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By Apieceofcake2
Jun 27, 2005
This was my first attempt (and maybe my last!) at a "Mad Hatter" or "Topsy Turvy" cake.  I charged $3 a serving, but will charge more like $4 or $5 per serving if I ever try it again!  Tiers are 10, 8 and 6 inch.  They were covered in buttercream and fondant.  Accents, flowers, leaves, and bumblebee are all fondant.
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By StaceyC3
Apr 1, 2007
white choclate  cake vanilla icing. fondant stars letters and and dots. color flow sesame street signs.   skittles for the borders because the little boy the cake was for loves loves loves candy.  had a few issues with the cake the middle layer started falling apart.  tasted great and everyone at the party loved it.  got and order for a cake while at the party.
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By susanmm23
Oct 23, 2005
Fondant covered cakes with a "MILLION" pieces of circles and squares in gumpastes. The topper is styrofoam carved and covered with gumpaste. White squiggles and dots are royal icing. This cake was for a 5 year old's birthday mad hatter party.
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By janethorp
Aug 28, 2005
First of all, thank you to BKeith for your article. I had done this cake before, but you gave me the confidence to try angles were sharper and I think it was overall better this time!

I was in love with the retro 1942 topper they gave me for this cake...from their aunt's wedding. SO special!

The cake's flavours were Lime Spongecake with Toasted Coconut Buttercream and the bottom tier was Dark Chocolate with Chocolate Buttercream.
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By antonia74
Sep 3, 2005
For a 3 year old's "Un-Birthday" Party (her family was relocating b/c of work a month before her actual birthday, so early party with her friends). First attempt at topsy-turvy - I would've placed the polka dots higher on the top tier (didn't compensate for placing that tier down into the second one). Lesson learned! Otherwise, it wasn't as difficult as I was expecting. It's iced in buttercream with fondant accents. I was so pleased!
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By eochenski
Mar 12, 2007
My first attempt at a whimsical-tilted cake.  I originally planned on making this a 3-tier cake, however I ran out of fondant (oops!)  Obviously, it's covered in fondant, with fondant decorations. Next time I'll get the angles cut correctly too!  It was a learning experience.
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By nocentstar
Feb 10, 2006
Top tier is strawberry, middle chocolate and bottom white cake. I'm not so happy about the overall shape, but it was my first whimsical cake and I only had two days notice (gotta love those last minute orders!)... it was certainly a learning experience. I'm looking forward to doing another one, maybe with a bit more time to plan next time.
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By edencakes
Apr 17, 2006
The top tier was lemon w/ lemon SMBC, middle tier was lemon w/ lemon SMBC & filled with Kahlua Raspberry filling, base tier was chocolate w/ chocolate SMBC filling & icing. Homemade fondant (Toba's recipe) decorations. I had SO much fun doing this cake!!  Please feel free to critique & offer suggestions for improvement!!
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By swoboda
Apr 30, 2006
This cake was for one of my best friends' daughters' 1st birthday. (Whew, that was a mouthful..) This was my first attempt at fondant, as well as my first attempt at a mad-hatter cake. I think it turned out ok for someone who's never taken a class.
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By Everemton
Nov 14, 2005
The cake was pictured at an angle so you could see the White Rabbit on the front, but I think you can still see the top picture okay.  Everything was done with buttercream, and a lot of it was applied with paintbrushes & toothpicks.  Thanks for looking!  :D
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By OCakes
May 7, 2006
This was SO much easier to do in buttercream! I'll never go back to struggling to cover these tiers in fondant!!

Did the wild colours with Americolor dyes, fondant detailing. Cheshire cat in gumpaste. Pearls in fondant dusted with irridescent powder.

Cake is Pistachio with Passionfruit buttercream, Dark Chocolate with Grand Marnier buttercream & Banana with Coconut buttercream.
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By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
My first (and probably only) attempt at a mad hatter cake.  3 layers, 3 flavors with buttercream and covered in fondant.  This was for my best friend's mother's 50th birthday party.  It was hot as hell, and no one ate the cake.  *sigh*
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By melli_fera
Jan 9, 2006
This was my first rolled fondant cake. I was really pleased with everything.
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By rpierce
Jun 9, 2006
This was a co-creation with my cake buddy for our friend's wedding.  She baked then we decorated all weekend.  There was much drama, but it all worked out in the end.
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By sk8gr8md
Jul 17, 2006
First attempt at a topsy turvey cake.  Party was Alice in Wonderland, and the teapots were the favors for the girls, Velvet Mad Hatter hats for the boys.  So each layer coordinated with one of the teapots.  Cut outs of Alice and other characters, plus one of the birthday girl on top.  Found great crazy candles and put shaped pipe cleaners on the top as well.  Was Wilton fondant at the time, now I only use MMF.
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By SweetResults
Jul 19, 2006
3 tier cake (12-9-6) in traditional colors but with topsy turvy construction.  All covered in white rolled fondant.  Desgin elements in 2 shades of Champagne tinted fondant or gumpaste.  Irregular diamond shapes, rolled balls for borders.  Rolled roses on top. Gold dragees for accents.  All design elements painted with coordinating luster dust for shimmer.
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By NCcakelady
Aug 2, 2006
12-9-6 Topsy Turvy Cake.  Inspired by colors of nature, the bride is a Botanist.  Apple Red, Daffodil Yellow, Granny Smith Apple Green, Carrot Orange with Daisies, lady bugs and butterflies.  All elements made with rolled fondant or gum paste with the exception of the dots and antenae for the lady bugs.
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By NCcakelady
Aug 9, 2006
This was made for a birthday party for someone who loves green.  It was my first mad hatter/tilted cake.  Thanks to BJ for posting her picture and advice on how to do this cake!!
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By ksimp6577
Aug 17, 2006
bottom layer is buttercake 2nd and third are chocolate, all are filled with a cookies and cream filling iced in vanilla buttercream covered in fondant. the numbers are chocolate as my daughter broke the fondant ones an hour before it was due. The masks are molded fondant. this is also my first attempt at the tilted madhatter cake.  I learned quite a bit while doing it.
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By cake_momma
Aug 19, 2006
Every month we have a birthday potluck at work for everyone who has a birthday that month.  August didn't have any birthdays or holidays, but everyone wanted to have a potluck anyway.  I'm in charge of doing the cakes and it made me think of an UnBirthday cake.  Topsy turvy came to mind.  It was my first attempt and not the best, but everyone loved the uniqueness of it.  I know the things I did wrong and will learn from it :-)  Thanks for looking!
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By sun33082
Aug 20, 2006
My boss and I did this at work a couple weeks ago.  I made the flowers and pearls and balls ahead of time...then he cut the cakes crooked and iced them in buttercream, and helped cut the shapes and then I laid the shapes on the cake and attached the other decorations.  It was my first "topsy turvy" cake and was alot of fun!
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By Kitagrl
Sep 7, 2006
It was fun to figure out how to combine his two passions into one cake! Used fondant for the stethescope, bought the trees and figurines, made the sign out of gumpaste and chopsticks!
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By antonia74
Sep 23, 2006
Yes, it's outside and pouring rain! It was for an Art exhibit this evening, to serve to guests. They ordered about 6 or 8 wedding cakes, all different styles from different companies. It was fun to see other work close up!
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By antonia74
Sep 30, 2006
My second mad hatter cake. This was for my little sisters birthday. I didn't quite get the angles i wanted but i thought it was cute anyway.
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By LacieLou76
May 14, 2006
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By mvucic
Oct 9, 2006
Only the bottom layer is cake.  The rest is a dummy cake built from paper mache hat boxes (cheaper than styrofoam).  All iced in bc and covered with MMF.  The topper is floral wire with beads and MMF decorations.  I had so much fun making this cake and got an order for another one upon delivery.  Inspired by Lindy Smith and other designs seen on cake central.  Still need lots of practice covering cakes with MMF, but it was fun to try.
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By martig
Jun 5, 2006
gumpaste thingys on wires, gumpaste banner, fondant detailing on cakes
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By antonia74
Nov 8, 2006
Pinks & purples & girly! The top tiers was 6" tall & 6" wide, the bottom tier was 8" tall and 10" wide.
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By antonia74
Nov 27, 2006
Fondant covered, gumpaste topper
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By DianeLM
Jan 5, 2007
First time topsy cake.  Bottom 8,9,10," dark chocolate-orange cake w/fudge filling.  Middle 6,7,8" white cake with vanilla filling.  Top 4,5,6" white with vanilla and fudge filling. Iced in buttercream with mmf accents.  I got so many wonderful idea from cc and the talented members here.  Thank you because my niece loved it!
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By danifani
Jan 22, 2007
My first attempt at a topsy turvy cake --covered in fondant with fondant accents, gumpaste numbers
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By laurawendte
Feb 14, 2007
The cake that shouldn't have been - but turned out okay! Only the grace of God held it together! At 2 am last night a chunk of the 2nd layer just fell off - and it was glued back with buttercream. The cake was a disaster the whole way through - layers that wouldn't stay up, fondant troubles, monkeys falling apart, poked a hole in the side with one of the dowels.... AUGH! There is a reason these are also called Mad Hatter - that's what you end up being at the end - MAD! Thanks to everyone for keeping me sane
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By imartsy
Feb 24, 2007
This cake was for a Bridal Shower. The Shower has a Tea Party theme from the Alice and Wonderland.
By Honeybee4
Feb 26, 2007
I made this banana and coconut cake for my 21st last year.  I had a Mad Hatter's Tea Party and my best friend's mum suggested a Painting The Roses Red Cake.  Roses are marizipan partially painted in food colouring.  The blue thing was a paint brush but the brush part has been sliced off.
By reddsetgogirl
Mar 3, 2007
This was my first topsy-turvy; it was actually my first attempt at any stacked cake:)  I used the Melvira method to smooth out the buttercream - the top layer clearly wouldn't crust, so I couldn't smooth it!  The cutouts are all fondant.  I made this for a friend's birthday, and she's allergic to red 40 dye which made the color choosing process pretty limited, but I think it turned out alright.  Thanks to everyone who offered me advice in taking this one on!
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By brekka
Mar 5, 2007
This was the first cake I decorated for a function.  It celebrated the 10th murder mystery dinner production a museum I volunteer at.
By BuckyCake
Mar 6, 2007
This was my first attempt at the mad hatter- topsy turvy cake...............I was so nervous- the cake had to travel 50 miles away- all covered in fondant- I really like how it turned out!
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By Somethin-Sweet
Mar 8, 2007
This was a bit unusual for me for a yound client. It was her second birthday, but she wanted the bright primary colours...not pastels.  A little girl after my own heart!
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By antonia74
Mar 9, 2007
This is a two tier fondant covered cake. I tried to do a mad hatter cake but I off set the bottom to much so is a little too tilted. I am very happy with the way the cherry blossoms came out and the tree.
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By emg58863
Apr 3, 2007


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