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Barbie's fish tail is made of gumpaste and fondant, making it appear that she sits on the cake. She is actually stuck into the center as requested by my 6 yr old. The shells are moulded chocolate and the coral is royal icing.  All is theoretically edible except for Barbie herself.
12 52
By steph
Apr 13, 2005
This is a cake I did for a little girl that LOVED the little people. I made the little people and animals out of candy clay. Notice the little elephant hiding by the tree on the smash cake.
5 2
By sweets2eats
Apr 13, 2005
This girl liked rainbow and shapes so that's what's on the cake. I had fun making it and she loved it.  I used the Tupperware "Shap-o-toy" shapes to press in the cake to trace.
4 3
By Susan94
Apr 13, 2005
This cake was for a guy at work. I also made a blanket that had duckies on it for him. The pan is the Little Suzy's Zoo made by Wilton.
7 9
By m0use
Apr 12, 2005
3 13
By Connie515
Apr 26, 2005
Drawn pony on a sheet cake made to match invitation. Too many little details though!
2 11
By traci
May 9, 2005
2 2
By janethorp
Jun 3, 2005
My Little Pony was done as BCT. The purple flowers were made with fondant and outlined in buttercream.
3 17
By janethorp
Jul 18, 2005
This was smash cake . Whipped cream icing, chocolate cake with BCT.
By briansbaker
Aug 21, 2005
Chocolate 1/2 sheet with buttercream frosting and decorations.  Pony was traced on frosting with toothpick and filled in.  This is my first attempt at a reverse shell border.  The plastic figurines were stuck on by the mom after I left the cake.
5 16
By potatocakes
Aug 26, 2005
The Little Mermaid and her friends.
3 5
By JennB
Sep 3, 2005
HI!  I'm pretty new to this site and very new to buttercream transfer.  Here is my attempt at a buttercream transfer of Ariel.  Thanks for looking and for all the helpful tips on this site!!!!
14 16
By jlm80249
Sep 16, 2005
I made this for my friend's daughters 4th birthday.  After frosting the entire cake, I made my own stencil for the pony's body and used Wilton's blue spray to color it.  Then I outlined all the details in black and filled everything in with a variety of tips and finished it off with a couple of cute butterflies and cake sprinkles.
7 5
By LittlePixie
Sep 28, 2005
Edible image on top of a 9x13 sheet cake. Vanilla cake with vanilla/almond buttercream icing.
2 9
By traci
Oct 9, 2005
8 10
By Jacks
Oct 27, 2005
10, 8, and 6 square cakes stacked.. simple and sweet
3 15
By TinaRe
Oct 29, 2005
6" round chocolate cake, three layers with chocolate filling and Buttercream Icing. The ears, eyes and teeth are made with Royal Icing.
Little monsters and tombstones are made with fondant.
2 7
By Ada
Nov 1, 2005
The more I do these FBCT's, the more I love them!  If you haven't tried them yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
7 9
By gmcakes
Jul 12, 2007
These are little chocolate cakes covered in chocolate ganache and drizzled with milk chocolate and bittersweet shavings.  They were made in a jumbo cupcake pan and the square ones were carved.
3 2
By jdelectables
Dec 7, 2005
My least favorite cake to do! The lady brought me the Ariel doll...she had seen another similar cake I had done for someone else!
4 8
By traci
Jan 4, 2006
4 6
By smashcakes
Jan 17, 2006
I didn't learn my lesson...forgot my camera again and of course the picture is not as great. The picture was not taken from the center angle. Sorry!
2 17
By CakeDesigns
Jan 24, 2006
Made for my niece's 6th birthday.  Castle is a 3 layer 8" devils' food cake square base w/ chocolate pudding and a 4 layer 6" butter yellow cake w/ bavarian creme filling.  Turrets are cake cone bottoms and sugar cone tops, filled with Hershey kisses, covered in fondant and cake sparkles.  Castle is covered in MMF, with BC accents.  

In hindsight, I would have changed a few things, but the birthday girl liked it, so I guess that's all that matters.
9 9
By finally928
Feb 12, 2006
yellow cake, chocolate and white quick pour fondant, with fresh strawberries
5 5
By jdelectables
Feb 20, 2006
For a first birthday, lavendar and soft yellow stars. Lit base "twinkled" with yellow lights.
9 3
By Ginger08
Mar 4, 2006
This cake was for one of my daughter's friends. She saw a picture of another mermaid cake I did. One of my least favorite cakes to do!
4 5
By traci
Mar 5, 2006
Little Mermaid and Cinderella - BCTs - Chocolate cake, Buttercream frosting
5 3
By vmw774180
Mar 7, 2006
3 21
By millie
Mar 10, 2006
5 5
By augustlm
Mar 11, 2006
I did this cake for the book club I'm involved in.  We were reading the James Frey book "A Million Little Pieces" and this is my replica of it.  The actual book is next to the cake in the photo.  Marble cake w/ buttercream
By Lelo
Mar 11, 2006
Ya'll Know I love the tiered cakes, but my friend didn't need that much, so I did this one.  I thought it turned out so cute!  Cake was Chocolate with Cookies and Cream filling and iced in buttercream.  Fondant accents and characters.
12 13
By _ChristyB_
Mar 12, 2006
This was for a 4 years old girl. They wanted something with my little pony theme and to the top they wanted whipped cream. I think the muzzle (? nose?) is too big and mouth is weird, but they loved it. I covered the head with BC first and the pipings are BC (all butter). Actually there were 4 roses, but my hubby was too quick to take a picture. Inside there is rasberry/blueberry jello, vanillasauce and pearjello+slices. I baked a 2 litres pyrex bowl and 7" round cake. Fixed them together. Ears are cookies.
5 1
By kaurislapsi
Mar 15, 2006
I just finished this cake for a little girl that is turning 3 ...I keep her during the day. All Butter cream with chocolate fudge cake and strawberry cream filling.....details are made mostly with candy melts.
7 8
By twoprincesses
Mar 17, 2006
I made this cake for my friend's daughter.  I got the picture from the invitation that she sent me.  It was my first time doing anything like this, I had a lot of fun.
7 20
By Lousaria
Mar 22, 2006
This is a cake I made for my daughters birthday last year.  I used a Wilton cake pan I've had for years and just copied her favorite My Little Pony.  She loved it and her friend wants one this year
1 3
By mariamom
Mar 27, 2006
Kids could not wait for me take the picture!!!!!!!!!!! This cake is all with whipped cream frosting which made it real hard to achieve true colors. The top decorations is chicken little with a piece of sky on top of him.
1 2
By danitza
Mar 29, 2006
Flounder is made of fondant. Seashells and seaweed are Royal Icing. Everything is edible except torso up on the mermaid.
3 23
By Redkraze
Mar 29, 2006
This is a different version of my My Little Pony cake.  I used stars on the whole thing instead of smooth icing on the cake.  I think I like the other way better but this turned out okay, I guess.
5 18
By Lousaria
Mar 31, 2006
A cake for my friends daughter. Iced in buttercream with chocolate shells and coral and a fondant tail.
4 13
By glitterkris
Apr 1, 2006
My first attempt at a BCT.  A learning experience!  Also my first cake for a customer in years. :)  2/3 chocolate and 1/3 white cake.  Iced in butterncream.  12 x 18.
4 9
By Cakeasyoulikeit
Apr 13, 2005


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