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CCC made for my niece, she just loves anything to do with UT/Longhorns!
13 3
By gmcakes
Mar 15, 2007
For a co-worker's birthday.  Butter cake, bavarian-cream flavored buttercream, fondant accents.  My 1st fondant rope border
2 4
By mommymarilyn
Mar 29, 2006
Fosted in BC-all other in MMF except Bluebonnet.  I couldn't get that to work-any ideas?  Lots of fun to do!
7 14
By jewels625
Mar 30, 2006
This cake was done for my friend's boyfriend who loves everything Texas Longhorn.  I would have personally preferred to do the acutal bull, but she wanted the hand.  Oh well, whatever the client wants, right?
4 1
By kelleygirl
Mar 31, 2006
18x24" sheet cake done for Texas Longhorn Breeders of America Association.  They were having their 1st annual show in my hometown, and I was asked to do the cake.  They had a catered dinner for the members and sponsors, and this cake was the center of the dessert table.  The background is airbrushed to resemble the Texas flag.  The "longhorn" is a FBCT of the TLBAA logo.
By gmcakes
Jul 12, 2007
2 4
By Sue23
May 1, 2006
This is a 10" round single layer cake for a small family party.  The Aunt, who ordered this cake, only said that birthday girl loved to go to the lake and was a BIG University of Texas fan.  I finally came up with this concept after much consideration.  The entire top of the cake is airbrushed to look like a lake scene.  If you look closely, the sailboat has a UT Longhorn with the word "TEXAS" below it.  The writing on the sail was very difficult for me, as I hate working with such a small tip.
6 3
By gmcakes
Jul 13, 2007
1/2 choc. 1/2 yellow w/BC.  Got a call from the customer 30 minutes before delivery to add another name if possible!  Luckily since I had frosted the cake the night before it had crusted and I was able to scrape off the original two names and redo it.  Whewww!
2 1
By jewels625
May 31, 2006
OMG! This cake was HUGE!  They had originally ordered a full sheet (18x24"), and called 2 days before cake was due wanting to DOUBLE the order.  With my other orders that wasn't possible, so we compromised with this one.  It is a full sheet with a 12x18" sheet as the top layer [162 servings], my biggest sheet cake to date!  It is decorated with a UH Cougar and UT Longhorn, both BCT's, and caps and diplomas for each graduate!
1 5
By gmcakes
Jul 13, 2007
This was made for my BIL's birthday - a huge UT fan!  The burnt orange was a bit hard to achieve, but it was perfect.  (The color looks darker in the photo).
1 1
By Momofjakeandjosh
Jun 23, 2006
This was the groom's cake that accompanied the five tier wedding cake. All I did was the stars for the longhorn but i learned how to outline a template by watching my aunt (the cake expert). Making the longhorn color was a pain but i was very happy with the outcome.
4 10
By Cakers84
Jun 27, 2006
This turned out to be a BIG cake, like Texas I guess :)
5 8
By mysonshines
Sep 29, 2006
Texas LongHorn cake .   Just what we needed to add to the Texas/OU weekend fun.  Hook-em Horns!!!!!!
2 2
By Marquetta
Oct 11, 2006
Texas longhorns sheet cake. Chocolate cake with BC frosting.
5 11
By Cheneya
Oct 20, 2006
This is one of two cakes that I did for the same birthday boy that loves the Texas Longhorns.  Jersey done from the Wilton TShirt pan, all buttercream.
1 10
By jenncowin
Nov 3, 2006
This the second of two cakes I did for the same birthday boy who loves the Texas Longhorns.  Wilton T-Shirt pan on top of sheet cake. All buttercream.
1 13
By jenncowin
Nov 3, 2006
Go Horns!  Easy repeating pattern.
1 5
By designsbydelights
Feb 12, 2007
I made this cake right after the longhorns won the Rose Bowl.  All made of BC.
By n2huskers
Mar 3, 2007
a special thank you to foolcrazy9 for the insperation to my cake..  all done with b.c  no gumpaste here.
1 1
By n2huskers
Mar 3, 2007
My sons bday cake.  I finished after an 8  cake marathon!  It is a sculpted Longhorn on a 9x13 pan.  All BC.
1 2
By shannan6607
Apr 15, 2007
Buttercream frosting on a cupcake cake. I outlined the longhorn, then filled it in and smoothed it out. It's for a teachers birthday at elementary school.
1 1
By Kimlk
Apr 22, 2007
11x15 cake carved into shape of Texas.  Buttercream icing.
1 3
By jstritt
Apr 24, 2007
This was for my brother in law's birthday.  He loves Texas, he loves the Longhorns, he loves german chocolate cake and he loves chocolate covered strawberries.
1 1
By CupcakeCathy
Apr 29, 2007
UT Longhorn paintball birthday party
3 1
By twinsline7
May 4, 2007
This was for my son's birthday-his request and his b'ball team was
called the longhorns and he LOVES the Longhorns!  He loved it!
Thanks to all the cc members who posted their b'ball cakes-i think I 
looked through every one of them!!
2 10
By Lauree
May 8, 2007
A customer asked for a longhorn cake for her 1 yo little boy, so . . . I copied a design I had already done and just did a separate cake for the birthday boy!  Thanks for looking!
1 1
By srodge1
Jun 5, 2007
Texas Longhorn cake for a friends birthday.  Made a template and carved it out of a 1/2 sheet cake (and then some).  The banner is fondant/gumpaste.
2 2
By pinkbox
Jun 11, 2007
Texas flag wasc 1/2 sheet cake, chocolate helmet, bc icing.  Smash cake was a small number 1 and a mini helmet.  I had fun making this cake!
1 2
By startropics
Jul 4, 2007
Texas grooms cake (w/ UT logo). Cut from a 16" square (double layer) cake iced in buttercream, w/ fondant rope border.
5 36
By cakesbyallison
Jul 14, 2007
14" and 9" grooms cake, iced and decorated in buttercream. UT 
"horns" logo for top and chocolate curls.
11 68
By cakesbyallison
Jul 29, 2007
1 10
By jackson
Aug 3, 2007
This was for a buddy's graduation. He was so excited to see it!!
2 3
By pickles777
Aug 20, 2007
1 3
By pinkbox
Sep 4, 2007
8" 6" and 3" covered in dark chocolante fondant
1 1
By Reyna
Sep 7, 2007
7 4
By MirandaJM
Sep 8, 2007
The last, but certainly not least, college football cookies of the weekend. The longhorns are 7 inches long. They are NFSC with Rhondas MMF.
3 4
By Sunflowerbagel
Sep 10, 2007
Red velvet cake w/ crusting cream cheese icing.  For a friend of my DH.
3 2
By rcopeland
Sep 15, 2007
3 2
By nelda1210
Sep 16, 2007
I done this cake for a friend who is a true Longhorn fan.
1 2
By nelda1210
Sep 20, 2007
We live in Texas and my husbands boss likes OU so when Texas won, I made him a cake, it was great.
6 14
By kaye1023
Nov 19, 2005


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