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I made this for my Dad.  I realize it is kinda feminine, but I had some things I wanted to practice.  This is my first attempt at using marshmallow fondant, as well cornelli lace & the decorative presses.  It's not by any means perfect, but I think it's ok.  I made a few mistakes, too, but I think I'll hide them in the back(LOL).  I tried a different flavor for the icing as well & won't do that again...I used butter flavoring instead of the valencia/creme bouquet that I usually use & really don't like it.
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By marknrox
Apr 13, 2005
This was done tonight for my end of Course 3 cake It is MM fondant decorated with BC icing and royal icing flowers.
By sgirvan
Apr 13, 2005
I made this for my daughter with Mm fondant. It's my experiment in decorating ,not perfect but was satisfied with it.
By juniper
Apr 13, 2005
this was a "test" cake for a wedding cake and the bow wasn't finished drying before the pic, but you get the idea
By greencargirl
Apr 13, 2005
my bf decorated this one since we had some batter left over
By greencargirl
Apr 13, 2005
This was for my daughter's 1st birthday - each tier is four layers of white cake, with chocolate buttercream in between and one middle layer of raspberry mousse.  Then I covered each with white buttercream and marshmallow fondant tinted light pink.  It's listing to the right a little, but tasted great!
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By jennecakes
Apr 19, 2005
I used MMF for the first time last week!  It was great!  Thanks to all for sharing their ideas, tips and recipe!!!
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By cupcakequeen
May 22, 2005
I was given a picture of this man and asked to make him look like he was back in the 70's with a giant belt.  This was also my second try with mmf.  What fun to work with!
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By Rexy
Jul 17, 2005
Layered 9" round cake covered in Marshmallow Fondant
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By mommykicksbutt
Aug 4, 2005
This was just a practice cake.  My first attempt with marshmallow fondant, I loved it and it tasted great.
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By angelcake4u
Aug 13, 2005
I had never use MMF before and using it on a small cake was the perfect opportunity.  It went really well and everyone loved the result.
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By chauser1
Sep 9, 2005
This is my nephew's creation.  It was sort of a  Mississippi Mud cake recipe and I added marshmallow creme to the buttercream.  Chopped up Hershey's S'mores bars on top with walnuts and drizzled melted chocolate and also sprinkled between 4 layers. Lordy Mercy the calories!
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By dsoutherngirl
Sep 23, 2005
Original design by Wendy Kromer Confections. 
White chocolate MMF leaves trimmed and dusted with gold glitter dust; balls (representing the grapes) made from the same MMF dusted with Aztec gold dust and covered in a hard sugar glaze.  Caramel tendrills. My top layer of buttercream wrinkled for some reason and the second layer bulged.  Not an easy cake to decorate.  The humitidy did a number on both the leaves and the caramel.  So glad this one is done!
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By sunlover00
Sep 24, 2005
First attempt at marshmallow flow.  Turkey image cupcake cake for Daughter's kindergarten class.  Marshmallow flow colors ran into one another.  Also, hardened  enough to make separation of cupcakes difficult and messy.  Wouldn't use that again on cupcakes!!  A regular cake, maybe!  :)
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By finally928
Oct 14, 2005
These are for a halloween party.  My version of the individual taco cake (tuna can cake), marshmallow jack-o-lanterns and mini pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with cinnamon.
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By Mac
Oct 28, 2005
Just a white cake covered in yellow marshmallow fondant.  The flowers were my first try at gumpaste and they were a disaster. I tried to make them in egg crates - but they didn't stick together.  You can't tell - but they were just 'on' there - not actually all in one piece.  My family asked what kind of flowers they were and I had to say, "I dunno.  Just pink flowers of some kind."
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By FunnyCakes
Nov 14, 2005
My daughter and I made this one together.  She did the motorcycle out of color flow since her boyfriend ride them and she molded the helmet out of gumpaste.  It was a yellow cake with cream filling and we covered it in marshmallow fondant.
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By FunnyCakes
Nov 14, 2005
My first baby shower cake, for my niece Lisa's shower. 2nd time working with marshmallow fondant.
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By DebraK
Mar 8, 2006
I used Wilton fondant for the cake and marshmallow fondant for the bows and buttercream cornelli lace for the sides. Coffee Chocolate cake with homemade apricot preserves.
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By sunnyca
Mar 14, 2006
Bigger picture of my final course 3 cake..
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By mvaules
Mar 30, 2006
I had to make another cake for my other child's Easter party.  I liked the way the other cake came out, so I did another very similar with subtle differences.  First off, my Papa Bunny wasn't so laid back on this one.  I propped him & Mama Bunny up against a glass over night until they dried a bit and would stop oozing (MMF). Please give me constructive criticism on this.  Thanks!
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By marknrox
Apr 13, 2006
My husband asked for an easter cake to take into work at very short notice so I used some bought cupcakes, a packet of chocolate eggs and a marshamallow bunny and came up with this
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By MissBaritone
Apr 15, 2006
Made this cake for a Spa Party.  The cake is iced in buttercream.  The make-up bag is made out of rice krispie squares and covered in marshmallow fondant.  The rest of the "make-up" is just out of marshmallow fondant.  It was a 1st time try.

Thanks for looking,
By didivella
May 5, 2006
This is a cheesecake that I made with a graham crust and a coating of chocolate ganache and marshmallow fondant. My first one! Also my first listing with y'all ;-)
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By SweetInspirations
May 7, 2006
Four Layers of crazy wedding cake construction. 
The bottom and top layers are red velvet with cream cheese icing/filling and the two middle layers are vanilla cake with buttercream icing/filling. The whole outside of the cake was covered in Marshmallow Fondant and buttercream decorations. I wouldn't say it's completely professional quality, but for my first time dealing with the fondant and working 46 hrs last week...I was happy :) and so were the guests!!!!
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By MustangSally
May 11, 2006
My girlfriend loves camping and especially loves S'mores so for her birthday i cmae up with this cake.  I toaste some marshmallows(2-3 at a time) and broke off the sticks to all be about the smae height.This is a chocolate cake, buttercream icing with crushed graham crackers pressed on the sides and chocolate shavings on the top.  The toasted marshmallows are held onto the sides with a bandana.  The "fire" is just layered cardstock(i didnt have time to brainsotrm an edible fire but i will next time!)
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By cakesbykellie
Jun 10, 2006
I did this at Xiomara's Bakery Basic Baking Class... Basic Puerto Rican Birthday Cake decorated with a Beach Theme... The Sand is light & dark brown sugar. The sea is made out of blue piping gel mixed with royal icing. The clouds are smushed marshmallows. It also have gummy octopus, fish cheese cookies, a variety of plastic figures. Thanks for watching... Hope you liked it!!!
By AsharEdith
Jun 11, 2006
Okay, this is the 3rd time I have done MMF.  I added white chocolate and Creme Brulee coffee creamer to it and it tasted awesome with no marshmallow taste!  Anyways, I put some buttercream pink embroidered flowers on it, and I have to say that this is my best cake thus far!
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By txdragonfly
Jun 18, 2006
This is a white cake with vanilla pudding.  I used royal icing for the dam.  The flowers are made of gum paste with royal frosting center.  THe cake is covered with cream cheese frosting and mm fondant.  I used yellow fondant to make circles around the cake.  I modeled it after "yellow circles" on brides magazine website.  This is a 6in and a 4in cake.  I made it just for fun... Trying to figure out who to give it to :)
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By alicegop
Jun 25, 2006
This is a cake I did for a friend of mine's sisters Birthday
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By lipstickvk
Jun 26, 2006
My first wedding cake! The bride found this cake on the internet in buttercream but wanted the look of fondant.  This is done in marshmallow fondant and handmade royal icing roses. The mini flowers on the side and handmade leaves are all done in the fondant and the bottom borders are buttercream. All of the flowers and leaves are dusted with white and silver edible glitter for some sparkle.  The cake are white chocolate, or yellow butter with fillings of strawberry, buttercream, or bavarian creme.
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By steffla
Jul 7, 2006
This is my second attemp at MMF. I was happy with the outcome although there are some definate areas for improvement. The cake was chocolate with a buttercream crumb coating and mmf exterior. The top has silk flowers on it. The bottom trim is buttercream also. It was a big hit. Its only thank to the support and advice from everyone on this site that I was able to pull this off. Thanks everyone!
By mookey
Jul 11, 2006
My first "not practice" cakes for my grandparent's 60th anniversary. 
Not perfect, but everyone loved them. 

(I know the top tier was supposed to sit down on the big pearls, but I didn't realize the pillars needed trimming until it was too late.)

Tiered cake is vanilla/vanilla on top and butter pecan/apricot on the bottom.

Package cakes are (l to r) vanilla/coconut, strawberry/strawberry, lemon/blackberry, and chocolate/raspberry.
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By Ireaa
Jul 24, 2006
Two "practice cakes" I made in preparation for my grandparents' 60th anniversary party.

Both cakes feature marshmallow fondant.

(And I learned that we do not like almond flavored fondant.)  :)
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By Ireaa
Jul 25, 2006
I hosted my first baby shower over the weekend and this was the first fondant cake I've ever made.  I used MMF & I used 3  8" pans.  2 chocolate & the 3rd cake was pound cake and I cut the arms off from around the pond cake, also I cut the ears and the feet out from the pound cake.  I cut the pound cake so that it wouldn't be as tall as the other cakes.  I iced all the cake with BC. let it set for 10 minutes then I laid the MMF. Everyone loved him and no one wanted to eat him!
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By nickymom
Jul 31, 2006
The front three: present - all MMF, rose topped - MMF w/pink heart deco, daisies topped - MMF w/royal icing daisies and BC leaves. The back two all RBC except heart deco and stamen used on antenna for butterflies.
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By Terrisa
Aug 4, 2006
I made this cake for my Gradma Bird's 88th birthday and literally constructed the Bird family tree.  In addition to having the last name "Bird," she's an avid bird watcher, so I included a bird feeder, bird bath and birds feeding along the ground.  The cake is covered in MMF.  The tree was molded from cake crumbs mixed with buttercream then iced over in royal icing.  Birds and nests are MMF.  Bird bath is royal icing (with a royal icing covered pretzel stick base) filled with colored piping gel for water.
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By KathyKakes
Aug 13, 2006
Made for my niece, who just decorated her room in pink, black and white.  This is a chocolate cake iced with peanut butter fudge icing, covered with marshmallow fondant.  The circles of different color and size, were cut from marshmallow fondant and attached.  It was my first try with the marshmallow fondant, and while it is tasty, it is harder to roll out as thin as regular fondant.   The marshmallow fondant was too rich for the cake, so in the end it was pulled off just the same.
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By gibbler
Aug 20, 2006
A co-worker is leaving to pursue writing full time.  I made this cake to (hopefully) capture the style in which she writes.  It is Italian Cream Cake with coconut buttercream covered by MMF.  Figures are MMF.  Only my second time making people - thank goodness for Debbie Brown's book!
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By sarduengo
Aug 26, 2006
This is my first cake ever, and I used Marshmallow Fondant (decided after tasting premade fondant.. yuck!) It was for my daughters first birthday.
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By Strawhatbrat
Apr 13, 2005


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