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This is only the BCT (my 1st) of my husband's military regimental crest. He is a military policeman. And I wanted to get everyone's opinion of it. I did have a few scrapes. But since it is my first(and only a practice one) I am satisfied. i will be able to learn from the mistakes I made on it for when it is time for the real one. Thanks for looking! And for whatever opinions you may have. Happy Baking!!
By tanyascakes
Apr 13, 2005
This is the cake I did for hubby's promotion. It is Devil's Food w/ kahlua flavored BC, raspberry filling and BCT. I didn't like how plain it came out. But everyone at the party loved it. I even got a few cake orders for the summer!!
By tanyascakes
May 13, 2005
Made this cake for my husbands promotion to Major
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By cakecre8tor
May 19, 2005
Made for my son's 3rd birthday - used the pampered chef measuring bowl for the hat
2 1
By cakecre8tor
May 19, 2005
Made for my son's 4th birthday
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By cakecre8tor
May 24, 2005
I love to bake and I wanted to surprise my hubby with a Tank cake... He just loooved it. It is covered with sugar fondant (I am not great in covering with fondant) and the camouflage is painted on with thinned foodcolor
6 2
By Esther
Jun 6, 2005
This picture is a little dark, and it was a wee bit early this morning when taking it. =o)
By MoonicaLeigh
Jun 23, 2005
I accidently posted my tank cake in the wrong category. Here we go again...
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By Esther
Jun 27, 2005
By TinaRe
Jul 12, 2005
I made this for my friend's Change of Command last week.  She loves the rope border so I had to make it again.  I had to transport the cake two hours away, so when we arrived I noticed that the cake had sunk in the middle a bit on the edges.  These are chocolate and white cakes with banana cream pudding.
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By jlvmorales
Jul 25, 2005
16" Marble Cake with chocolate buttercream icing, all edible decorations are buttercream. My favorite part about this cake is the sand bag trim.
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By rhomb
Sep 6, 2005
This was also last minute, although I had more than 6 hours to complete it!  A friend had a going away party for her son who was going into the army, and this is what she wanted.  This was my first attempt at camo!  The heat took it's toll on it as it took about an hour and a half drive in 90 + degree weather!!  It is a yellow cake with buttercream all around!
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By kakes_by_kim
Sep 17, 2005
I made this "pro bono" for the AF Ball this year.  I almost cried, nobody ate it.  It was made to feed over 200 people and I think there were 5 pieces missing.  They did the cake cutting ceremony, but for some reason, didn't put plates and forks out, so nobody ate it.  My b/f took the two top pieces to work and everyone loved him for it!!  Oh well.
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By oohlalacakes
Sep 19, 2005
I made this retirement cake for one of my husband's soldiers.  I was really, really sick from a sinus and allergy infection so it was hard to get the quartermaster symbol right and I did not finish the cake until two hours before the ceremony.  Made my husband nervous.  I was not at all happy with it.
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By jlvmorales
Sep 25, 2005
This was fashioned after a vintage recruitment poster.
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By djjarrett88
Oct 14, 2005
Promotion cake for the military
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By peachstate
Oct 27, 2005
Different view of Promotion
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By peachstate
Oct 27, 2005
This was first attempt on something other than class cakes. He wanted army and this is how my camo ended up. I made the canopy with royal icing on the side of a vase. He loved it!!!
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By jenurator
Nov 10, 2005
I made this cake for the farewell party for my husbands unit when they went to Afghanistan. It's a full sheet cake. This is not a BCT. This was done by copying with piping gel, flipping it over onto cake and filling it in. I have since discoverd BCT. This was one of the first cakes that I did. I have been doing cakes for about a year now. Cakecentral gives me so many ideas. THANKS
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By celebrations
Nov 12, 2005
This cake is the second cake this size I've done. Its 
3  12 x 18's put together. It actually started off rough. For a cake this size, I couldn't get it smooth, and plus the bc that I always use, for some reason today wasn't as creamy as it was when I made it yesterday. But I'm very proud of this. You may not be able to see it but there are little Christmas Trees and presents on the sides of the cake. Thanks for looking!
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By ken
Dec 16, 2005
This is the first homemade cake I made for a customer. The guy was coming home from the Navy and it was his birthday also.
2 6
By Sonya
Jan 14, 2006
Here is another reenlistment cake. It is a 1/2 sheet with buttercream icing and an edible image....thanks for looking.....
4 5
By spoiledtoodef
Jan 25, 2006
My latest creation for a 5 year old boy.
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By AlamoSweets
Jan 28, 2006
Royal Icing picture.  On such detailed stuff like this I like to use the royal icing as opposed to the FBCT - I've had some of my fbct outlines run together so I didn't want to risk it.  This is a double layer 13X9.  Had to make the badge as large as I could so that I could get the details in there...ended up taking up the whole cake!
9 7
By fytar
Feb 10, 2006
Simple Camo cake. I used chocolate buttercream & tinted 1/3 black, 1/3 moss green, and left the other brown. #17 star tip
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By BellaRosa
Feb 22, 2006
Thanks for everyone's suggestions on this.
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By tawnyachilders
Feb 25, 2006
This is one of three cakes I am making for my hubby's goodbye party at work.  This is his current command patch.  There are things that need improving but I am overall happy with it.  It is the first time I have ever torted a cake, piped a border, and done a "real' FBCT.
By freddyfl
Feb 28, 2006
this is cake #2 of 3 for hubbys goodbye party.  This is the patch of his new command.  Again, things to improve on, but I am pleased with it over all.  Now it is time to go start the 3-D submarine cake.
By freddyfl
Feb 28, 2006
This is the third and final cake in the series of cakes I made for my hubbies goodbye party. Overall I would say I did pretty well considering they were only the 3rd, 4th, and 5th decorated cakes I have ever made.  The cake itself is a white cake with bavarian cream filling and buttercream frosting.  The sub is covered in chocolate mmf (MMMM soo tasty) and painted with black food coloring, everything else is buttercream.
12 9
By freddyfl
Mar 1, 2006
This is a picture of my son Ethan's 6th birthday cake.  We had an army theme, so I thought it would be fun to make my own cake.  I bought a pack of soldier at Wal-Mart for 2 dollars to decorate the cake.  I used crushed graham crackers for the dirt.  It was really fun to make.
By Stephiepooh
Mar 9, 2006
Made this for a friend's son's 10th Birthday.  Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing and fondant accents.
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By thecakemaker
Mar 10, 2006
Just practicing colorflow on the USCG emblem.
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By iceberg
Mar 14, 2006
Done for a little boys birthday, w/ a "military" theme.  All buttercream.
13 63
By cakesbyallison
Mar 24, 2006
1/2 sheet cake marble with BC icing.  Chocolate stars.
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By cakecre8tor
Apr 1, 2006
Tomorrow's my husband's promotion!  Yay!  He wanted something simple, with of course, the rope borders.  Tried to talk him into something different, but he really liked this design.
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By jlvmorales
Apr 2, 2006
A fbct of oak leaf to celebrate promotion to major.
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By sweetcreation
Apr 2, 2006
This is a cake I did for my squadron in Germany.  We had a grand opening and had a little reception.  It's a yellow sheet cake with BC.  The emblem in the center is the squadron logo; also done in BC.
By egarman
Apr 4, 2006
Half sheet cake with chocolate transfer of the new Battalion Logo. This was a gift to my husbands command & my first chocolate transfer. I had a blast making it. Unfortunately, my 3yo broke it before I could put it on the cake so the 1 is missing.
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By BellaRosa
Apr 5, 2006
I don't seem to try anything easy for my first  This is the cake for my Sweetheart.  It was his birthday, and a surprise party.  I knew I was going to put his fave plane on the cake, but didn't know how until I read up on the frozen buttercream transfer method.  He loved it, and didn't want to cut into it.  It is all buttercream and I wanted the border to resemble clouds, which they do ...sort of :P
4 6
By KrisD13
Apr 6, 2006
Buttercream cake with chocolate Transfers.
8 10
By missjane
Apr 13, 2005


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