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Another mice infested cake.
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By nanzz
Jul 7, 2007
This is the cake that I was making for the contest. Life got in the way and I didn't get it finished until today. Oh well, it was fun and good practice. My daughter can't wait to get her hands on the mice.
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By jgclucas
Aug 7, 2005
My first attempt with fondant.  The mice are molded from fondant and the cake was baked in a pyrex bowl.  It was a big hit, my nephew yelled "there are mice on this cake auntie" when he saw it!
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By lynnie
Sep 4, 2005
Here is a cake ball Christmas Tree.. I seen someone here made one. I thought I have to make one.. I had no stryofoam cone.. So I used a stryofoam cup.. dipped in chocolate, turned it upside down and TA-DA.. A cake ball Christmas Tree.. After I put the cake balls on the tree I sprayed it with Wilton green icing spray.. Then drizzled white chocolate and add crushed peppermints and of course my childrens Christmas Mice..
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By briansbaker
Dec 23, 2005
Christmas mice.  Caramel Kisses on chocolate dipped cherries.  Almond slivers for the ears.  Sitting on an oreo.  Piping gel for the eyes and holly.  The only mouse worth eating.  Real ones are too gamey.
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By Dale
Dec 11, 2005
A play on the term cheese cake. Covered in fondant with fondant mice.
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By leonard
Jun 2, 2006
Each little mouse represents one of our kids.  The two older girls are smelling the flowers, the boys are sliding down the leaf slide, and the baby is asleep in a flower with a bandaged paw, because she burned her hand two weeks ago.  All flowers, mice, leaves, and bumble bee are made out of fondant.  Grass is buttercream.  The top layer is white cake with strawberry filling, bottom cake is chocolate fudge cake with fudgy chocolate orange filling.  I made this for my final wilton 3 class for fathers day.
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By freddyfl
Jun 15, 2006
I got this wonderful idea from here on CC.. I showed my daughters Brittany 13 and Stephany 12 one time how to make a Christmas Mice.. They continued until we ran out of cherries.. They did amazing!!!!!!!!
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By briansbaker
Dec 23, 2005
I forgot to use this picture it shows the mice!
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By siblingsweets
Jul 7, 2006
Idea came from here. I was trying a new sponge cake recipe (which wasnt good-lol) but wanted to do this cake for a while. Not as good as the one that I was copying but cute enough. Fondant mice, airbrushed fondant for the cheese. I handpainted the board to look like a wooden cutting board. A fun cake to make.
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By FancyLayne23
Aug 27, 2006
My granddaughter's birthday is today and she loves Cinderella. She's turning two. Thanks for looking.
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By sue_dye
Mar 19, 2006
Block of cheese covered with fondant  and with fondant mice
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By LolaT
Aug 31, 2006
practise cake....need SOO much more practise, if any of you feel sorry for me please message me on how to make figures that dont crack! what icing do you use? how do you cover a cake without getting creases and tears with the slightest pulling. id love to be able to make cakes...but they annoy me so much when icing rips all the time! any recipes for icing would be brilliant!
chocolate cake, strawberry filling, all fondant, (champagne bottles are candles)
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By button-moon
Sep 12, 2006
These mice cookies were done for my husband to take to work at Christmas time.  They were fun because the children can help make them.
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By Mommyofseven
Sep 13, 2006
Our cheese girl is transferring to another store, so I got the idea to make her some cheese with mice!  I glanced at quite a few cheese wedge cakes and fell in love with Lolat's cute mice so I modeled mine in their likeness!  :P  Just a marble cake covered in choc BC and then MMF.  Everything is edible except the board (it's a real cheese cutting board for effect lol) and the 2 toothpicks keeping the side mice attached.  Grapes are made from MMF.  I so love with this cake and I know she's gonna flip! :)
12 52
By candy177
Sep 16, 2006
A small ghost story before bedtime.....Cake covered in MMF.  Mice and ghost hand sculpted out of MMF.
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By Tat
Oct 14, 2006
This is the William and Sanoma pumpkin bundt pan. The cake came out of Debbie Brown's Fairy Princess book. The cake is covered in fondant and the accents are in gumpaste. This was a real treat for Natalie's 5th Birthday
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By siblingsweets
Jul 7, 2006
I made this for national bosses day. It's all fondant.
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By CrystalRain
Nov 21, 2006
Hershey kisses, chocolate-covered cherries, and sliced almonds on an Oreo create terror in the hearts of cheese-lovers everywhere!
14 16
By 7yyrt
Dec 21, 2006
Thank you Dale for your great idea of chocolate mice!
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By cupcakes
Dec 23, 2006
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By frosting111
Dec 24, 2006
Thanks for those in CC who've inspired so many of us to make this cute little creature.  I've made the mice as toppers on my cheese cake baked for my hubby's birthday. The kids were so excited that within seconds from the candles being blown, all the mice vanised from the cake! Yummy....
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By nanzz
Dec 25, 2006
Aug 30, 2006
Inspired by Dale's Christmas Mice... voila my version with royal icing drop flower in green trimmed with red gel to represent a wreath with ribbon;
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By Fascination
Dec 30, 2006
This was a new years cake I did for my husbands hotel;-) the mice are made with fondant and the spilled "champagne" is sugar;-) I had fun doing this!
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By kden3980
Jan 1, 2007
I've been wanting to make these little mice -- my granddaughter and I had fun with them.
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By craftermom
Feb 6, 2007
Assorted NFSC cookies and mice for school staff
5 14
By Sunflowerbagel
Feb 12, 2007
The cake is covered in fondant ,gumpaste mice with buttercream outfits.
I had seen this cake somewhere before and absolutly loved it, so I decided to give it a try.
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By laurawendte
Feb 14, 2007
Buttercream icing decorated with black ribbon and bows. The groom, bride, and the heart were made out of fondant.  The mice are from Toba Garrett's book.
5 2
By M_A
Feb 26, 2007
This was for my youngest's 3rd bday.  She picked it out months ago and was so excited to see it in real life.  It's the wonder mold on top of a 12" round.  All funfetti covered in BC and MMF accents ('Gus Gus', 'Jaq', pumpkins, flowers,etc).  Cinderella is a barbie and i just wrapped her up tight in saran wrap so that she didn't get cake in her joints.  TFL!
9 43
By CustomCakesBySharon
Feb 27, 2007
Watch these mice do their work.
One of my wife's adorable creations, everything home made with fondant
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Mar 10, 2007
Big Fundraiser for our Humane Society. This was for the volunteer party afterward.  6"-Yellow/Choc Pudding Filling     9"-Lemon w/Lemon Pie Filling
12"-Fr Vanilla/Raspberry Filling   15"  Milk Chocolate/Oreo BC Filling.  Accents are MMF & Chocolate.  First time w/ Figure Molding.  Fun!!
2 1
By gilpnh
Mar 13, 2007
a mice cake, all mice made of sugarpaste the filling is strawberry.
The birthday girl is celebrating her birthday tomorrow !!
a also placed a mouse in another gallerie
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Mar 16, 2007
Hat is white sour cream cake covered in fondant, with fondant mice and buckle, used shredded wheat for dried stuffing.  This was fun cake, something I had seen before, don;t know who did it, but loved the idea.
8 29
By Karenelli
Mar 20, 2007
Quiet Sunday, time to fool around. White pound with Strawberry cream filling, B/C icing, fondant cheese (airbrushed) and mice. Another great, fun practice design!
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By DecoratingDingbat
Mar 25, 2007
Fondant pumpkin cake with mice and vines
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By LolaT
Oct 23, 2006
A promotion cake I did.  Done in bc, bottom tier is a 12" rd. top tier is a slice from the bottom tier, fondant mice and fondant rope.
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By helipops
Jun 25, 2007
This was my daughter's b-day cake for Ratatouille. It's BC with fondant mice. Thanks for the inspiration here on CC.
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By delgado2134
Jul 1, 2007
Dark chocolate cake made to celebrate my husband's new job. All fondant decoations.
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By smitakasargod
Jul 1, 2007
The Cake is for my sons 23rd B/day,its a  torted Cheesecake iced with cream cheese icing and covered in fondant icing, the mice are candles I bought while in Gatlinburg :)
6 12
By frosting111
Jul 11, 2007


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