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I did this cake for my sister's baby shower.  My sister was tired of seeing only pastel colors for baby showers, so she requested a contemporary design with bright colors.  This cake was done completely in buttercream.
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By cherec
Mar 7, 2006
This is the birthday cake I did for one of my husband's best friends.  The tiers are 6",7", and 8".  I iced the cake with chocolate crusting cream cheese buttercream and added white fondant circles and chocolate fondant balls dusted with super gold luster dust.  I also used the fondant balls on the topper--just wired them and added some royal icing for exta glue between the wires and the balls.
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By fronklowes
Jun 18, 2006
This is lemon raspberry cake I made for a friends wedding.  She preferred a more modern look.  I loved how it turned out!
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By msams
Jun 29, 2006
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By marcimang
Jul 1, 2006
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By Steady2Hands
Jul 5, 2006
This wedding cake was mede for a dear friend,the desing it basesed on her wedding dress
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By pellareamerica
Aug 9, 2006
I've seen quite a few requests for ideas for different fonts, so I thought I'd upload some interesting ones that I found. Enjoy!
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By czyadgrl
Aug 29, 2006
Another set of letters to match the numbers.
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By czyadgrl
Sep 12, 2006
This is for a baby shower tomorrow evening. They wanted the cake to match the invitation and read Happy "Birth"day Laura (mom to be). I outlined the woman in edible marker free hand then filled in with petal dusts. Trees and sky and doggie also all in petal dusts to replicate the "chalk" affect on the invite. The cake is a classic yellow cake I wanted to try, filled with lemon Italian meringue buttercream. Covered in fondant. I'm uploading the close ups of the invite woman and the one I painted. Enjoy!!
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By heavenlycakes
Sep 20, 2006
French Vanilla Cake with Lemon Curd Filling.  It's covered in white fondant with black fondant dots and pink and green fondant ribbon rose.  First attempt at the rose... I'm happy with it! :-) And I think Mom loved it :-)
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By Lizbvic
Oct 16, 2006
My own design, tapered cylinder mud cake with a ganache filling.  l love this style and am hoping it will become my signature cake. colors are blue and mocha, iced in vienna cream frosting with a hand made satin bow. all decorations are mmf.  really enjoyed making this one!!!!!!!!!
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By sweet_as_tisse
Nov 2, 2006
A carrot cake with cream cheese filling/frosting is the foundation for this "Thank You" cake, which I decorated simply in some "mod" colors.
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By mmichelew
Nov 9, 2006
My attempt at a Sugarshack cake (which of course is way out of league) so I had to adapt it to my skill level. The Mom-to-be seemed to like it. Top layer Lemon cake, bottom layer white cake with raspberry filling.
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By mkerton
Dec 11, 2006
For a friend's son's 2nd Birthday - She drew out the design, baked the bottom tier and then we assembled and decorated together. Bottom is fondant, top is rolled buttercream Mickeys on buttercream. Hat topper is an ice cream cone with fondant decorations. I would have liked a simple border on the top tier but we ran out of time and she wanted to keep it simple anyway. Had fun doing this, umm... the morning of the party – that's the good part about doing this for fun with the friend that it's for! ;)
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By czyadgrl
Jan 29, 2007
This cake was based on the napkins and plates used at the baby shower.  It is buttercream with fondant accents.
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By tsc
Feb 18, 2007
I did this cake for a wedding show we attended.  Its a fake cake.  It got alot of attention at the show and is now in the lobby of a really nice restaurant.  Its cake dummies covered in MMF with white MMF strios and MMF ribbon roses.  We got the really dark brown color by airbrushing the color on, easier for me then trying to color all that fondant so dark.  Hope everyone likes it.
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By rachpizano
Mar 26, 2007
This is a chocolate cake with white chocolate buttercream filling, white rolled fondant amd black fondant pattern.  A 40th birthday cake for a friend who was having a black and white inspired party. .
By pleasantkiwi
Mar 30, 2007
NFSC with antonia74's royal icing.....I made these as sample cookies for someone who may want to order some for a baby shower.....she wanted one dollar sized cookies but I can't get it small enough...the small ones are 5 inches tall and the bigger ones are almost 8 inches tall......I'm thinking about telling her 2 bucks for the little, and 3 for the bigger ones what do you think??  I charged her 1 dollar each for the sweet pea baby cookies in my pics...but I couldn't get all the details on a 3" one for $1
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By KHalstead
May 5, 2007
2 tier white/bc w/ fondant ribbons and bows dusted with pearl luster dust. I did not meet the bride at all. Hope she liked it.
By suzystewart
May 8, 2007
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By marcimang
May 15, 2007
BC frosting with fondant accents. These cakes matched the party invitations.
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By kimhering
May 21, 2007
very modern version of my froggy. Cake covered with fondant, frog made from modelling paste and gras and lily are gumpaste. Ribbon is a real one.
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By Tuggy
Jun 8, 2007
Just an experiment in freehand piping.  Chocolate fudge w/choco. chips, BC icing
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By bakeyclacker
Jun 14, 2007
I made this cake for my cousin's bridal shower ~ based on the colors of her wedding and her love of modern/funky stuff like this :)  She loved it!  MMF covered and lilies are made of wilton fondant.
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By shalderman
Jun 16, 2007
this was inpire by a cake shown in here
it was made to please a traditional mom and a modern bride
the forst is chocolate fondat and cookie glass
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By pellareamerica
Jun 21, 2007
Cake was inspired by Cakestring's (sarrebjim's from design.  It was for my sister's baby shower.
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By klundberg
Jul 9, 2007
I was asked by my coworker to make a wedding cake for a reception  for her friends coming to Alaska for a vacation. I said sure! This mini cake is for a  reception for 5 people.  I used  6", 5", 4", and a 3"  cake pan.
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By Purseonality
Jul 20, 2007
Buttercream cake with turquoise ribbon.  Fondant circles of turquoise and brown.  Bow done in gumpaste.
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By Anonymous
Aug 3, 2007
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By Rachael1013
Aug 4, 2007
I got this idea from others here a cake central!  It was a huge hit!  This was a baby shower cake for my co-worker.  It was carrot cake with a white chocolate cream cheese frosting.  The mom is made of MMF
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By mkmetz
Aug 7, 2007
I didn't realize this was a design on paper plates!  I made this one in the same colors as the plates.
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By mkmetz
Aug 9, 2007
Tada!  It was beautiful like this when I delivered the cake, then I went home and got ready (it was for my friend's wedding so I was attending as well) and then I walked into the reception hall and OMG, they had sat it RIGHT in direct sunlight and the decorator's cream cheese frosting under the fondant had bulged between the layers and the whole cake was shiny. I was mortified and angry because I had made a beautiful cake and it was ruined before anyone could see it. But, they SAID they loved it.
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By domestic_diva
Aug 12, 2007
this cake was inspired by so many of you fellow CCers....THANK YOU SO MUCH! the client loved it!
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By SweetToothFairy
Aug 13, 2007
I made this for the lady that does my nails/pedicures.  Which I am taking in to her tommorrow,as a surprise before she goes on maternity leave. It is a 9 inch/2 layer yellow cake,raspberry preserves filling chocolate buttercream with MMF decorations.  I got the template from an invitation I found online.  I have also seen other CCer's do these and have always wanted to try this theme,so thanks for your inspirations.  Enjoy!
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By ncbert
Aug 16, 2007
Want to thank the CC member I copied this cake from for her inspiration (really can't remember who it was - sorry) - her cake was much nicer though.  Made it for a friend's birthday.  Guava flavoured white cake with strawberry filling covered in fondant with fondant accents.
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By Verina
Aug 21, 2007
Individual 7-inch cakes, all different flavors.  I used this photo to make a "flavor guide" for the hostess, identifying the flavors of each
cake.  Each cake is covered with fondant, with fondant accents.  The letters/numbers are gumpaste brushed with confectioners
glaze mixed with glitter dust..
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By DianeLM
Sep 26, 2007
Here is a picture of the iPod cake I did for my daughters 10th birthday.  The best part about it was her gift (an actual ipod) was placed inside when I torted the cake.  So she was super surprised!!!
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By Sarahsmile77
Oct 1, 2007
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By amodeoandrea
Oct 7, 2007
I did this cake for a friend, her colors were red and white, it was a 6x3,8x3, and 10x3" tiered rum cake covered and decorated in fondant.  It was a beach wedding, outdoors, and the monogram was supposed to be standing up, but the wind was too strong, so i laid it flat.  I got the idea from an all white version of that cake i saw in a wedding magazine.  TFL
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By karmicflower
Oct 8, 2007
This cake was for my son's wedding.  I have a long way to go but he loved it.    I made the top out of polymer clay - it is a likeness of the two of them.
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By gloria
Aug 3, 2005


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