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Just did these for a local sewing machine store (I was so glad to be able to use the cutters again! I bought them for my sister-in-law's birthday. She is a costume designer for movies, so she loved them, but I thought I wouldn't use them a second time!)
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By antonia74
Sep 13, 2005
I made this for my son's 5th birthday!  It is all BC frosting with the exception of the windows which are made from fondant.  The wheels are mini chocolate donuts.
13 39
By chasebrad
Jan 14, 2006
Vanilla cake - buttercream icing fondant accents - WAY Fun to make!!  Oh and donut wheels...
8 31
By cakecre8tor
Jan 29, 2006
I made this cake for a co-worker who's husband loved to play the slots on a casino boat in Florida. She bought him a real slot machine for his birthday.
9 18
By cruizze
Feb 9, 2006
I had an idea to do a slot machine for my mother, the gambler in the family, and finally found instructions for this cake online.  Boy do I wish I had known about CakeCentral back then!  Anyway, big cake, HUGE time and difficult to get the cakes to stay together - an 11x9 and 1/2 round.  Ultimately she was tickled and all of the cake was eaten, so it could not have been all bad!  Definitely have ideas on how to make this easier in the future!  Buttercream on chocolate cake.
5 1
By FunCakesVT
Mar 17, 2006
This is carrot cake with cream cheese icing.  It was a pain to work with cream cheese in the humidity.  I made this for a coworkers husband.  She seemed pleased with the finished product.  I can see where I could have done a lot better.  Need to work on alignment and neatness in writing.
By cindy6250
Apr 23, 2006
My ex mother-in-law loves the slots...and flamingoes...the tray I made from cardboard covered in foil and filled it with rock candy and chocolate coins (along with the "MOM" plaque I found at the candy shop.  The handle was a big pretzle rod with one of those Wonka Wonderball candies on top.  I had to fill it with a little icing though to keep it in place!  (Another cake from a few years back.)
By candy177
Apr 23, 2006
Cake shaped from various scrap pieces, frosted in buttercream. Fondant coins painted with gold luster dust. Made for a "Make-A-Wish" charity casino night party.
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By KimAZ
Apr 30, 2006
Chocolate fudge cake with Creamy Dreamy Buttercream icing.  I used a 9 x 13 and 8 inch round to make this cake.  I took a lot of inspiration from traci, on this site.  I was very pleased with the outcome on this cake, even got the writing pretty straight!!
8 39
By cindy6250
Jun 1, 2006
A co-worker saw the pics of a slot machine cakes that I did before and wanted one for her mother-in-law since she loves the slots.  I wanted to jazz this version up so I changed the slot machine shape and I put everything on a satin pillow base.  On a plywood base I traced a ring with the cake base board, then hot glued the satin to the plywood. sealed the sided with hot glue and stuffed it. The cake looks like it is sitting on the pillow but is is flat on the board. Gold cake, rasp. filling, BC frosting
4 6
By cruizze
Jun 11, 2006
Slot machine cake for my friend's mom who loves to play.  The cake is dark chocolate with chocolate pudding and chocolate chips.  The filling and black icing is chocoloate ganache dyed black.  The colored icing is buttercream.
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By smturman
Jun 15, 2006
This was my attempt at a FBCT. I could not find a good pic of a slot machine, so I ended up using a real picture. There was so much detail that I could not get it all in. The customer was very happy with it and I guess that is what counts!!!!!! It was a strawberry cake with vanilla cream filling.
By Kazoot
Jul 23, 2006
1 6
By LittleLinda
Jul 31, 2006
Slot machine free handed and filled in  with star tip. Cards, chips and numbers made of fondant. This cake looked ok, but i see in the picture a few things were a little uneven. Thanks to everyone for the great ideas off of here!
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By tally
Aug 3, 2006
This cake is based on a cake originally created by cakecre8tor.  It is an all buttercream design with mini chocolate donut wheels.  It is formed from sheet cakes stached on top of each other and carved to the desired shape.
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By Dennisclan
Aug 7, 2006
This cake is covered entirely in bc. The picture started out as a fbct, but when transferring, Betty Boop broke apart so I had to pipe over it.
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By KimmysKakes
Sep 23, 2006
whi cake w/ apricot filling bc icing
2 1
By srod911
Sep 28, 2006
For my 95 year old 'Nanny'. Three cakes covered in IMBC. Each tier was made from a 9x13, cut in half and torted and sits on a board edged with wide gold ribbon. Middle tier was cut a litle smaller. Edible images for the machine images and the coins. Coins are fondant with '95' on one side and either 'Happy Birthday' or a Nan's picture on the other side. Light on top is white chocolate made in two small dixie cups attached when dry. Casino cards made of fondant with edible images. Coins on wire are foam.
4 14
By mary-ann
Oct 8, 2006
Here is a not so hot cake of the Mystery Machine....The overall color came out too dark. But the client loved it....I learned from it and would do it differntly the next time.....thanks for looking
4 2
By spoiledtoodef
Nov 12, 2006
This is the first cake I ever decorated.  It was for my mother's 51st birthday.  I cut the shape out of a square cake.
By SammieJo
Nov 14, 2006
I did this for my son's 4th birthday.  He had a scooby doo birthday party but had to have a mystery machine cake.  It is done with all cake and buttercream icing, scooby is a candy piece.
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By ravishravin
Nov 16, 2006
I lifted this idea off this website again!!  I loved how the cake turned out!  It was so much work, but worth it!  The colofrul m&m's made the cake so FUN!!  I modified the design of the slot machine to mimic our favorite Vegas machine!  Again the black and red were purchased already-made from my local cake store!  The slot machine (top layer) was a Wilton shape pan and was yellow.  The bottom cake was a rectangle pan and was chocolate cake!
2 21
By cankj
Dec 21, 2006
I made this for a friends grandmother who loves to play the slots!  Everything is from fondant and then allowed to dry and then assembled around the cake with royal icing.
42 265
By rstml
Dec 23, 2006
Scooby Doo... where are you?
Lots of fun - structural nightmare because I wanted the van to sit off the cake board so the wheels were a little more realistic.  My wooden skewer did not pierce thru the bottom cake board so after about a mile in the car, this very heavy cake slid off of the 'riser' and smushed into the back edge of the cake box... had to turn around and perform some Cake 911!  Turned out just fine when all was said and done!
9 53
By Lambshack
Jan 15, 2007
This cake is covered in fondant and decorated with buttercream.  The money tray is carboard covered with foil, the coins are chocolate, and the handle is made from fondant painted with black food coloring diluted with a little water.  A pain to work with the fondant, I'd make some changes for next time.
1 6
By megamoodles
Jan 18, 2007
Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo.  Cake is 12 inches long, 6 inches wide, and about 6.5 inches high.  All buttercream and cookie tires.  I still need to work on smoother icing!  A big thanks to everyone on the site for help with this one!
5 11
By mconrey
Jan 27, 2007
My 5 year old son designed this cake.  The haunted house is the Wilton Halloween gingerbread kit.  The mystery machine is fondant over styrofoam.
5 14
By deborah_amos
Feb 1, 2007
modelled the scooby and shaggy from one of debbie browns books, van is all bc, house is bc with fondant
4 18
By smashcakes
Feb 1, 2007
8 21
By Eight
Feb 1, 2007
This was one of my very first cakes that I did, I would do a lot of different stuff now, but it ws fun at the time.  Simple;-)
By kden3980
Feb 2, 2007
this was my 3rd cake... a really cute casino cake for my mother inlaw....
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By dolphing81
Feb 8, 2007
Slot machine cake made for one of my very good friend's surprise 30th birthday.......she's addicted to slots LOL  Hopefully she'll be surprised........this cake was a nightmare......all the fondant kept cracking while I was attatching it to the cake....waaaaa  Oh by the way I painted the dowel rod on the handle black after I took the photo lol,also had a little cup made of choc. coming off the front of it with choc. coins on wire to look like they were shooting up and out of the slot machine...
10 16
By KHalstead
Feb 17, 2007
My first ever attempt at decorating a cake!  My son wanted, "The Mystery Machine with Scooby driving it" for his 3rd birthday.  I used an old 1979 Wilton van shaped pan and tried my best. I used one of the Scooby candy cupcake toppers for the driver's window.  Also, I ran out of frosting so I nabbed two of Hubby's chocolate doughnuts and improvised some wheels. A perfect fit! Here is the end result.....
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By jenxspirit
Feb 25, 2007
The bottom cake is a red velvet cake with cheesecake mousse and cream cheese icing.  The dumptruck is pound cake along with cream cheese icing.  I did this for my husbands work, as he works for HO PENN!
Feb 27, 2007
I used mini chocolate donuts for the tires.
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Mar 4, 2007
For friend's sister's 40th bday, since they went to Vegas for it.
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By chefdot
Mar 5, 2007
Birthday cake
5 12
By aliciag
Mar 16, 2007
THis Bubble gum machine is an easy to personalize cake. You can choose Cost of gumballs by age of person, and I used the colors from the cake plates and streamers as my base colors.
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By cliffsbabytiff
Mar 18, 2007
This one was fun!
1 13
By CareyAnn
Mar 18, 2007
This was fun! I used the wilton slot machine pan on top of a 3/4 sheet. I finished with gold chocolate coins,mm's, and candy sprinkles.
2 30
By traci
May 8, 2005


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