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8" marble cake with chocolate filling.  Sugarshack BC with Satin Ice fondant accents.  Made this for my best friend- I wanted it to be fun and youthful! Completely inspired by Nunuk- only I used a different color scheme.  My first loopy bow and ribbon roses- definitely need work!  TFL!
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By zenu
Jul 27, 2008
This was the 2nd cake I entered at the local fair.  It was entered as a Celebration Cake.  This cake took first place and best of show at the fair.  It also generated the order for the 23 centerpiece wedding cakes.  This was my first loopy bow and my first competition cake.
66 327
By thecakemaker
Apr 13, 2005
This was a butter cake with buttercream icing and a fondant loopy bow cake made for an engagement party.  They were thrilled with the cake and have asked me to price their wedding cake!
8 4
By thecakemaker
Nov 14, 2005
Simple white cake with fondant bow brushed with shimmer dust.  Fondant cut-outs on the sides.
11 34
By thecakemaker
Aug 23, 2005
I made this for an engagement party.  Chocolate fudge cake with vanilla buttercream and vanilla Satin Ice fondant.  Bows made with Satin Ice and brushed with luster dust for a shimmer.  Rosebuds matched the flower arrangements at the party.
26 83
By thecakemaker
Sep 26, 2005
This was for a baby shower - a little boy.  Chocolate butter cream fondant accents.
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By klg1152
Feb 25, 2007
This was for a young lady's 18th birthday - they wanted something girly.  Butter cream icing fondant bow and accents
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By klg1152
Mar 17, 2007
White cake with buttercream filling iced with pink buttercream with fondant loopy bow.  We put this on the gift table and everyone wanted to know where her cake was!
3 9
By thecakemaker
May 13, 2007
Buttercream iced with fondant accents.  Hand-cut butterflies.
39 515
By DianeLM
Jun 12, 2007
This is my first attempt at the fondant loop bow. I am not to happy with it. I had a hard time getting it shaped correctly.
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By 2yummy
Jul 13, 2006
Fondant covered.  Fondant leaves and wavy stripes are fondant cut-outs, outlined with royal icing and filled in with a mixture of piping gel and hologram glitter dust. Gumpaste bow.
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By DianeLM
Jan 13, 2007
First present cake, first bow ever done in Gumpaste dusted with pearl dust.  3 layers of white chocolate cake with strawberry filling.  Happy with the bow..not so happy with my corners of the cake :( Oh well she loved it!
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By wgoat5
Jul 28, 2007
8" square chocolate cake filled with IMBC, covered with cream fondant and burgundy gumpaste bow and ribbon.  In case anyone is wondering, Phil is a lady!
This is my third cake of the weekend - first time I've done so many at once - I'm exhausted!
35 143
By kelly75
Aug 12, 2007
10" an 6" cakes iced in buttercream covered in fondant and fondant decorations. Put it in here because it seems more like a cake for a baby shower.
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By notjustcake
Aug 15, 2007
I made this for my DH's Grandma for her party tomorrow.  I carried the pink and brown theme through with chocolate cake and raspberry SMBC as filling.
This is my first loopy type bow and first time using the diamond pattern on the sides.  I had some trouble getting the chocolate fondant to cooperate too, but overall I am pretty happy with the outcome.  My influences were cakes by Kathy-mi and Nunuk.
25 76
By springlakecake
Aug 25, 2007
Just the top tier from my cake from class, loved it all by its little bitty self
4 20
By notjustcake
Aug 28, 2007
My 1st wedding cake!!  1st loopy bow.  Overall I'm pretty pleased.  Design based on a stacked cake by another decorator (I've misplaced their name, I wlll post it as soon as I can).  Done for a friend's brother's wedding in VT - I'm in NJ!  Since my friend was picking up and traveling with the cake, I decided this set up was a better choice than stacked or tiered.  8, 10 and 12" iced in BC with fondant stripes and GP bow.  Can't wait to hear what the bride thought!
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By ps3884
Aug 30, 2007
This was made for a bridal shower.  The wedding colors are wine, ivory and gold.  12" square iced in buttercream with fondant ribbon and gumpaste bow.  Ivory roses are buttercream, wine colored is gumpaste.  Accents dusted in gold luster dust.  Cornelli lace on box lid.  My 2nd loopy bow.
5 10
By ps3884
Sep 3, 2007
6 & 10 inch, covered in MMF, with MMF accents. Thanks to CherryBomb for inspiration and help. Also thanks to RibbitFroggie for her delicious cheesecake filling
By kimberlina25
Sep 10, 2007
This was an 8"x4 vanilla butter cake covered in buttercream and decorated with colorful strips of fondant and a loopy bow, accented with daisies and a birthday banner. My friend was in love with my daughters bday cake <a href=cake-photo_470433.html">clicky</a>,so i made her a very condensed version.  My royal was runny, my writing didn't come out how i would've liked, but didn't have time to do it over. TFL :)
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By karmicflower
Oct 3, 2007
Another loopy bow cake. She wanted pink icing and a brown bow with brown polka dots. The bow was kinda plain, so I used a Wilton tool that makes impressions and cuts out shapes. I used the cut out shapes for the dots. The bow is 50/50 gumpaste and fondant.
3 12
By KittisKakes
Jun 19, 2007
6 inch smash cake, they wanted a big loopy bow, they got one :) .  Thank you for your comments they are much appreciated!
5 1
By wgoat5
Oct 5, 2007
Loopy bow and daisies are white chocolate fondant.  
Frosted in buttercream
21 109
By cjd
Oct 11, 2007
I made this for my Aunt's 40th birthday party. This was my first attempt at making candy clay which I used for the bow. This is also my first attempt at making a loopy bow. I used the tutorial here and at My piping could have been a lot better and I had a butterfly to add to the cake but it fell apart. Overall, it was okay. At least I got to practice the bow. Thanks for looking! :)
13 3
By erinalicia
Nov 20, 2007
I had so much fun doing this cake! 6 and 10 inch round tiers iced in buttercream with fondant accents. Fondant bears.
28 230
By DianeLM
Dec 9, 2007
Close up of the bears 'helping' decorate the cake.
16 125
By DianeLM
Dec 9, 2007
A single layer 9" round is iced in b'cream.  All other trims are fondant.  Change the colors & it could even be used for a man.
2 6
By kakeladi
Dec 22, 2007
Christmas package for my DH to take to his work party, covered
in fondant, my first loopy bow
1 1
By sherita
Dec 23, 2007
BC iced. 50/50 ribbon & flowers.
35 42
By AuntieElle
Mar 9, 2008
10-inch square and 8-inch round iced in buttercream with fondant accents and gumpaste loopy bow.
26 211
By DianeLM
Apr 28, 2008
This was ordered for a 90th birthday party.  Grosgrain loopy bow in gp (thank you CakesbyLJ for telling me how to do this :) ).  Side bow in GP.  Chocolate truffle cake with truffle filling and a vanilla with a homemade strawberry preserve filling.  This is a spin off of one of Cakery's cakes :)  Thanks Diane!!! :)  TFL
24 54
By wgoat5
May 9, 2008
made for a woman turning 40 years old for a big party.  They wanted something simple and monochromatic so this is what they got - I thought it was borning but was not at liberty to change the design!
3 1
By divaricks
May 21, 2008
My first time doing a loopy bow.....
1 5
By YummyFireMummy
May 22, 2008
12 x 18.  Pooh kit from decopac.  Fondant flowers. BC.  GP bows & roses.  Design based on one form cc member gracefull
1 10
By cinjam
May 25, 2008
Cake made for first bday. First time making a fondant loopy bow. I need more practice on those! Fun cake to make. Let me know what you think! Thanks!
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By coreenag
Jun 14, 2008
An open request this time so I got to try making buttons and a loopy bow.  The bow was sparse on top when I finished and I didn't have any filler so I added a few more buttons to cover up the glue.  Cake is WASC (a favorite of all my friends).  Plain buttercream icing and fondant details.  Sides of cake have baby feet and the word "baby."  I am a critique subgroup member.  All comments and suggestions (especially about the buttons and the bow) are welcome!
16 3
By ac2steachk
Jun 19, 2008
10" lemon cake with blueberry filling. Covered in Buttercream. Fondant accents and bow. Accents are powdered with Pearl Dust...didn't show up well in the picture though. Fondant covered board. Last minute cake. Only had late Wed. night and friday to bake/decorate.....
16 5
By Sarsi
Jul 11, 2008
Fondant covered, 6 and 10 inch tier, for my niece.
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By 4Gifts4Lisa
Jul 15, 2008
10 inch iced in buttercream. Fondant accents. Fondant loopy bow.
2 12
By 4Gifts4Lisa
Jul 15, 2008
Black white and red gift. First time doing a loopy bow, it looks better on  the photo than it actually was! All done in fondant. TFL
3 1
By AdeleP
Sep 13, 2008


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