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What a lot of work! Yikes!! 

Mini vanilla cupcakes with handmade pink gumpaste flowers with edible pearl centres & mini chocolate cupcakes with piped chocolate hearts. 

Had to make 850 individual petals to create the pink flowers. My hand will never be the same again!!
16 69
By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
I love doing cupcakes and these little cupcakes are great for any occasion.
6 14
By hockeymom
Feb 23, 2006
chocolate and white mini cupcakes with buttercream icing and colored sugar sprinkles.  These were for a Leadership Jackson County class graduation.
By alicia_froedge
May 17, 2006
These were for a baby shower for the first grade teacher. Since kids had so much other food, I figured the smaller cupcakes were sufficient.
3 5
By mgowan
Jan 19, 2006
here are some mini cupcakes - filled with canned frosting and iced with wilton buttercream - just for fun!
By mcclj9583
Jun 21, 2006
I made this for a friend who is started a substitute teacher job today.  It's 2 dark chocolate mini loaf cakes carved to look like a pot w/2 dark chocolate cupcake placed at the top.  She liked it (I  The icing on the pot isn't very smooth, but it was a learning experience.
1 2
By pscsgrrl
Aug 15, 2006
Mini Cupcakes, with drop flowers.  Banana cake and buttercream icing.  Bringing these to a backyard party today!
5 10
By PinkPreppy
Aug 26, 2006
First cupcake cake.  Made with about 26 mini cupcakes.  I wanted to make some of these for Christmas, and since I had never done anything like this before, this was a practice one for my co-workers.  Very easy.  Iced in buttercream.  Thanks for the idea CCer's.
6 34
By mhill91801
Dec 11, 2006
Dairy-free white vanilla cupcakes iced in buttercream with fondant flowers.  These were made for my girls to bring to pre-school today to share at snack time.
1 7
By tripletmom
Jun 5, 2006
I used leftover batter from the "Darn good chocolate cake" recipe and baked these up for  Dh to take to work.  I'm still practicing my piping.  The little hearts were practice CT's.
2 1
By Tug
Jan 14, 2007
These were just for practice. Thanks to everyone on CC for the inspiration.
By 4kids
Jan 15, 2007
Just tiny cupcakes for my daughter Mailee to bring to Kindergarden on her "real birthday".  I used the leftover royal icing flowers from her Tinkerbell cake (see Tink cake in my photos) Buttercream icing for the lavendar.
2 1
By my3girlies
Jan 21, 2007
Practice chocolate cupcakes with "hostess cupcake filling".  These little mini cupcakes use up a ton of icing!
By coutrygirl
Feb 6, 2007
Made these tiny cupcakes to go along with the cookies I made for my niece's Valentine's day party.  So much fun.
4 2
By mkerton
Feb 12, 2007
MMF fondant 12" heart cake topped with mini cupcakes frosted in buttercream then topped with white chocolate hearts.
By shelie
Feb 13, 2007
A tower of mini cupcakes (180-190 of them) with a top cutting cake. The cake is hand-painted with the words engraved into the bride's ring...

"two hearts ~ one soul"    (and the infinity symbol)
10 59
By antonia74
Mar 10, 2007
french vanilla mini cupcakes with vanilla bc. silver dragees for decoration!
4 6
By rhiannonbell
Mar 10, 2007
devils food with vanilla bc. yum!
3 2
By rhiannonbell
Mar 10, 2007
Mini Cupcakes decorated to match the Dora the Explorer cake.  Strawberry cake with butter cream icing.
By OhMyGoodies
Dec 18, 2006
wasc cupcakes with rasberry buttercream. fondant accents and fresh rasberries. thanks for looking.
1 1
By Tolinda
Apr 2, 2007
Mini cupcakes frosted with a rose....and stuck into foam with toothpicks...thanks for looking!
16 59
By KHalstead
Apr 7, 2007
Mini German Chocolate Cupcakes with a small sugar cookie w/royal icing on each.
8 30
By lanibird
Apr 15, 2007
WASC mini cupcakes made in the cupcake liners my sister sent to me.
By BarbaraK
Apr 20, 2007
These were made for a graduation luncheon. They were colored to match the invitations, pink and green. Strawberry with vanilla bc.
3 6
By rhiannonbell
Apr 22, 2007
Here's my first try at these cupcake bouquets. I used a very small flower pot with a 2 1/2" styrofoam ball inside. These held 9-10 mini cupcakes that are frosted in buttercream with a royal icing flower on top. Inspired by Cambo!
3 7
By KimAZ
May 10, 2007
A bouquet made with mini-cupcakes.  There are 16 minis in this bouquet.  I tried the swirl effect on the icing.
2 4
By lakaty
May 13, 2007
I made 2 of these for Mother's Day.  Mini chocolate cupcakes iced with chocolate Irish cream frosting.  My Mom and MIL LOVED these!
3 9
By tripletmom
May 13, 2007
A first for me.  Made it today using WASC w/ International Delight Chocolate Caramel coffee creamer (very good).  Frosting is White Chocolate Buttercream.  Also very good, but a little overpowering for the cake.  Next time I'll make buttercream and add in the Chocolate Caramel.
13 11
By Sugar_Plum_Fairy
May 13, 2007
Mini Cupcakes, Chocolate cups with Raspberry Mousse filling, Mini Frosted Sugar Cookies and Cake Truffles.
2 1
Jun 1, 2007
Mini chocolate cake with caramel filling and chocolate frosting. Fondant butterflies and flowers. Yummy!
7 15
By tiptop57
Jun 2, 2007
A cupcake bouquet using mini cupcakes and buttercream roses.
4 13
By MaryAtk
Jun 3, 2007
Mini cupcakes for a monogram baby shower
3 18
By darby822
Jun 5, 2007
Thanks Cambo, great tuturiol.  This is my first try for a friend of mine made with 15 mini cupcakes. Next time will add bow to pot.  TFL
1 4
By dayana
Jun 8, 2007
9 37
By Destini
Jun 10, 2007
Mini cupcake bouquet with buttercream roses.
5 14
By MaryAtk
Jun 17, 2007
This is my version of a cupcake bqt. it is mini cupcakes in a 6inch clay pot. thanks for looking. buttercream icing. the feet prints are stickers.
3 23
By turtlemom
Jun 24, 2007
Fondant cakes and the separators in between them are fondant covered styrofoam.  The calla lilies are sugarpaste and there are real mini cupcakes half on and half off the edges iced in fondant with royal icing flowers.  Their topper is a customized bobble head doll they made :)
1 1
By KoryAK
Jul 2, 2007
quick 4th of July mini cupcakes.  I had tiny white chocolate stars made, so my dd luster dusted them and stuck one in each 1 (barely see them).  They don't look the best with the rush job but they are festive little things.  Happy 4th everybody!!!
By wgoat5
Jul 4, 2007
Mini cupcake bouquet with buttercream roses
5 8
By MaryAtk
Jul 8, 2007
My first cupcake bouquet.  Thanks to cambo for the great idea and tutorial!  These are 17 mini cupcakes - doctored cake mix & Pastry Pride frosting.  It survived a trip in the back of a van with no shocks!  Eek!  I held it in my hand the entire trip, all of 10 minutes.  My sister and niece each want two of these this month.  Yippee!
2 6
By chestercheeto
Jul 9, 2007


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