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Mary Kay Signature make up bag. Embossed with fondant embossing tool. Buttercream painted with gold luster dust. Fondant lotion, lip gloss, nail polish, eye shadow and nail file painted with gold and silver luster dusts.
3 7
By KimAZ
Oct 7, 2005
20cm round butter cake cut in half and placed side by side to get the bag shape. First iced in butter cream and then covered with fondant. All accents are fondant. Make up are novelty candles.
1 6
By kncab
Jan 4, 2007
Made this cake for my birthday this year. I wanted to experiment with a cake i'd seen in a book. This is a dark chocolate mudcake. Fondant icing, and all gumpaste decorations. I wanted to keep the make up bits and pieces that i made with gumpaste but my 2 year old niece decided they'd be nice to eat. She started on the make up brush, before i had a chance to take them away.
5 39
By boonenati
Oct 31, 2005
This cake was for a sleep over / make-up party for a little girl.  Purse is 6" round cut and half and iced together, on top of the medium size oval pan.  The handle, lipstick, eye pencil, brushes, nailpolish bottle and brush are all gumpaste with petal dust. My many thanks to boween for her inspiration!!
4 39
By golfgma
Dec 26, 2005
Edible image on top of 8 inch round cake. Decorated with cake sparkles and edible pearls.
2 1
By traci
Oct 30, 2005
Made this cake for a Mary Kay Party.  All decorations are fondant. Choc cake, fudge filling, buttercream icing.
3 1
By domzgirlz
Jul 5, 2005
This is an 11x15 cake covered in buttercream icing. I made the purse out of a 2 layer 8" square cake and then decorated it to match the invitation. I used buttercream icing and then brushed it to get a smooth look. The make-up is all chocolate.
4 3
By kimmycake
Mar 5, 2006
Made For a Birthday Spa Party. Face and make-up are fondant. I had so much fun with this one!
51 374
By Florimbio
Apr 19, 2006
This isn't a great cake, but it was a hard cake to stabilize...but fun to decorate. I love fondant...hate working with chocolate! I was having a hard time coloring the white chocolate. I had never worked with it before, and I still have no idea how to color it...I will have to reasearch it next time!
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By farney0125
May 2, 2006
Made this cake for a Spa Party.  The cake is iced in buttercream.  The make-up bag is made out of rice krispie squares and covered in marshmallow fondant.  The rest of the "make-up" is just out of marshmallow fondant.  It was a 1st time try.

Thanks for looking,
By didivella
May 5, 2006
Little girl dress up party theme. Traced design on cake with a corsage pin then filled in with various tips in buttercream. Royal icing flowers on hat.
8 10
By KimAZ
Feb 24, 2006
This is an 8" cake covered with fondant with make-up which is all made from fondant.  It is for a 13 year old's birthday.
2 7
By dpwmom
Jun 28, 2006
For a little girl's dress up party. Purse stacked and carved from 1/4 sheet cake. Chocolate candy mold nail accessories and jewelry and MMF make up accessories. Inspired by Boween's purse cakes.
9 20
By KimAZ
Mar 1, 2006
Fondant cake from Debbie Brown's 50 Easy Cakes book
2 3
By AnnaT
Aug 2, 2006
This was my first try at fondant.  Boy do I need to take a class!  Make up was made out of white chocolate and then painted.  I had lots of fun making this and learned a lot of what not to do.  This cake was inspired by Karen.
7 11
By JoanneK
Aug 6, 2006
This makeup bag was the first thing I had ever covered in fondant.  It turned out ok, but I think it was too thin or something.
2 2
By ckirkland
Aug 7, 2006
Decorated to match the birthday cake.
By traci
Aug 19, 2006
The customer ssaw my daughter's cake on my site and wanted something similar. Decorated with buttercream icing and fondant/gumpaste make-up.
3 12
By traci
Aug 19, 2006
My first attempt at a purse cake. Got my ideas from this site. Buttercream with fondant and candy accents. Lemon cake with raspberry filling.
4 11
By scrapbookermom
Aug 23, 2006
8" vanilla buttercake, filled with caramel, cream & peaches. Buttercream crubmcoat, covered in fondX.
All edible, except for the lipstic and nailpolish which are candles. Made this cake for the niece of the bride, who's wedding im attending today. Needed something simple, as i was also making the wedding cake.The bristles on the brush are made with the sugarcraft gun and soft licorice.This is by no means an original design. scores of these in diff colours in the WWW.
26 319
By boonenati
Sep 8, 2006
Cookies I made for my hairdressers birthday, she loved them.  Thanks for looking!
8 15
By Samsgranny
Sep 10, 2006
8" round cut in half and stacked side by side for purse on top of 10" round. Fondant handles and make up. Chocolate candy letters and nail accessories.
2 3
By KimAZ
Sep 21, 2006
For a little girl's "Diva" party.  Zebra pattern piped in buttercream. Fondant handles. Chocolate candy mold make up and nail accessories. Fondant eye shadows.
2 28
By KimAZ
May 20, 2006
My first make-up bag for my niece...its a surprise!  She is having a makeover
party today.  Hope she likes it!  Thank you soooo much Liis for all your help, I know its not as wonderful as your make-up bag but its a first attempt.  It was much harder than it looked!  Thanks again Liis for all the advise.
8 4
By sandi64
Sep 30, 2006
I made this for my friends birthday, madeira sponge with strawberry jam and buttercream, covered in fondant.  I got the idea from someone on here that posted instructions on how to make this cake.  Must admit I did find it quite hard though.
2 3
By Pimples25
Oct 1, 2006
This is obviously boween's design!  Ever since I first saw it I have wanted to do it.  Was very fun to do, although I couldn't do the impression mat as my icing doesn't crust! :-(  Thanks for all your inspiration Connie.  I absolutely love your creations.
9 27
By LisaMS
Oct 7, 2006
By: Sweet Celebrations
11 29
By jamiet
Oct 7, 2006
alternate view: 7 inch white chocolate mud cake covered in fondx. Handle and make up are out of gumpaste. Lid is made from one strip of fondx cut using ribbon cutter and glued around the cake to give impression of lid. First time using fondx.. very soft to use... tastes divine.. a real winner in the fondant department. For my daughters 10th birthday.
8 21
By dky
Jun 30, 2006
This is glam bag for another little girl. Cut and stacked 9x13 with tie dyed batter.  Iced in BC with fondant decorations.  They didn't want edible pearls, so I used some fondant flowers and piped #3 bc dots.  All items in the bag and the lips are candy melts I colored myself with icing gel.  Third time for this cake, so I am getting a little faster at it (thank goodness!)
7 24
By msauer
Oct 29, 2006
Hot PInk and Purple buttercream. Plastic lipstick, purse, nail polish, ans shoe picks.
3 6
By dollop72
Nov 2, 2006
taking my daughter this afternoon to treat her to a Big Diva, little Diva day at the local Spa. They offer make-over parties to young girls, so I'll take a cake to share with the staff. Got a voucher from a happy client (co-owner of the Spa) for the treatment.
Choc cake, bc icing with gumpaste handmodelled and painted accents
By Ursula40
Nov 2, 2006
Fondant over buttercream with fondant decorations.  The purse is a 4'square carved into a purse.  It's the first time I did a stand up purse out of cake.
5 22
By sarahnichole975
Nov 12, 2006
first attempt at purse cake. Thank you to all at cake central who helped me with this creation. I never would have attempted this otherwise. Purse is covered with MMF and airbrushed. Shopping bag is also covered in MMF. pink "tissue paper" is airbrushed rice paper. pink stars are gumpaste. Makeup is fondant/gumpaste mix.
3 3
By kristiezen920
Nov 15, 2006
thank you again to everyone on this site who patiently answered all my questions. The cake was a big hit!!!
3 6
By kristiezen920
Nov 15, 2006
This is my first scuplted cake!  I had so much fun with this.  I am a MK consultant and I am bringing this to a party tomorrow for part of my display/snack!  Vanilla cake, choc frosting, covered in MMF
2 5
By shelie
Nov 17, 2006
This is one of six cakes that I made this weekend for the Make a Wish Christmas party.  Cake is french vanilla with buttercream icing and fondant bow and ribbons. This was my first time making a fondant bow.
1 3
By Bettycrockermommy
Dec 3, 2006
This is one of six cakes I made this weekend for the Make a Wish Christmas party.  Royal icing ice cream cone trees, fondant bear and snowmen. The little pond is made with clear piping gel.  Snow is powdered sugar sprinkled over the cake.
5 9
By Bettycrockermommy
Dec 3, 2006
By: Sweet Celebrations
Fondant covered bag and make-up
3 13
By jamiet
Dec 5, 2006
The 11 year-old birhtday girl was having a "glamour" party.  One layer of cake is chocolate, the other is vanilla.  The nail polish, eye shadow, and lipstick are all fondant.  The polish "spills" are buttercream.  This was a fun one to do, but I can think of a lot I'd do differently next time.
3 11
By bonniebakes
Dec 28, 2006
Well, I copied a bunch of you who have done Bratz purses...although I didn't think to make a handle in advance to dry!  The girl and logo are paper covered in clear contact paper...don't have an edible image printer yet!  On my wish list...
1 11
By LisaMS
Jan 27, 2007


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