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This is the first wedding cake I have done outside of family.  I actually got PAID for it!  LOL
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By Coastiemom
Jun 20, 2006
All white buttercream w/ raspberry crm filling. The fence post, hats, boots and tassel buttons are mmf there are two sheetcakes that go along with this. It took me most of a week to make the decorations.The horseshoes are real. I had them welded and painted. With alot of good support, it worked out real good.  Everyone loved the cake and it tasted good too! Thank you all for your ideas and inspiration
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By candocakes
Jul 19, 2006
4 layers - french vanilla - lemon filling and my lemon cream cheese frosting.Tasted awesome, but the wedding was up in Yosemite Park and the drive up there was not fun with cake!  The roses were supplied by the florist. They came in little vials of water, I've never done that before and you can see the front rose smashed and buldged the cake because I inserted it wrong... I'll never transport a cake to Yosemite again.  Was really pretty though.
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By alicegop
Sep 17, 2006
this is one of my favorite cakes. all buttercream except for the bow.
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By pattycaker
Sep 18, 2006
Bottom layer is white cake, top layer is strawberry cake.  The daisies are gumpaste.  The rest is buttercream.  The circle cake on top is a wagon wheel which represents ninety years of life.  One tenth is iced in brown to represent ten years left to living a full century (100).
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By Steady2Hands
Sep 24, 2006
Big cake!  16" sq., 14" round, 12" hex, 8" round, 5" square.  All white w/ white buttercream.  Gumpaste bow.
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By cakesbyallison
Oct 3, 2006
I wasn't happy with this cake at all.  The trim is brown, but for once, it was actually too dark.  It's hard to tell in this particular picture, but it's actually leaning.  Never had one leaning before so I was disappointed.  I also think the top tier is a little to big even at 4".
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By StandingForJesus
Nov 12, 2006
I was so bored doing this cake...probably, because it was so white!!!  It was all BC, with 120 RI roses!  I guess you can't love all of the cakes you do!!!
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By sbcakes
Apr 30, 2007
I made this cake for a good friend's wedding, one I was also in...  All buttercream with rhinestone banding around the bottom and third tiers.
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By Almali
May 8, 2007
a birthday cake for practise. all fondant
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By buffim
Jun 14, 2007
This is just a smaller version of the Nicky Wedding Cake I'd done before.  Just missing the larger bottom tier.
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By StandingForJesus
Jun 22, 2007
I have just finished this one for a bridal show next week. both dummy cakes.. with the diamond pattern on the bottom tier and hand rolled all the balls round bottom of both tiers... flowers made of the fondant and then dusted with grape lustre. just a good excuse to play round with a new design. Flowers are made by using round cutouts then folded pleated each petal then ball of icing on top poked holes in for texture
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By Ariginal
Jul 2, 2007
All BC, BC monogram, held in OKC botanical gardens--so Humid!!!!
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By Mencked
Aug 6, 2007
Well this was a oops!  It was supposed to be 3 stacked squares with the bottom layer a dummy.   So I did the dummy 14inch square, and then for some strange reason I baked 2 rounds!!!  No problem I will re-bake--couldn't find my 10 inch square pan!!UGGH I called her and she said no problem do whatever I wanted.  So bottom is 14 inch square dummy, then 10 inch round choc. cake with raspberry filling, and 6 inch round french vanilla with BC filling, top is a 6 inch square dummy.  MMF bows and real ribbon.
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Aug 7, 2007
The monogram was designed with purple colored white chocolate.
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By varneyk
Aug 9, 2007
My daughters wedding cake, all done in buttercream.  Was more frazzled doing this cake than any I've done!
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Aug 17, 2007
This was the first wedding cake I've done with fondant detail work.  The serving tray was passed down through the Brides family and made a great cake stand.
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By Erdica
Aug 23, 2007
This cake I did for a couple last summer.  Had some issues with fitting the cake topper on the top.  The base of the topper was oval shaped and it was very heavy.  I think it turned out well.
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By Erdica
Aug 23, 2007
Here is my 2nd wedding cake in 2 weeks.  A 14" square, 12" round, 10" round and 6" square.  Gumpaste flowers painted various shades of pink and then luster dust applied for a little sparkle.  I also made 3 cheesecakes for the grooms cake - but forgot to take the picture!  I'm not a fan of the brids topper at all - and I feel that it takes away from the cake.  Please feel free to give me any suggestions - I need them to become a better decorator.
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By Suzycakes
Sep 20, 2007
This is a cake I did for my cousins wedding. 
It's a dummy cake with fresh flowers since we had to take it from Cape Cod Massachusetts to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Everything made it safely even though it was such a LONG drive.
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Sep 26, 2007
After a few fondant struggles, I finally finished this cake.  A big "thank you" to everyone who gave me words of encouragement and gave me pointers on how to minimize the most obvious flaws.  I owe a big "thank you" to Leahs who turned me on to the SPS (I delivered it stacked...who hooo!).
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By crazy4sugar
Oct 6, 2007
This is our take on the "Target" cake.It was a 14in square, 12 in round, 8 in square, and 6 in round.  Butter cream icing with fondant stripes, circles, swags, and dots.  This color was a nightmare to work with but the bride LOVED it!  Sue even got to peek at the couple cutting the cake!  Thanks for looking!
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By FatAndHappy
Oct 14, 2007
I realize the square tier is too large. But it is the dimensions that the client ordered so that's what they got : )
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By domestic_diva
Oct 20, 2007
This is another angle of my  mixed shape cake : )
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By domestic_diva
Oct 20, 2007
Choc. MMF, BC icing on top.  Coconut cake from CC recipes, YUMMY!
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By gingersoave
Oct 25, 2007
Ivory fondant with chocolate fondant polka dots. Brown ribbon wrapped around base of each. The bride wanted a fun cake!
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By nanny4
Oct 28, 2007
14" round, 12" petal, 9" hexagon and 6" round cakes, covered in fondant.  The bride liked my "Henna" cake, but wanted mixed shapes, and in a "light cantelope" color, airbrushed w/ luster dust and we addes some rhinestones for more sparkle.  I liked the cake design, but wasn't crazy on the color!  I think this would have been beautiful in ivory!
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By cakesbyallison
Oct 29, 2007
French vanilla cake with chocolate SMBC and brown sugar SMBC trim and filled with Chocolate Irish Creme Mousse.   Flowers are RI and fruit is my homemade marzipan.  I cheated on the cornucopia basket and it has a gumpaste base with the RI added.  Didn't trust myself to do just RI basketweave.
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By dynee
Nov 21, 2007
Very easy  wedding cake.  Carrot cake with buttercream frosting.  Apples and roses are silk.  The couple had a very modest budget.
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By 1nanette
Dec 2, 2007
The bride found this in a magizine we just made it maroon and white.
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By Suebee
Dec 14, 2007
critique subgroup member:
all fondant nutcracker, bowl is a white cake covered in mmf with fondant mixed nuts and fondant bow. Cakes in the back are red velvet covered in BC with little trees along the borders. I can't even begin to explain the mistakes made during the 3:30 a.m. frenzy to finish- trees hid a multitude of sins to be able to pull it off. :) My family loved it though...Merry Christmas and TFL!! :)
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By sylly
Dec 25, 2007
weird light coral color and fallfondant leaves and we took fresh mums off the tables to make up a topper
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By Cakenicing4u
Jan 17, 2008
12, 10,6 display cake. MMF, satin ribbon, silk hydrangeas, pearl border, diamond impression.  Inspired by Sugarshack. Thanks for Looking!
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By kimberlina25
Jan 27, 2008
4 tiers alternating round and square; scroll work and pearls alternated; navy blue ribbon border; fresh roses as topper
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By shantel575
Feb 5, 2008
This is a cake i made a long time ago for my step brother and his wife. it was my first wedding cake. It is choc white and yellow cakes with BC frosting and flowers. It was a good try
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By hippy_chick_22366
Feb 9, 2008
This was for a co-worker's friends daughter. They picked the cake out of a supermarket book but didn't want to pay their price. HA! I didn't let them off easy. I copied it exactly!! The only thing not buttercream are the flowers, they are silk.  (I had not yet mastered gumpaste roses. Now, I may never use silk)
By gscout73
Feb 17, 2008
This is a replica of a wedding cake found in a bridal magazine.  The original cake is by Anna Carreiro from Scrumption Inc.  Instead of gumpaste shells, I used white chocolate for all of the shells and the monogram.  The pearls are made from fondant.  The cake is iced in buttercream with fondant stripes on the top tier.  The bottom tier is vanilla, the second tier is chocolate and the top tier is vanilla/ strawberry marble. Dimensions are 12" round, 8" square and 6" square.
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By Mizzlili15
Mar 2, 2008
The bride was dead set on matching the bridesmaids dresses, much to the dislike of the mother of the bride!!! After many attempts, I was finally able to get the icing to match. Bottom layer was white with strawberry filling, next layer was chocolate, top two layers were butter pecan. All covered in buttercream and dusted with pink luster dust.
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By mamajan61
Mar 13, 2008
I made this for my son's fourth birthday.  He's a huge Scooby Doo fan.  I also made a Scooby character cake to go along with this one.
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By hollyw567
Mar 17, 2008
Small wedding cake made for my friends.  My first square cake too!  Top tier white chocolate with homemade raspberry filling and white chocolate icing.  Bottom was white cake with praline pecan filling and bc icing.  Got to try some things I'd wanted to work on-embroidery type flowers and dragonfly and the square cake!
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By dodibug
Jan 2, 2006


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