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Just a general birthday decoration.  Balloon border with icing confetti look on top.  I was pleased with the bold and bright colors.
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By sweetcreation
Feb 6, 2006
The cake itself it nice but I messed up on the the name Anthony. I should have written it another way. I ran out of space for the "y" so I had to write it on the border. But I like it!
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By ken
Dec 27, 2005
I've been wanting to try this cake design for a while after seeing it so often on here. It was very easy to do. The Cake is German Chocolate (Cake Mix Doctor recipe) with coconut/pecan icing in the mix, Milk Chocolate Icing, Crushed Pecans on top and Pirouette Cookies on the outside. Very Good!!!
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By gilson6
Mar 22, 2006
First stacked/carved cake.  Done for my BIL's birthday.  Took HOURS! and I'm just holding my breath that it doesn't fall apart before the party today!  The legs are 2 stacked 6 inch cakes.  The body is wondermold cake.  The head is the sports ball cake.  All iced in BC and covered with MMF.  I hate the way the head came out.  Can someone please tell me how to cover a sports ball cake with fondant and keep it smooth!  Hat made with gumpaste.
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By joellephillips
Apr 22, 2006
I just wanted to add this picture, because I was searching this site for an example of a 30th birthday cake for a man, and couldn't find one that I could use.  Most of the cakes were for women, or were very elaborate & this cake only needed to serve 7 & also had to travel with my friend for an hour in the car.... so, I hope this helps someone in the future, to find a simple idea!  =)
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By OCakes
Apr 29, 2006
Birthday cake for a man.  Chocolate Cake with 2 layers of raspberry filling iced in buttercream with pirouline cookies around the cake.  I used a simple blue ribbon to wrap around the cake (no bow, just used icing to stick the ends together).  I made a white chocolate plaque to place on top and used navy icing to write on it (forgot to take pic).
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By ps3884
Feb 13, 2006
Chocolate Fondant Birthday Cake
By fitsurvive
May 6, 2006
This is a birthday cake for a college student I know.  He left the design to me, so I did a basketweave with a French plume border variation for the bottom border and #225 drop flowers for the top border.  I made the French Blue Lilacs by piping the basic shape with a #21 and covering it with #133 drop flowers (used a mixture of cornflower blue and royal blue icing).  The message was simply embossed with presses.  Cake sparkles topped it off.  Thank you to the kind person who shared how to make lilacs.
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By fronklowes
May 17, 2006
This is the birthday cake I did for one of my husband's best friends.  The tiers are 6",7", and 8".  I iced the cake with chocolate crusting cream cheese buttercream and added white fondant circles and chocolate fondant balls dusted with super gold luster dust.  I also used the fondant balls on the topper--just wired them and added some royal icing for exta glue between the wires and the balls.
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By fronklowes
Jun 18, 2006
I've seen several cakes in the galleries like this.  This is my first try with color flow.  It was pretty easy!  I'm sure this cake will taste delicious since I added double the chocolate that the recipe called for.
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By gtshort
Jun 21, 2006
This was made for my BIL's birthday - a huge UT fan!  The burnt orange was a bit hard to achieve, but it was perfect.  (The color looks darker in the photo).
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By Momofjakeandjosh
Jun 23, 2006
This is the birthday cake I made for my father in February.  It is a chocolate cake with chocolate and white BC and mmf antlers, eyes, and nose! He was very surprised!
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By casebit
Jul 22, 2006
Birthday cake for father-in-law who is always talking about going to mars.
By tdun
Aug 1, 2006
8" square covered in fondant w/fondant golfer and accents.  Client sent me a picture of cake she found on line.  I modified it some to her request ie: skin color, outfit & age on flag.  Having fun modeling fondant; however, still having a tough time covering cakes w/fondant.  Added the "bushes" as border to help camouflage my mistakes. <sigh>
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By bjfranco
May 3, 2006
I am giving credit to jlvmorales for the bicycle design.  I coworker loves to bike so we put a bike on his cake.  He loved it.  White cake with BC frosting, royal accents.
By gtshort
Aug 29, 2006
for a client for an older man.
By RisqueBusiness
Sep 4, 2006
cut from 12x18 sheet. 

Parts B and D must be flipped upside down (top of cake becomes bottom)

may want to trim off the points of "sholders"
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By Doug
Sep 5, 2006
This is the first birthday cake I've had to do for a male - was just given instructions to do a white cake with white icing.  This is what I came up with.  White cake, ivory b/c icing and fondant decorations.
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By thyterrell
Sep 11, 2006
For DH, Edible image is from a photo we took on our vacation in maine (he loves the ocean!!!) This cake gave me sooo much trouble! It is a banana cake with pineapple filling iced with buttercream. Royal icing flower accents. It was way tooo moist and fell apart. I had to cut away 1/3 of it. So this is what I ended up with. He was very happy with it though.
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By rezzygirl
Sep 25, 2006
This cake was done for my best friend's boyfriend's birthday.  Deer is FBCT.  Cake is marble.
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By mhill91801
Oct 9, 2006
This was an 8" chocolate cake with real buttercream icing.  The ball borders are made of fondant.  This was a learning experience.  I know how to make it look much better next time.
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Oct 13, 2006
This was an extra sheet cake I made for my grandpa's 80th birthday.  Marble cake frosted in BC.  Leaves are MMF.
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By mhill91801
Oct 16, 2006
My brother asked me to make a John Deere cake for his 30th birthday, and this is what I was able to come up with.  I needed to make really big borders and wasn't sure how, so they didn't turn out too hot. However, my brother was very pleased with the cake, probably because it was free.LOL The is a white cake with buttercream icing and the dirt is crushed Oreos.
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By lainee
Oct 25, 2006
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By ReAnnon
Nov 3, 2006
Second attempt at color flow. This was for my Brother-in-law's birthday. Chocolate buttercream, chocolate cake.
By pinkroost
Nov 16, 2006
A girl ordered this cake for her husband - she said he loves roses.
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By ang_ty95
Dec 1, 2006
Cake made for man's 27th bday (hence the number on the jersey). White chocolate ganache filling. His favor teams colors were red and white.
By chefamanda
Jan 14, 2007
Chocolate fudge cake with caramel and chocolate fillings and buttercream icing. FBCT and chocolate stars.
By micfish
Jan 21, 2007
For a man's birthday.  Chocolate cake, iced in sky blue BC, rosettes and filling- chocolate BC
By kimmy37
Feb 9, 2007
This is the second sheet cake for all the males born in August.
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By stephanie214
Aug 20, 2006
yellow cake covered in chocolate icing...with a fondant ball (I used round tips to achieve the look of a golf ball) time, I'll use a little gum paste to stiffen the ball up so that it'll keep it's shape better.  Thanks for looking and commenting.
By nia0524
Mar 21, 2007
Birthday cake for Hubby
By maria4869
Mar 27, 2007
Birthday cake for an artist
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By maria4869
Mar 27, 2007
Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate filling and buttercream icing.
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By micfish
Mar 29, 2007
Chocolate fudge and vanilla marble cake with chocolate filling and buttercream icing.
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By micfish
Mar 29, 2007
a birthday cake ordered for a work collegues dad, I made the faces on the cards by adjusting a bride and groom patchwork cutter
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By mzsweet
Mar 31, 2007
B-day cake for male. Completely amateur decorator here. :) First time piping a figure, piping trees, using piping gel, etc.
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By aoquinn
Apr 3, 2007
These were a quick and fun job- did a total of 6 for an adult male's birthday.  Each glass holds 4 cupcakes.  Buttercream icing in real glass mugs.
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By msauer
Apr 15, 2007
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By karmicflower
May 2, 2007
This is my DH birthday cake. Top Cake is red velvet with cream cheese BC and bottom is lemon coconut w/lemon fillind ane Swiss merengue BC and fondant accents.
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By pattycakescookies
May 4, 2007


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