Jun 28, 2006
My first doll cake.  My fondant was too soft to lay over the whole cake so I layered on a piece at a time.  Not exactly what I was going for, but not too bad.  Chocolate cake with french vanilla mousse covered in MMF.  The mousse began to leach out  from under her dress at the party and it looked like she was peeing!  How do I keep mousse from leaching?  Also, I re-styled Belle's hair because it looked all wrong. I used Pampered Chef batter bowl to bake cake in. Very happy with the shape of the cake!
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By martig
Jul 17, 2006
I made this cake for a family BBQ today. It was a lemon cake with vanilla mousse filling. Everything is edible except the white ribbon with the lemons on it. The yellow underneath is fondant. The piece holding the flowers was my first go at a sugar mold, it was pretty easy to do.
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By BabyKat
Jul 30, 2006
My daughter loves Ariel, so we chose a Disney Ariel doll with the Wonder Mold pan on a 11x15 sheet cake.  We have her fin down the back of the rock that is near the shore.  Graham cracker crumbs for sand, and buttercream shells other sea items.
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By vonnie2booboo
Jul 31, 2006
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By frosting111
Aug 21, 2006
MMF over cakes and to create the initial "E".  Lace mold on 2 layers to "duplicate" her gown and simple swiss dots in RI on 2 layers finished base off with a fondant "ribbon".  Brushed the "E" and swiss dot layers in luster dust.  I arranged the flowers to compliment her shade of orange with mini roses and white lilies.  I made this cake for my co worker's sister--they all wanted to know why she asked me to bring a "fake" cake:).  Thank you tbittner &prettycakes (CC) for help with the lace mold--my 1st!
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By margery
Aug 27, 2006
MMF "E" initial.  Lace mold--top layer of 4 satellite cakes.  Fresh flowers.
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By margery
Aug 28, 2006
praying hand painted with luster and pearl dust
By TandTHarrell
Aug 29, 2006
Our Church this year went thru The Chronicles of Narnia, using the religious imagery as the theme..So this is a Devils Food Chocolate Full Sheet. Aslans Tent was carved from Wiltons Wonder Mold (dome) pan in French Vanilla... completely decorated in Buttercream and toys to coincide with the movie
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By southrnhearts
Aug 31, 2006
My little boys over the summer kind of played Tag with a Little Turtle, that they affectionately named "SAM" in my Mothers backyard...We would find him and play with him andnail polished their names on his shell in bright pink nail polish...Then Sam would disappear, and reappar. His last appearance was when my Mothers Neighbor handed him back to us from "over the fence," pink polish still intact! So, as a Birthday gift, I made her a SAM cake for her Birthday a couple weeks later. She was totally surprised!
By southrnhearts
Aug 31, 2006
Okay this was a chocolate cake with ganache filling and french buttercream icing and then covered in MMF - my second time making MMF and the first time it's worked! I used the marshmellow creme recipe but didn't add as much powdered sugar.... somehow it worked out okay! It was also my first time trying to use molds - that didn't go so well - when I picked up the MMF, it lost some of its impression - anyone have tips, please PM me! (yes I dusted w/ some powdered sugar)
By imartsy
Sep 6, 2006
Using the tips from this website, I made this cake for my niece’s birthday. All the kids (and even more adults) were transfixed by it. It was huge! Because I used a real doll (Barbie-size), the wonder mold wasn’t tall enough, so I added an 9-inch round at the bottom. I didn’t like the top ruffle I added at the end (the beads were too “fat”), but the rest of it looked great. Yellow is my niece’s favorite color so the cake was lemon as well.
All buttercream with cake sparkles for shine.
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By Eren
Sep 9, 2006
I'm so tired of Bratz-even though I think these doll cakes turn out pretty cute.  This was a yellow with BC and RI drop flowers
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By mgdqueen
Sep 12, 2006
chocolate fudge cake iced in buttercream covered in fondant. it wasn't really mother's day but i made it for my mom because she got all my cake decorating stuff for me for free! like the wilton mold i used to make the fondant decorations. i painted the whole cake with pearl luster dust. didn't really like the effect coz the fondant didn't look like it dried out at all.
By cosmicbear
Sep 20, 2006
Gumpaste Christening baby molded in First Impressions mold, hand painted with petal dusts thinned in Everclear. Gown and bonnet made of gumpaste, dusted with Super Pearl luster dust.
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By ShirleyW
Mar 24, 2007
Gumpaste Christening baby girl, molded face and hands in Holly Products Mold from England. Features are handpainted with petal dusts thinned in Everclear.
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By ShirleyW
Sep 24, 2006
Baby molded in First Impressions mold, hand painted with petal dusts thinned in Everclear
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By ShirleyW
Sep 24, 2006
And this is the groom's cake for my sister in law's wedding.  Her husband is a fantastic pianist!  He even played most of the prelude music at the wedding.  The decorations are from candy molds.  Classic chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.
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By dolcesunshine20
Sep 24, 2006
Made for my Brother's Wedding.  It's Mixed Berry Pound Cake from the Williams-Sonoma website.  It's not supposed to be so shiny, but it ended up in the cooler and formed condensation when brought to room temp. :(  It was matte with super pearl dust brushed all over the skirt.  Thanks to spottydog for help with the scalloped skirt edge :)
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By mvucic
Oct 1, 2006
Posted this earlier today, but I went out and found this beautiful coloured ‘paua’ lustre dust which I now have painted on her tail, can one be addicted to lustre dust?
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By katharry
Oct 7, 2006
This was a special cake for a special 5 year old with CP.  He loves football and his aunt wanted him to have a fun, wacky shaped cake with things jumping out of it.  Cake covered in mmf, hand painted, royal icing trails painted with gold luster dust.  This took a long time...but it was fun and I was pleased.  She shapes jumping out are chocolates from a Rams mold and other fun football shapes.
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Oct 9, 2006
I was given creative license to make a cake for 2 ladies who were expecting in a study group.  So I decided that I was tired of always smoothing out frosting.  I decided to go with the purposely peaky look.  I made a bunch of fondant molds of baby stuff in different colors to go on the cake.  Aside from my writing being a tad boring (font) and the icing having teeny bubbles in it, I'm pleased.  The pic isn't that clear.  It's really pale green frosting with lite blue writing.  Chocolate with cherry filling
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By karateka
Oct 11, 2006
My first 'Barbie Doll' cake
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By katharry
Oct 12, 2006
12x18 double layer chocolate cake w/rum buttercream candy chocolate cards and mmf chips color mist
3 6
By blessBeckysbaking
Sep 18, 2005


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