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Cake done for an avid theatre and show choir student.  The dancers are buttercream and the masks are chocolate accented with gold lusterdust.  I later added strings to the masks but wished I hadn't!  I'll post closups...
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By sunlover00
May 20, 2007
I made this for the girl who inspired me to begin cake decorating.  Mask is carved from football pan.  Buttercream icing.
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By djjarrett88
Mar 24, 2006
Nobody around here really celebrates Mardi Gras, so I had to do a bit of research online for this Birthday Cake. I learned all about the King Cakes, beads and the 3 colours. (Makes me want to visit New Orleans next year!!)

I made the masks first out of gumpaste and detailed with tiny silver dragees. I used real ribbon for the masks.

Liked the idea of the harlequin pattern, so that was all done in fondant diamonds with larger silver dragees for detail. I copied the rope border from a cake found online.
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By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
2-12"x18" yellow cake layers.  All buttercream icing.
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By Steady2Hands
Jul 5, 2006
Did this one for my friend's tiki-themed birthday party - inspired by sarahscakes Totem picture. 2-11x15 layers (wow, this was seriously a lot more cake than I anticipated!) of spice cake carved and frosted with cream cheese icing, then covered with fondant plus buttercream accents. This was my first time painting on fondant, I just brushed over my "wood grain" and wiped it off again to make a "stained" look. I'm pretty pleased with how that worked!
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By Lueet
Jul 17, 2006
10", 8" and 6" round, vanilla cake w/ fondant.  Mask done in gumpast, w/ fondant ribbons, curls and flowers.  Detail done in royal, w/ painted on silver luster dust.  Done for a little girls masquerade party!
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By cakesbyallison
Aug 5, 2006
12,8 & 6 round w/BC.  Mask, Feathers & Balls made from Fondant.  Feathers and Balls painted w/Super Pearl Dust.  First time doing a stacked cake like this.  Was very nervous about setting it up.  It appears to be leaning to the right a little in the picture but in person it did not look like that.  Now that I am looking at the pic I am so nervous...........
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By bjfranco
Apr 22, 2006
This cake was actually made for a Mardi Gras celebration party to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims in September 2005.
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By tazsar
Aug 26, 2006
This was for a Halloween dance but could be used for Mardi Gras as well. Comma shaped pan, fondant diamonds, gumpaste crown, masks.
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By ShirleyW
Sep 26, 2006
This was for my little ones 8th, 7th, and 2nd bday party. They always get excited over the cakes I do for everyone else, so I love doing this for them!!! Be still my heart...they grow so fast.  Chocolate, yellow, and white cakes.  All fondant decotations.  Masks are fondant with gum tex painted with luster dust.
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By sarahnichole975
Oct 7, 2006
Rather than making a scarey cake this year, I decided to make a cute one for my three year old granddaughter.  This pumpkin patch has the masked teddy and kitty waiting in the pumpkin patch for halloween.
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By tsgsell02
Oct 16, 2006
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Oct 29, 2006
The mask is pastillage painted with airbrush color, the leaves, quills, and grass are gumpaste.  I painted the leopard print with sponge brushes.

This was a practice cake for an upcoming graduation cake in African Studies.  I entered it in the 2006 OSSAS and received 1st place.
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By Sugarflowers
Oct 30, 2006
Buttercream and sugarpaste accents. Diamonds are fondant.
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Nov 3, 2006
Inspired by PinkPanther but no where as good. Mask made of almond bark and flowers.....well they were my first. It was a quick job but everyone loved it around the dorm for our Phantom of the Opera party.
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By christy_ob
Nov 7, 2006
I made this for my mom's birthday. We are both Phantom fans, and I have wanted to do a cake like this for a long time. This is a butter cake with cookies and cream filling, iced in Valrhona chocolate BC tinted black. White decorations are BC, rose is fondant and mask is made of candy melts. Thanks for looking!
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By PinkPanther
Aug 14, 2006
This was for a 9 year old birthday party that had grown into - get this - 140 people!!!  Anyhow - bottom layer is 2 12"x3", then 2 8"x3" then one 6" round.  All BC covered in MMF, shirt is edible image on fondant - I took a picture of my son's shirt and printed it out.  Goalie mask is half ball carved and wrapped in fondant.  Cage on mask is wafer paper.
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By SweetResults
Nov 14, 2006
This cake was done for my co-worker's daughter. She is in a production of the Christmas Carol and was celebrating her birhtday at the cast party. The 9 x 12 hazelnut vanilla cake was iced in white buttercream using Melvira's smoothing method. The idea for the theater poster was given to me by Doug. I created the poster on the computer then had the edible image created. The borders were done using tip 199,  the stars and theater masks made from fondant and edible glitter added as the finishing touch.
By BakeQueen
Dec 12, 2006
Gumpaste mask in the shape of "50" is painted with confectioner's glaze mixed with European Cake Gallery's granular sparkle colors. Beads are hand-rolled fondant balls, strung together and painted with straight confectioner's glaze for shine. Real feathers.  Buttercream cake with fondant accents.
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By DianeLM
Dec 18, 2006
two 8 inch round 2 layer cakes (top layers chocolate and bottom yellow) iced in buttercream, draped in burgundy fondant to resemble theatre curtains and cording; playbills created out of white fondant squares painted with golden yellow gel color in clear vanilla and piped in gray/black royal icing; comedy/tragedy faces piped in royal
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By laxgal00
Dec 26, 2006
mask of light made in royal icing, colored dots are iced candy melts.  The dark streak on the transfer was a patch job after breaking it when removing from waxed paper.
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By justduit
Jan 12, 2007
fondant mask and buttercream roses
By AndiSC
Jan 19, 2007
First attempt at a whimsy cake.  Did a mardi gras theme for church festival.  Masks are fondant dried over styrofoam heads.  Everything is edible except for the beads and feathers.
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By mykidsarekillingme
Feb 9, 2007
another for the new orleans hotels that i'm doing work for.
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By 2kiddos
Feb 11, 2007
My best friend is a horror movie buff. The mask was used in all 3 Saw movies. Perfect for his 28th birthday!
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By saturnsangel3
Feb 13, 2007
Cake is iced in buttercream.  All other decorations are made from White Chocolate Modelling Clay
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By Steady2Hands
Feb 19, 2007
Mardi Gras cake in traditional colors.
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By beachcakes
Feb 19, 2007
First try at using the airbrush. Freehanded a couple of masks on a Mardi Gras cake to get a feel for how the brush works.
By wuzzled
Feb 20, 2007
I made this cake for a party on Fat Tuesday, everything is fondant except for the coins. I used luster dust  to make the designs on the mask.  This was my first tiered cake (I've got two tiers down kinda scared of trying 3)
By violetbutterflyz
Feb 25, 2007
8" vanilla, 4" chocolate buttercream icing, fondant diamonds, spirals, mask, letters, gold dragees, and pearl dust on mask and letters, hope they like it
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By notjustcake
Feb 25, 2007
This cake was made for my grandmothers 85 birthday, which was on Purim. Therefore, I made a family tree cake in which all the faces are masked and wearing hats. The faces and accents on them are royal. Everything else is buttercream.
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By anatmb
Mar 8, 2007
This cake was for an epilepsy foundation fundraiser in Rochester, NY.  The event was at a garden convention and the theme was Drama in the Garden.  It is a 12 inch single layer, 8 inch two layer tier, 6 inch 2 layer tier.  I purchased four basic plastic masks, covered the basic face area with gumpaste, let it dry, took it off, then re-used the masks to create the crowns so each crown would correctly match the contour of its matching face.  Painted crowns with luster dust mixed with lemon extract.
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By tanyacakes
Mar 16, 2007
I made this for my son's 5th bday
the pic does not show that the cake is as black as it really is.And i don't have a clue where all the spots came from.
used my son's Darth Vader mask for the head.
Yes the idea came from the spiderman cake but insread of using a wig head I used the doll cake pan. I thought it would be easier to add the mask on to. I never trust kids and a cake in Chuck E Cheese! LOL!
Turned out to work well. I also made a cape but you can't really see it! :(
thanks for looking!
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By ShelbysYummys
Nov 11, 2006
This is a birthday cake for a High School student involved in Drama.  The masks are made of Color flow.
By Georgiared
Mar 24, 2007
Made for a friend's son who's all about the red power ranger.  Never attempted a cake like this before.  Need to work on my piping around the face design.  Over all I was pretty darn pleased.
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By braggmama2
Mar 25, 2007
sugar paste painted mask on mmf cake for 16th bday party
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By tsirgey
Apr 9, 2007
Mardi gras cake donated to charity event.
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By aandsmommy
Apr 17, 2007
Buttercream is sprinkles w/ red edible glitter.  The mask is made from fondant.
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By lynda-bob
Apr 27, 2007
drama masks made of fondant (inspired by dawnbakescakes), marqueeand stars are fondant, edible pearls dusted with yellow and gold sparkle
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By onceuponacake
May 5, 2007
Choc cake, buttercream icing, mmf accents. So much fun, 
my fiance helped knead mmf for me. The graduate did a lot
of theatre in high school, so I made drama masks for him.
By jayhawk
May 25, 2007


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