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Bamboo, modern columns,  yeah it was different but i like it
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By Mike_Elder
Oct 15, 2009
Ok Ok I know it's different....  But it was the second week in a row at the Modern Art Museum in KCMO...  Colors were black and white and they didn't want it to look like a "normal" wedding cake.  They asked for hearts and squiggly patterns?  They loved it! and it was fun to do
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By Mike_Elder
Oct 19, 2009
Iced in BC and fondant. Combined corn syrup and black gel color then dipped in a round cookie cutter to make the circles on the top tier.
By KelsiJewel
Oct 24, 2009
This cake is 8 and 6 inch tiers covered in MMF.  I cut the flower from a template I made using an exacto knife.  Thanks for checking it out!  Comments welcome :)
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By jardot22
Nov 3, 2009
5 25
By gracefull
Nov 9, 2009
Buttercream cake with fondant momma cut out on the top.
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By ambrat
Nov 11, 2009
Hand cut stripes and handmade scrolls.  This was a fun cake to do.  The cake was supposed to have "16" on the top, which were made in the same style as the scrolls, but both 6's broke ~ hence the last-minute use of Tappits letters, which was not in the original design and I think takes away from the look of the cake ~ but they loved it, so mission accomplished.  :)
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By Cakepro
Nov 15, 2009
For this cupcake I used a chocolate cake with cream cheese filling and chocolate cream cheese frosting. I was going for a modern twist on a holiday cupcake for a party. To decorate I used a handmade flower piped from royal icing, gold luster (petal) dust blown onto half of the top of the cupcake, and clear edible sugar flakes.
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By jkmeow4
Nov 16, 2009
I have been wanting to do a cake like this for a while, and a bride finally picked it :). This is my favorite creation yet. Each tier was 6inches tall, covered in fondant, and then pearlized brown fondant stripes. So pretty :)
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By sweetkisses
Nov 17, 2009
It looked better in person... : (
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By MacsMom
Nov 17, 2009
This cake was for the teachers at my kids' school. Buttery yellow cake with sweet caramel filling. Two layers of 6" cake atop three layers of 10" cake. I made the stand.

This is a copy cake. I must give credit for this beautiful design to deliciously_decadent. Thanks!
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Nov 17, 2009
WASC full sheet cake made for a monthly birthday party at a senior center. She wanted something new and modern and left everything else up to me.  This would be something new for them and not to girly. My first time making a loopy bow and I need more practice!
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By tracycakes
Nov 25, 2009
Orange cake with white chocolate mousse filling with vanilla buttercreme.  Fondant decorations. Made for a friend who has become a successful young lady.  I wanted the cake to be girly yet grown-up.  Inspired by a design by jardott22.
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By sugarplumfairycanada
Nov 27, 2009
The flower was suppose to be a peony but since I dont have the proper cutter the petals didnt turn out correctly, I still like the flower though!
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By sweeteats0919
Dec 5, 2009
Three square tiers, 16-12-8 with metal monogram letters on top. Buttercream with black chocolate fondant circle cut out accents.
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By jtnbatch
Dec 10, 2009
African-american cake for mom to be who loves shoes, shopping, etc.  Enjoy!  Everything in the picture is edible.
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By lladywright
Dec 19, 2009
I'm really pleased with this one. It's actually for my mom's birthday, but I get to add it to my wedding portfolio :)
A little selfish...but she loves purple.
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Dec 23, 2009
a client want a cake for her husband birthday, I ask her if she want something special or have any idea for the cake and she only told everything was decorated in white, I did´nt want the cake to look like a wedding cake or to femenine and remember once saw a cake made of sheets of chocolate and tried to make my own version of it, also this cake is very small is for 30 servings.
By bobryche
Dec 25, 2009
White on white fondant cake with handmade dogwood blossoms
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By PanacheDesserts
Dec 29, 2009
The bride wanted something very modern and different. She found pics of a few cakes she loved in bridal magazines by top designers. We combined the favorite elements and this is what we came up with. MF covered cakes embellished with gum paste flowers, color flow butterflies, and hand painted monogram. TFL
12 42
By belovedcakes
Dec 30, 2009
This was a tiny cake 4" and 6" made for a modern mom, for Mother's Day.
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By sjlarby
Dec 31, 2009
buttercream icing, layered ribbons (black and green) and red flowers.
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By gacakes
Jan 8, 2010
MOB brought a pic for bridal shower.  wanted her daughters cake of modern bride in valentine colors and black.  thanks to jacques pasteries for the orig!  fondant ottoman and gifts with gumpaste bride.
3 3
By sweettoothmom1
Jan 8, 2010
My son needed a cake for a cookout tomorrow with some friends and they all play this game so I through this cake together for him. Nothing fancy. Thanks for looking
By fmcmulle
Jan 9, 2010
Pink Buttercream Damask Cake with Magnolia Topper
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By PanacheDesserts
Jan 16, 2010
Not my original.  Birthday girl choose a cake to re-create.  Hand painted in royal icing.
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By Strazle
Jan 17, 2010
18 243
By gracefull
Jan 22, 2010
This was a dummy for a bridal show.  The theme of our room was pink and brown.  I didn't want it to look too girly pink and brown, so I went with a champagne-ish pink with copper luster dust to give it some depth.  The topper was just an abstract of wedding bands and ribbon.
5 21
By BeesKnees578
Jan 27, 2010
This cake was done for a bridal fair. It is covered with hand-painted, fondant circles.
By BitofWhimsyCakes
Jan 31, 2010
I had so much fun making this! Everyone thought I was crazy for making my own, but it was well worth it. Everything is fondant, except flower, which is gumpaste. I painted with Americolors and lusterdust mixed in lemon extract. I don't know who to credit the design to, I found a cake with the pleated design on Google Images.  So I just took that idea and designed this cake around it. Thanks for looking!
8 32
By bigsisof3kids
Feb 1, 2010
Just some white on white cakes
3 11
By cindyjz
Feb 5, 2010
The theme of the baby shower was Modern Baby.  This is the topper I made for the cake.  Forgot to take picture of actual cake though... oops. Thanks for looking!
4 21
By sugar_me_sweet
Feb 7, 2010
This cake was super fun because of the color combo! This was a birthday gift from a sweet lady to her guy. She loved another cake that I did for my girl cousin, but wanted to "man" it up a bit. Top: chocolate cake w/chocolate cream filling. Bottom: vanilla cake w/fresh strawberry filling. Stripes, Dots and Funky "T" are all fondant.
2 1
By cksweets
Feb 13, 2010
My lil Modern Baby. She's so cute! Covered in her pink satin blankie. Modern Baby Shower Cake. Design inspired by misterc's cake and the baby shower invitation. Top & Bottom tier chocolate w/chocolate buttercream filling. Middle tier vanilla/white w/vanilla buttercream filling. Baby and flowers are made out of fondant. Handpainted pearlizing stuff on the blankie, some polka dots, the strollers and the flower middles. Just to give it a little extra "pretty~ness". Hope you like it. :)
2 19
By cksweets
Feb 13, 2010
done for a baby girl shower....8 and 10 inch cakes.....vanilla and chocolate buttercream with mmf accents.  They wanted a very whimsical design to match her nursery.  I got ideas off of here of course!  TFL!
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By LMiles4
Feb 13, 2010
Modern  square cake with differant  types of dots and circle design in blue, brown and white.
 Made  Feb 12 2010 for a friend's Birthday
 ( this is the 4th cake i had done  over  the course of 3 days ! )
By BarbieAnnPlaysWithHerFOOD
Feb 14, 2010
This was done for a beach wedding.  The customer wanted something clean and elegant and loved the idea
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By kakebakery
Feb 15, 2010
I made this cake for my son's 25th birthday. It represents all of his favorite things He is a huge fan of the movie, The Hangover, as well as the video game Modern Warfare 2.  He is also currently in college, so I added the book bag too.  He loved the cake. TFL
By tmterlaan
Feb 15, 2010
I did this for a friend's baby shower, and it was fun to be able to choose a design on my own for once!  I wanted to do something different and contemporary, so I looked online at some invitations.  I found one that had these colors and the silhouette, and I love how it turned out!  It's a 10inch square frosted in buttercream, with modeling chocolate for the silhouette and circles.
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By texanlostlover
Feb 16, 2010
This cake was for my son's wedding.  I have a long way to go but he loved it.    I made the top out of polymer clay - it is a likeness of the two of them.
8 6
By gloria
Aug 3, 2005


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