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inspired by one of Debbie Browns  cakes Make-up bag.  Ran out of time and did not cover the board and used push mold for fondant acents.  Fondant flowers.
By minorfan
Jul 6, 2008
Boho bag with every girl essentials (address book, cell phone, lipstick, nail polish, lip and eye liner and mirror) everything fondant, well mirror part is a piece or aluminum foil, the only non edible item. Thanks for looking!!!
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By miny
Jul 6, 2008
all edible
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By darylrc
Jul 25, 2008
I made this for a co-worker who is a fashion diva.  She absolutely loved it.  This was my first time making a purse cake.
By tish75
Jul 28, 2008
This was made for a "pink" party.  I just kind of made everything that came to mind when you say the word PINK!  Chocolate tiara and butterflies.  MMF makeup, shoe, roses, and ballerina bodice.  Everything else is BC.  There were also a few dozen butterfly cupcakes that went along with these...
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By messy_chef
Aug 9, 2008
Just playin...Love these cookies from Eleni's so here is my interpertation. NF with royal....TFL!
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By yankeegal
Aug 11, 2008
My sister just completed school to be a make-up artist so I thought it would be a fun theme for her b'day cake. It's a strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream icing. All of the decorations are made out of vanilla flavored fondant. Most of the pieces were to big to eat though.
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By Tealanne
Aug 17, 2008
Yellow butter cake from the Cake Bible!! YUM!  Fresh strawberry filing.  Covered in Fondant with fondant accents.  DH wasn't so thrilled with the way this one came out so I'm wondering... what do you think...  TFL
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By jl5949
Aug 22, 2008
Pink chanel purse cake. everything is edible on the cake.(except boa!) Loved this one,,,,,, And it looks like someone had a bit of my blush brush before I snapped a picture! hahaha  The cake is Chocolate and so is the icing underneath. I used a marshmallow fondant and it worked well. THe only part I had trouble with was the Chanel symbol(the part I thought would be easiest!) but when working with black on pink you only get so many chances!
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By cakebaker1978
Sep 3, 2008
This was for an 8yr old's Spa Birthday party.  6inch on 10inch layers, all buttercream with fondant accents.  Cucumber slices, flip-flops, makeup and makeup bag are all hand modeled fondant.
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By laborrn2
Sep 13, 2008
With a theme of make-ups and shoes.
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By mydelights
Sep 24, 2008
For my aunt's b-day. She's a fashion diva so i though this was fitting ;o)
5 35
By kalida
Oct 6, 2008
mm fondant make up and purse covered in mm fondant. Inspired by cakes here on cc.Thanks!
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By twistedsplinters
Oct 22, 2008
Thanks CC for the inspirations
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By TandTHarrell
Nov 28, 2008
I made this cake for a friend's daughter's 15th BD. She loves make up. It is a strawberry cake with strawberry filling, and fondant/ gumpaste makeup. It was like being a kid again and playing with playdough. It was fun to make.
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By PollyMaggs
Nov 29, 2008
this cake was an order from the local owner of bare essential who wanted a cake for a party its a almond cake
with mmf  i airbrushed the cake and imprinted the cake to look like leather the lipstick and makeup are mmf with gumtex tfl
By babcaro
Dec 12, 2008
Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter filling.  Fondant and fondant makeup.
By jl5949
Dec 21, 2008
This was the other cake for the birthday after,..her theme was make up,..with kids i would normally buy for i do a cake and try to incorp their gift on the cake this one all the make up is real.
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By jennywaldon
Dec 31, 2008
almond cake with apricot filling, cover with fondant. make-up made with fondant.
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By lbarboza
Jan 21, 2009
This was made for a neighbours daughter 18th - she's really into make-up which were made from modelling paste. Hope you like it!
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By shazza23
Feb 1, 2009
fondant "make up" & "brushes"
8 25
By micnmax2003
Feb 2, 2009
I made this birthday cake for myself (as no-one buys them for me anymore!) Make-up made from modelling paste
5 28
By shazza23
Feb 4, 2009
I've never done such an intricate birthday cake.  Ordered by the triplets grandmothers for a surprise 1 year birthday.  They wanted "everything girly" in turquoise and white with feathers.  This is what I came up with.  Yellow cake with white chocolate mousse filling. All the accent decorations are out of gumpaste.
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By khoudek
Feb 4, 2009
Thanks to the many members on CC for the inspiration for this cake
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By micnmax2003
Feb 7, 2009
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By pennywells
Feb 16, 2009
This is a 10" yellow cake with a 6" chocolate cut to make the make-up bag.  Buttercream icing and then fondant accents.
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By SueB
Feb 17, 2009
M.A.C. Make-up Cake
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By kfinaleed
Feb 19, 2009
The make-up bag had a lid, but it didn't get put on for the picture!
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By Launa
Feb 19, 2009
all cakes done in fondant; trimmings are of gumpaste, fondant, royal icing and chocolate
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By kakekrafts
Feb 25, 2009
This was done for my friend's 10-year-old daughter ... despite much coaxing and cajoling, they had their hearts set on putting actual nail polishes and lip glosses on the cake so their friends could take them home off of there. So, I lost that battle, and mounted them as the topper. Yellow butter cake with white chocolate-strawberry filling, MFF and gumpaste details.  Thanks for your comments! :)
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By emiyeric
Feb 28, 2009
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By Eatit2
Mar 5, 2009
This is the unfinished version of this cake- but I still think it looks cute!
2 20
By Lillycakes22
Mar 10, 2009
I did this for my best friends birthday. It was my first sculpted cake,I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I plan on taking it to Virgina which is a 10 hour drive. hopefully you don't see it in the cake disaster album!
By sweetkisscakes
Mar 10, 2009
I got this idea from another cake central user and I cant find it again or I'd give her credit!(at any rate hers was AWESOME!)But anyway a really good friend of mine just got married and her new initials are MAC, so! She LOVED this cake! Its a vanilla cake with buttercream and MMF, I made all the  make up with MMF and luster powder or edible glitter!
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By unioncollege05
Mar 13, 2009
This cake is a strawberry cake with buttercream icing. The make-up bag and make-up are all made from fondant
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By Keen
Mar 14, 2009
I made this just to "see if I could" while taking Wilton Class.  Fondant covered and candy cosmetics using chocoate mold.  I recieved lots of inspritation from the gallery!
By audrey0522
Mar 17, 2009
This is on a 9x13 sheet cake and an 8" round cut in half for the purse
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By wjhays
Mar 23, 2009
By kycakediva
Mar 24, 2009
Made this for  a 16 yr old who goes nowhere without her make up.
inspiration from 4goodnescake. Found  while browsing in Fickr.
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By Rosiepan
Apr 4, 2009
1 3
By val25dejesus
Apr 12, 2009


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