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I did this cake for my daughter, who is hopelessly addicted to Dora the Explorer! This is her VERY purple Backpack and Map, two characters that help her along her journeys during the show.
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By allthingssweet
Sep 27, 2005
a friend from work is taking a new job in NC so we gave her a going a way party last week. this was her cake. i cut it from a half sheet cake using my daughters homework for a design....haha
By tabs8774
Sep 28, 2005
White chocolate cake with raspberry filling and vanilla butter cream icing.  Everything is edible -  the penguin on Antarctica, shark fins in the water, dancing bear on Russia, panda on China, elephant and giraffe on Africa, kangaroo on Australia, macaws and tree frog on South America, and the bald eagle flying over the US are all fondant.  (it was my first time making figures from fondant - what fun!)  "Protect our earth" sign was made from candy melts.  Made for a special Earth Day dinner last night.
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By bonniebakes
Apr 23, 2006
First attempt at a FBCT and with chocolate transfers (Dora and Swiper).  Will try both these methods again since they were so much, and I could use the practice!  Thanks to Squirrellycakes for the inspiration and the choc transfer instructions!
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By laneysmom
Apr 30, 2006
Dora's BackPack for a friend's little girl on her 3rd birthday. This was a fun (if time consuming) cake to do. I used loaf pans to create the stand up effect. Used Dowels in Center to make sure she stayedupright. White cake, strawberry cream filling, and butter cream, with taffy,tootsie roll, and fondant accents (features and map).
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By AndiSue
May 21, 2006
Bon voyage cake for twin sis moving across country for a new job. Lemon cake, BC for ocean, then MMF cut out (map of canada traced onto wax paper on computer and traced on MMF), laid on ocean, pressed in a bit to stick- but BC Wasnt QUITE Dry when packing for transpo, so some came off when unwrapping, so had to redo ocean AROUND MMF- ugh that wasnt fun lol ( lot of work tracing/cutting out islands, but had lots of fun! Definitely will do a map again with MMF, but not use gel for writing, globby mess lol
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By oceanspitfire
Jun 15, 2006
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By kakedecorator
Jul 3, 2006
9 x 13 with BC. Used star tip for characters.
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By AJsMom
Jul 6, 2006
12" Marble w/BC.  I made this cake for our family picnic, in our old small hometown on Route 66, where we grew up.  Everyone loved it. This is my 4th time using bct, getting a little better at it.
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By QueLinda
Jul 15, 2006
Fondant covered cakes that I airbrushed, and then used an edible marker to make the treasure maps.  Edible images with fondant decorations and chocolate sea shells.  Chocolate fudge cake w/cream filling and french vanilla cake with whipped raspberry filling.  This is for my sons 5th birthday!!
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By newtocakes
Jul 21, 2006
Triple chocolate cake with vanilla cream filling iced in buttercream.  Covered in fondant "wooden planks" and fondant accents.  Lid is made with rice crispy treats and then iced and covered in fondant.  Edible image treasure map, chocolate coins, sea shells, and silver dragees.  Thanks for looking.
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By newtocakes
Aug 4, 2006
This cake was for a Computer Engineering graduate.
It was a also a goodluck cake as he is going to China to teach English for a year. I also incorporated this country in the maps I used to cover the cake board. He is also into world affairs that is why I did that as well. I also used his school logo on the diploma. Everything is fondant except for the black thin wire connecting the mouse and the computer.
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By BabyKat
Aug 7, 2006
This is the largest cake I've ever made. Base is 4 - 12x18, 2 are chocolate/2 are white, 8" single layers on pillars.  All BC.  Project for DD goverment class-had to predict the electorial votes for 04 election and give the most unique presentation.  DD did all the baking, I did most of the decorating.  DH had to make a cake board of 3/4" plywood just to hold the cake.  It took two of us to carry into the high school.  Was enough cake to feed the whole school.
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By cakesbybert
Aug 21, 2006
This was my first paid cake. It is for a 5 year old boy's birthday. It is yellow cake with buttercream. I would like to thank all the ideas that I got on CC in making this cake. JennCowen was the big inspiration. The mother was delighted.
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By sarzoemom
Sep 22, 2006
Treasure map painted on gumpaste to go with the pirate treasure island.
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By Ursula40
Sep 23, 2006
More cupcakes to go with the Dora cake but these are iced with choc bc with mini fbct
By sweetbaker
Sep 30, 2006
I made this for my 5 year old nephew's birthday.  I used graham crumbs for sand on the sides, and MMF map and banner and shark fins.  Frosted in buttercream.  I used food color markers for the first time on this, and I LOVE them!  So much fun!  I took ideas from several cakes on this site, so thanks to everyone!
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By tammiemarie
Nov 3, 2006
German Chocolate 2 mix book pan cake ..all done in BC...the map and flag are FBCT's ... was a big hit and is helping launch my own little business now!
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By southrnhearts
Nov 30, 2006
Train tracks, roads, houses, trees and rivers. Toy trains were to be added.
Suppose to represent the "Island of Sodor" from that Thomas series.
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By KimAZ
Dec 4, 2006
Fun fun fun cake to make!  Loved 'building' the cake with the individual planks on the sides.  Crushed hard candies make great treasure.  Map was hand-drawn & painted to look old and aged!  Many thanks to Margery for her help and inspiration!
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By Lambshack
Jan 13, 2007
I put this under children's birthday because I thought that most people would use this for a kid.  But I actually made this for a restaurant's "pirate party".  They do contest for the employees and the group that wins gets a special party.  This party had a  pirate theme where they went on a treasure hunt to find the party and they had pirate themed prizes.
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By SarahJane
Jan 14, 2007
Vanilla sponge cake with a caramel filling.  Iced in buttercream.  Cake was inspired by Newtocakes.  A bit dissappointed with the 'map'.....have to look really hard to see it's a map.  Client loved it though.
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By SScakes
Jan 18, 2007
Chocolate entry for Rochester, NY, Epilepsy Foundation's annual chocolate ball fundraiser.  Each year they chose a theme.  this year was pirates.  All decorations are made out of chocolate modelling paste(melt chocolate, add corn syrup, let firm up). Islands are cake underneath.  Pirate ship is rice krispy treats underneath.  All items are edible, even treasure chest and the contents.  Map is rolled out white chocolate modelling paste. Bronz medal won for it.
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By tanyacakes
Feb 8, 2007
This was for my sons' 6th & 3rd birthday party.   The treasue chest was 12x18 cut into 3rds covered in fondant, impression mat wood grain.  RCT lid. Decorations are fondant pearls & chocolate coins.  The shipwreck (based on one done by Debbie Brown) was two oval cakes torted filled then carved into shape.  Covered in fondant w/fondant & tootsie roll decorations.  Map was fondant (based on another CC member's idea), sprayed w/food coloring to get the aged look then hand painted with food coloring gels & pens
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By cinjam
Mar 4, 2007
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By cinjam
Mar 4, 2007
This is the rear view of the Dora cake I posted earlier.  I couldn't find my camera at the time and my friend gave me the pictures.  This one is a slightly better angle although it is the back!
By seraphim
Mar 10, 2007
I made this for my dd's 3rd birthday.  The characters are chocolate transfers and the stars are fondant.  The design was inspired by the party plates and I have to thank boween for tips on how to do the stars on the wires.  They actually stayed up this time!!  Top tier, white cake with raspberry mousse; bottom tier, chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling.
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By ps3884
Mar 11, 2007
This is the back view of the cake I made for my dd's birthday.  I was very happy with how the chocolate transfers came out.  I have to say they get a bit easier each time.
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By ps3884
Mar 11, 2007
This was for my son's 5th birthday party in September. We had a pirate party for him and his classmates.
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By JoJo4
Mar 17, 2007
My Friend's daughter wanted a Dora cake. (2nd in 2 yrs) So needed a fresh idea. We were going to a Craft store to paint a flower pot for the party so I Watched a few Dora shows & though up Book, Wafer Paper as the pages, Sprayed, then start with Chocolate paint cans, a NERDS road to the chocolate flower pot & end with a cup cake for destination - of course the MAP in wafer paper. A color flow Dora & a few B/C accents & voila! She was trillled & the kids loved the paper eating they got to do. - Cake May'06
By gateaux
Mar 17, 2007
I sculpted the chest out of 2 cakes baked in loaf pans.  They are atop an 11x15.  All BC with MMF accents.  Inspired by several cakes here on CC.  Thanks!
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By divaofcakes
Apr 3, 2007
Buttercream with fondant on the top and chocolate pieces.  All things Wisconsin!
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By KoryAK
Apr 11, 2007
Pirate ship for a 4 yr old...all edible.  Ship is carved off an oval pan and placed on a 10" cake.  All covered in mmf.  Figures are mmf/gumtex.  The flag, compass, skull are hand painted.  This was a fun cake.
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By dods
Apr 13, 2007
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By darylrc
Apr 13, 2007
White cake with fudge chocolate frosting. The straps and lock are fondant.  I didn't know about this site until after I made this cake or I would have used some of the clever ideas I had seen here.  So many talented artists display their cakes here.
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By kcw551
Apr 20, 2007
This was for my daughter's 3rd birthday.  I was going to do a backpack, but then my sister-in-law suggested the map.  It was very easy.  Map is fondant with gel accents.
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By Jagroth
Apr 22, 2007
stylised map of the world for sailing husband
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By poppysmom
May 6, 2007
This is a cake I made for my parents when they retired. On the cake there are pictures of all of their vehicles they plan on using during their many travels across the USA
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By MaMaCreates3
May 6, 2007
I made this cake the night before I delivered it.  What a NIGHTMARE!  The electricity went out and I had to find every single candle I owned to complete it.  With all the candles burning, the fondant was so soft.  My friend was moving from DC to San Francisco to be with her fiancee and she was traveling with her best friend and dog.  The car is a cake and is supposed to be her BMW SUV.  It's made out of cake and covered with fondant.  I made all the figures out of fondan
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By Delish
May 12, 2007
Map of the USA including AK & HI. All buttercream designs.
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By KimAZ
Jul 1, 2005


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