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I did this one in a huge hurry on Canada Day. It was one of my very first cakes, just did it for practice, still didn't have my icing consistency right. Took it to a dark, smoky bar, though, so I figured nobody would even see all the flaws.
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By alimonkey
Sep 14, 2005
This is a cake I did for my FIL and his brother.  Big Toronto Fans!!
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By kmoores
Jan 22, 2006
Groom's cake with 1/2 gumpaste/fondant canadian flag and maple leaves.
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By talmas
Dec 11, 2005
No Fail with Alices Cookie Icing.  My neighbor is Canadian, married a US girl.  We always joke back and forth about it,  he is helpful with kids so I try to treat him now and again, Aye.
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By gilpnh
May 19, 2006
Canadian Maple Leaf cookies I made for my brother along with the flags. He is out of the country and these are to remind him of home.
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May 26, 2006
This cake was requested by a customer who is from upstate New York.  Thanks to Carol for submitting this recipie, I could give them what they wanted.  The side has chopped walnuts and the filling is a maple frosting with vermont maple syrup.  Very good!!!!!
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By missyjo30
May 27, 2006
I got this recipe from this site and thought it was cool, so I duplicated it.  I don't know who's actual idea this was, but thanks for the inspiration.  It's Maple cake & a Maple icing on the outside and inside, made from scratch.  And the round tall cookies around it-I can't spell the name right now-something like Perolines-LOL.  I thought the cake was too dry, and the icing abit sweet-I have to get information on doctoring the recipes.  But it was fun practicing though.  Thanks for this site!
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By AmberCakes
Mar 6, 2006
These were the wedding favours for 2 grooms last night. They wanted to somehow blend Americana with I made Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting, edged them with pecans and then topped each one with a red maple leaf in marzipan!

They fit perfectly in the large Chinese take-out containers so the guests could take them home easily. I used the frosted white plastic ones for a bit prettier look.
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By antonia74
Jul 9, 2006
This is a cinnamon cake with maple flavored icing. I had a few problems with the icing crystallizing and getting stuck in the tip. Overall, I think I did fairly well.
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By tiffalala
Jul 27, 2006
I did a set of fall leaves for a charity event, this is the maple leaf.  It is NF sugar cookies with Antonia's RI.  Then, I just ran a toothpick through it for the design.
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By AmyKay
Sep 11, 2006
These cookies were done for a charity event.  All are NF sugar cookies with Antionia's RI.
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By AmyKay
Sep 11, 2006
This was for our good friends wedding"party", they had a surprise civil ceremony, and we celebrated a few weeks later.It's a marble cake with buttercream icing.
By rouxgirl8
Sep 24, 2006
Was nervous doing this- first 'public' cake-donated to nephew's school fundraiser. So no forgiving family members LOL. As it turns out most cakes donated were either cheapo storebought or just plain iced with sprinkles or smarties. So ANYWAY lol. I tried to tie flavour together with theme. So I used Maple cake from CC (also added real maple syrup) and Maple Butter frosting (from CC-also added maple syrup). Leaves were done with my new leaf molds with MMF -was challenging trying to make leaves look 'natural'
By oceanspitfire
Sep 29, 2006
leaves, pumpkins, acorns
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By charman
Oct 25, 2006
These were larger maple leaves that I did a marbled icing affect on!  Really liked the end product!
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By charman
Oct 25, 2006
In Australia, father's day is first Sunday of September. It is actually spring then, but now it is Winter and all leaves are yellow :). Hence the theme for the cake :)
It is Carrot cake with cream cheese filling & icing. Covered with marbled orange, yellow, brown fondant ( my camera is hopeless). The leaves are gumpaste. The cake made for our very good friend who is old enough to be my Father seeing that my Father is no longer with us. Thank you for looking
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By YanaK
Jun 22, 2006
I thought it wouldbe fun to join in and make a pumpkin! I used 3 8" round Pumpkin Cakes (from the recipe section) and Crusting Cream Cheese Icing. I molded the cake and then shaped it using Viva paper towels. The leaves are modeling chocolate with luster and the vines are candy clay.
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By aligotmatt
Oct 28, 2006
I just made this for our godson..Who is 3 today..And only liks Hockey. 
It is a half slab, so i didn't have alot of room for details. 
Thank you to Catherine for all your help. I really appreciate it!!
Thanks for looking!!
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By nicoles-a-tryin
Jan 27, 2007
I got this idea from tripletmom (thank you!!!).
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By Iheartcake
Feb 27, 2007
Canada Cake - all fondant, including Beavers and maple leaves.
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By leightorres
Apr 17, 2007
12" round grooms cake.  Bride ordered it as a surprise for her husband to be - who was from Canada.
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By cakesbyallison
May 21, 2007
Fall leaves made from different size cutters.  They range from palm of your hand size, down to around a size of a quarter.  I used marbled gum paste with red, brown and yellow colors.  Then followed up with different colors dusted on top.
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By danasflowers
Jun 25, 2007
Made this for my Canadian husband on Canada Day.  Kind of a rush job, decorated still in the pan, turned out okay anyway.
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By Copacabanya
Jun 28, 2007
Wow...we made a TON of these. They are to give out at our local Canada Day parade! Maple leafs with sugar crystals, and fondant
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By Sugarbean
Jun 28, 2007
Just a quick and simple cake for our Canada Day cookout.  Buttercream with fondant maple leaves.
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By Copacabanya
Jul 2, 2007
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By Sandra80
Jul 7, 2007
I made these to sell at the farmer's market on Canada Day. They are NFSC with royal icing.
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By zacharysmom
Jul 14, 2007
11x15 sheet cake all in Buttercream, thanks to meihana for the inspiration
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By giggysmack
Jul 18, 2007
buttercream with fondant maple leaves and bought metallic spray
By sio
Jul 19, 2007
A 10" round with a maple leaf carved from a 8" square on top. All covered in mmf. It was for a 50th birthday, hence the 50s.
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By Carson
Sep 15, 2007
Design based on the grape leaf cake by Martha Stewart.  Maple leaves made from fondant/gumpaste dusted with gold and green luster dust.  Real grapes (bride insisted on still using grapes even though we change the leaves!) dipped in caramel and caramel colored gumpaste tendrils.   Thanks Sunlover00 for your help!
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By EmilyGrace
Sep 22, 2007
Design based on the grape leaf cake by Martha Stewart.  Maple leaves made from fondant/gumpaste dusted with gold and green luster dust.  Real grapes (bride insisted on still using grapes even though we change the leaves!) dipped in caramel and caramel colored gumpaste tendrils.   Thanks Sunlover00 for your help!
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By EmilyGrace
Sep 22, 2007
2-layer, 9" with buttercream.  The pumpkins, squash and acorns are fondant.  The tiny leaves on the borders are from the Wilton Fall Cupcake sprinkles.  The leaves are gumpaste.....cut using the nested maple cookie cutter set from Wilton.
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By Virginia
Sep 24, 2007
This is a yellow cake with Maple flavored Buttercream icing and walnuts around the sides.
By Aprilw
Oct 27, 2006
Working on a cake for my assistant.  I tried making fall leaves, but don't like them now that they are filled with stars.  I'll have to try another fill method next time.  Orange leaves turned out a bit peach-y, too.  WASC with buttercream, filled with chocolate buttercream.  Tastes great!
By ac2steachk
Oct 3, 2007
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By dkulak
Oct 5, 2007
I made 2 of these last weekend. The idea is from the Wilton website. They were a lot of fun to do but man that's a lot of cookies!
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By zacharysmom
Oct 11, 2007
9 x 13 sheet - white cake covered in buttercream.  Gum paste mums and maple leaves. I had free reign to do what I wanted, gentleman just wanted a anniversary cake.  Most I got of him was "I guess mums for flowers"  First time to make mums - pretty easy - but didn't have time to make and let dry - so they were put on the cake right after I made them, if I had more time I think they would have looked better.
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By cakesbybert
Oct 12, 2007
Pumpkin cake with maple frosting recipe on here by kjackson.  Buttercream dream decorations, decorated to go along with party invitations.  For my daughters 1st birthday.  Not decorated as well as I wanted to but it was so yummy!
By tabbiekat
Oct 19, 2007
My first taste test for wedding cake ....this is my setup.  cross your fingers !!  The bride wasnted maple filling and chocolate . so I made a chocolate bourbon cake with maple filling and maple icing with chocolate ganache and a white choc. cake with the maple filling and a maple icing with choc. MMF fondant...
thanks for looking.
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By twoprincesses
Oct 20, 2007


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