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Bride brought in a picture from "The Knot" and wanted that cake. Done in Vanilla cake, alternating layers of filling. FUN! (It matches my living room)
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By tattooedlucy
Oct 14, 2007
This was my second "tury" cake. Alternating chocolate, vanilla cake on the inside filled with chocolate buttercream. Iced in BC, decorations are fondant and letters are gumpaste. Lots of fun!
6 99
By friedgreencats
Oct 16, 2007
2x2 mini square cakes. Lemon cakes with lemon buttercream, covered with fondant.
2 12
By meriya
Oct 27, 2007
I painted the metalic orange and metalic green to give it an oil painted look. A cool  trick that I discovered on my own was to take luster dust or pearl dust and mix it with an equal amount of vodka with a drop or two of color. The picture doesn't capture the brilliance of the green and orange, but you can see it in the blue and pink.
2 8
By nancirules
Nov 8, 2007
Buttercream with fondant accents.  Used floral wire and beads from the craft department.
4 22
By hgct02
Nov 27, 2007
Well, my first attempt at covering a cake with fondant, and adding fondant detailing.  I wanted that 'modern' look with the circles all over.  The cake didn't turn out the way I had envisioned in my head, but being my very first fondant cake, I'm slightly pleased.  I learned a lot, too!!  You can read so many books, but you'll never actually 'learn' until you try it!!!!  Delicious yellow cake with chocolate ganache filling, covered in white buttercream to allow the fondant to stick!
By dcappucci
Nov 29, 2007
I've seen so many of these cakes on CC, I had to try one! BC and image is fondant/gumpaste. Thanks for the inspiration....
1 6
By Cindra
Dec 13, 2007
Hi sugar friends!
These are some royal icing flowers that are made petal by petal, then put together after they are dry.  The bow is gp and the side ribbons are painted with hi-liter dust mixed with vodtka.  Thanks for peeking!
Jennifer Dontz -
Traveling sugar art teacher
21 131
By JenniferMI
Dec 16, 2007
My second wedding cake, all fondant.  I did cut off the left side of the ribbon after I found scissors lol!
2 2
By hollyw567
Jan 7, 2008
This is a three-tiered mod cake I made inspired by some other cakes, including one by Kate Sullivan. It was fairly easy. I super-pearled the white cake before added the circles, and it makes it a bit more fancy.
17 138
By babyqueen
Feb 4, 2008
This customer wanted a "modern girl" themed cake that involved shopping and this is what I came up with. She loved it and that is all that matters. The cake itself is strawberry with glaze in the middle.
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By friedgreencats
Feb 9, 2008
SIL baby shower. choc BC, fondant accents, 1/2 fudge filling & 1/2 caramel filling on yellow cake.  Not quite sure why is doesn't look straight in the picture.  It looked straight on the cake. LOL
1 3
By krysoco
Mar 2, 2008
I did this one in bc with a large gumpaste flower.  The tiers were 8, 10, 12, and 14.  Cake was done in ivory bc.  Used real ivory ribbon for the base of each tier.  Sprayed the whole cake and flower with super pearl luster.  TFL
15 87
By helipops
Mar 3, 2008
10" on 12".  All fondant.  Mom is not edible.  My edible image printer decided to go on strike this week!  I like how this turned out.  Thank you to Sugarshak & to all the other great mod mom cakes here on CC
3 20
By cinjam
Mar 16, 2008
This was my second creation.
9 38
By lriver11
Mar 17, 2008
This is my first creation. Can't wait to continue creating more and more :)
3 3
By lriver11
Mar 17, 2008
Second try at the design I liked so much from another CC member. It's been about a year, so I figured I should try it again! Fondant daisies and leaves, the rest is buttercream. Inside is Yellow Cake with Chocolate Chip Buttercream.
3 23
By czyadgrl
Mar 22, 2008
Modern Cake for a modern girl :)
2 tiers, one 6 inch, one 8 inch.
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By sweetdesignsbyla
Apr 2, 2008
All fondant. It's not completely finished. I still have to put some kind of topper on it.
13 69
By ArtistInTraining07
Apr 4, 2008
I made this cake for my sister’s wedding.  The top and bottom tiers were chocolate cake with raspberry filling.  The two middle tiers were white cake with lemon filling.  It was frosted in buttercream and then covered in fondant.  And accented with brown ribbon and blue forget-me-nots.  Thanks for looking!
3 37
By jenbug_8806
Apr 9, 2008
Kandinsky inspired 40th Birthday cake.  Fondant covered  hand painted with fondant accents.  Everything edible.
2 3
By daphney
Apr 20, 2008
2 36
By wendy1273
Apr 29, 2008
Butter cream covered cake decorated with fondant polka-dot
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By go_tamar
May 10, 2008
Round four-tier wedding cake iced in buttercream with fondant accents and gumpaste monogram
11 55
By karensue
May 15, 2008
This cake was for my 12 year old daughter's birthday.  The two two patterns are from scrapbook paper she picked out for making her invitaions.  (One of which was also used on the cake board.)  All decorating done in buttercream.
By chovest
Jun 4, 2008
14 103
By wendy1273
Jun 10, 2008
Butter cream square cakes with Fondant cut-outs and Fondant circles on florist wire inserted into the top of the cake.
2 7
By karashayne
Jun 13, 2008
This cake was really fun!!
One of 9 others for the same wedding
1 4
By Mandica12182
Jun 14, 2008
another of the famous "belly cakes" Again thanks for the inspiration CC'ers
buttercream and mmf accents
2 6
By marowe4
Jun 15, 2008
This cake was for a teenager.  Wan not sure what to do, but I wanted it to be wild.  Buttercream icing with fondant decoration and bow.  Thanks for looking!!!
11 47
By ByTheSlice
Jun 27, 2008
The popular pregnant sillouette. All buttercream.
2 7
By jenncowin
Jul 13, 2008
Client wanted something modern looking in black and white.  The store ran out of Black Satin Ice, so I had to settle for Black Choco Pan instead.  This was my first time and I was a little frustrated because Choco Pan rips easily, but I'm happy with the overall turnout.  What do you think?
7 8
By Juny1980
Jul 26, 2008
buttercream 6 and 10 inch cakes with fondant icing transfer moms.  Thanks for looking.
3 6
By sweetstuff007
Jul 31, 2008
So everyone has gotten to make this cake, and now I have my turn!  I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it and I am happy with the end result for the most part.  Maybe I can make this into a nice little business!  Thanks for looking!
2 14
By BlueRose8302
Aug 8, 2008
Going away cake for my friend's son. This was just a quick pic I snapped, I intended to get another one later. This cake actually ended up smashed in the floorboard of my friend's car! It is buttercream with fondant circles and balls.
1 6
By hettrk6
Aug 8, 2008
This is the cake I made for my daughter's birthday. The three smaller ones are dummy cakes. 
Everything was made with gumpaste.
8 16
By dragonflydoces
Aug 16, 2008
These are iced in BC using the viva method. The accents are fondant. I got the idea from someone on here, so thanks whoever you are!!!
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By simplysweet72740
Sep 12, 2008
2nd wedding cake, mmf stripes, buttercream & dragees
1 6
By mommameagan
Sep 20, 2008
Fun cake and fun colors for my 30th birthday!  My husband gave me an awesome Vera Bradly bag that happened to match the colors!
1 3
By forthwife
Sep 26, 2008
This cake was for my son's wedding.  I have a long way to go but he loved it.    I made the top out of polymer clay - it is a likeness of the two of them.
8 6
By gloria
Aug 3, 2005


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