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This was my first cake EVER! Now I'm addicted and want to make more!
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By jajpowers
Feb 8, 2007
Purse cake with chocolate make-up
2 5
By Florimbio
Feb 17, 2007
Thanks to Nati for her tutorial on making this cake!
By Kimanalynn
Mar 10, 2007
this cake was for a girl who became 13 and loves to dress and make up
Mar 10, 2007
First attempt, please excuse the seam at the front - why did I do that??
18 35
By LizzyB
Mar 14, 2007
An obvious homage to the wonderful make-up bags in the gallery :)
2 3
By mqguffey
Apr 1, 2007
4 22
By Hansel_Gretel
Apr 13, 2007
I did this cake resembling the cake out of  the easy party cake book.  It was the first purse type cake and making all these elements out of fondant.  I made it for a girlfriend of mine who didn't even realize that it was a cake.
6 10
By Pappy
Apr 16, 2007
I made this cake for my daughter on her 5th birthday,  she loves putting on make-up
By audreylovesbrian
Apr 24, 2007
this was really fun to do. thanks to cambo, whose cake l used as an example.
By catherien
Apr 25, 2007
The bottom cake is covered in fondant; made to look like a jewelry box.  The birthday cake on top is buttercream w/ fondant laid on top (the rose is royal icing).  The make-up and jewelry are fondant painted w/ paste colors and luster dusts.
2 1
By lynda-bob
Apr 25, 2007
I made this for my MIL's birthday. All fondant. Very fun to do!
4 2
By christielee
May 4, 2007
This is a fondant covered acake covered in luster dust flowers. The top is a half round cake covered in fondant and fashioned to look like a make up bag. I got the help to make the make up cake from the Debbie Brown easy cake book. The make up on the cake is also made out of fondant as well.
4 5
By val25dejesus
May 9, 2007
I've wanted to do  make up bag for a long time now & Mother's Day was the perfect opportunity!  I saw two beautiful bags on CC by Karen and JoanneK.  Not as hard as I thought it would be, but I still need to practice with fondant!  Oval vanilla cake (using the Wilton Course 2 pans) with cerry filling.  Iced in almond buttercream and covered with Fondx.  Have to say I really like Fondx a lot - so much easier than MMF!
7 29
By mconrey
May 13, 2007
A pretty little girly birthday.
3 2
By Beki
May 29, 2007
Got the inspiration from christeena.  It was fun to do.  The make-up are made from chocolate molds and I colored with luster dusts.
4 11
By cmmom
Jun 2, 2007
7 inch oval make up bag. Lemon buttercake covered in light pink fondx. All accessories are gumpaste or fondant. Some trouble with the handle looking realistic. A remake of a previous cake we have done.
6 75
By dky
Jun 3, 2007
This is my most poular cake for little girls from toddlers to preteens.  Make up bag is 6 inch round  on a 9x13 oval.  Have also done it larger and smaller depending on servings needed.    Iced in butter cream with fondant makeup  pieces.    I found this style somewhere on the internet before I ever found Cake Central so can't give credit for the inspiration.
2 4
By Granpam
Jun 9, 2007
I made this cake for a MAC make up artist's birthday at my work.  i used all fondant and used luster dust to create the eyeshadow color.
2 12
By spiffchicknpink
Jun 12, 2007
These 18 mini cakes are for the debutante's 18 candles to blow. She wanted something informal that is cool and hip but glamorous. The cakes were baked in mini loaf pans, mini doll pans and 4" diameter pans. Everything was done in fondant; chocolate molds were used for the make-up accessories.
102 1,734
By kakekrafts
Jun 25, 2007
I made this for my daughter's 11th birthday.  strawberry cake (bottom) choco. fudge (top) filled & iced w/ buttercream. Marshmallow Fondant.
The cake was fun but very,very,very time consuming!  It was worth though to see my daughters smile!!
3 9
By nickymom
Jun 28, 2007
By lasenders
Jul 11, 2007
2 5
By Mayzie
Jul 17, 2007
My 5 year daughter wanted this one, that's 5 going on 15! 
Design care of Debbie Brown, a nice and easy cake - though as it only uses 1 x 8" cake, it doesn't feed a large party!
All accessories made with sugarpaste, and the help of luster dust.
2 4
By lentula
Jul 28, 2007
8" round cake with one side cut off, covered in fondant to look like a make-up bag.  Makeup is made of fondant/gumpaste mix and painted with nu-silver dust. Made for my good friends daugther.
3 6
By okieinalaska
Aug 6, 2007
Make-up case cake, all decorations are made with fondant and gumpaste.
6 7
By cakegirl68
Aug 12, 2007
This is the second one of these cakes I have done.....made for a Spa Birthday party. Tons of fun to make. I think this one turned out a bit better than the first. I used some cocolate molds for some the make-up. I think they looked better...Thanks for looking and for all the help CC has given me:)
9 71
By Florimbio
Aug 21, 2007
first attempt at purse cake. Thank you to all at cake central who helped me with this creation. I never would have attempted this otherwise. Purse is covered with MMF and airbrushed. Shopping bag is also covered in MMF. pink "tissue paper" is airbrushed rice paper. pink stars are gumpaste. Makeup is fondant/gumpaste mix.
3 3
By kristiezen920
Nov 15, 2006
Purse cake and Fondant make up I made for nieces
2 2
By diamond008
Sep 8, 2007
I made this cake for a 6year old girl who had a "Diva Ball" birthday party.  Everything was edible.  I actually got the entire concept from another CCer.  then added an additional mini-purse. The mom loved it.  I didn't stick around to see the 6year old's expression.  I hope she enjoyed it.
2 2
By TToomer
Sep 10, 2007
Cake covered in fondant and all make-up made with fondant and dried for a couple of days.
4 3
By AnotherBrit
Sep 11, 2007
My 4 Yearl Old Grandaughter loves make-up.  When no one was looking she had used her finger with the eye shadow and painted her eye lids with the blue food coloring covered with luster dust.
1 3
By AlamoSweets
Sep 15, 2007
Cake and board are covered in MMF. Makeup pieces are hand molded from sugarpaste.  I made this cake with mom-of-4boys, my biz partner. Got  inspiration from Carol Deacon's book and Nati's cakes. Thanks!
2 3
By Shelly2005
Sep 23, 2007
Vanilla cake with fondant and various make up pieces out of sugar paste.
4 2
By janbabe
Sep 26, 2007
All done out of sugarpaste.  My friend loved this cake, although i
beg to differ!!
By hannahbaguley
Sep 30, 2007
Mom requested a variation on my make up cake she didn't need as many servings and her daughter wanted a make up cake.  So we combined the make up with the napkins they were using for her party. Packages are RCT covered in fondant. all make up modeled from fondant.
1 15
By Granpam
Oct 12, 2007
A woman at my work was leaving us to sell cosmetics.  I ran out of time, or I would have done a ton more make-up items.  But a girl can only do so much!
3 5
By ByTheSlice
Oct 18, 2007
This was a bratz cake, there were Bratz dolls around the cake. It a 12x 18 double layer marble, with BC frosting and a kids make up kit. A play neckless as a boarder in the front. the purse had a handle,but the laffy taffy kept bending down and falling off. Next time I'll use fondant.
1 2
By 3719squirrel
Oct 20, 2007
White pound cake purse, chocolate base, buttercream icing.  Candy clay everything else.  Thanks for all the inspiration from this site, I copied so many.  I am still a beginner and it shows, but everyone at the party loved the cake--especially my neice Emma, who I made it for--and that is what counts.
10 10
By kimblyd
Oct 23, 2007
This mmf covered cake and make up bag was for a young lady's 16th birthday..  The make up pieces were made of pastillage.
6 16
By SweetVictoria
Oct 25, 2007


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